By Huda Heidi Kattan

heyy Huda…ur blog is really really great! ive watch all of ur videos n people keep telling me that my makeup looks great! its all thanks to u n ur blog! i hope u can help me with a small problem.. my under eye is so dark n i feel uncomfortable without makeup bc of it.. is there nthing that can help me pls..

Hi darling!! I’m so happy to hear that everyone loves your makeup!! YAAAY!! 🙂 Maybe you have a future in makeup artistry! You never know;)

Ok, here’s the skinny on dark circles, while they are a royal pain, they don’t completely ever go away! The truth is, they only get better, but don’t completely go away! Of course you should definitely try to sleep as much as possible (also try to sleep elevated), but one of the best ways to improve dark circles is with potatoes! I know it sounds crazy, but it works!

Try soaking a couple of slices of potatoes in Sweet Almond Oil for 5-10 minutes, then apply them to your eyes and let sit for 10 minutes! Do this once a day if necessary, just makeup sure you are not sensitive to almond oil or potatoes! This really helps BIG time!! 🙂