By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as I constantly emphasize the importance of sunblock, I somehow managed to get myself a pretty good sunburn on my lips after an all day beach shoot this past week. My lips feel terrible and rough, not exactly the way I usually like them! It’s important to remember to use sunscreen on your lips as well as all over your face! Just in case you do get a sunburn, rash or dry lips, here are some great tips for adding some moisture back into your lips!


  1. Apply sunscreen or a chap stick with some SPF! TRUST ME! You will thank me for this! I like the MAC Lip Conditioner Stick with SPF 15
  2. Don’t lick your lips! It’s important to avoid any water or saliva on your lips as it may cause irritation and excessive dryness. Instead, use a moisturizing lip balm every time after you drink or eat and whenever they feel chapped. I love Smith’s Rose Lip Balm, available at Makeup Etc in Palm Strip and at Sephora.com
  3. Use a medicated overnight lip balm! As much as we don’t like to admit it, we salivate when we sleep. That’s right princess, we all slobber! Unfortunately, this can lead to quite a bit of over drying to our super sensitive skin on our lips. It’s important to use an overnight lip balm. Carmex has been a favorite of many beauty magazines for overnight protection
  4. Try adding a Touch of Zinc! Zinc has been known to be great for areas of extreme of sensitivity and helps heal and protect. A great product is Zinc and Aloe Lip Balm (which also has sunscreen) by Aloe Up. It’s a great way to speed the healing process!
  5. Help them Heal! If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try adding a touch of Neosporin or any ointment cream that aids in the healing of skin. Add just a dot of the ointment to your lips while you sleep and it will help deliver the right ingredients to a faster recovery!

image credits kissingknowhow