By Huda Heidi Kattan

So by now, you guys know I am OBSESSED with shiny hair! One of the main reasons being my hair has been soooo unhealthy in the past, that anything that makes my hair look gorgeous and healthy I am allll over! I swear by apple cider vinegar and still think it is one of the best ways to get rid of build up and get super soft and shiny hair! Only down fall, over time it starts to lighten hair a slight amount–NOT fun!

I recently tried using coffee grounds in my hair after hearing over and over again it is good for hair! Ok, it did make my hair REALLY soft and shiny, but what I love most is the idea of using caffeine in my conditioner! Everyone knows caffeine is great for circulation and good circulation means less hair fall and more hair growth—YAAAY!! All that from a super easy conditioning trick!

Simply add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to your favorite conditioner! Then condition as usual—SUPER SHINY HAIRRR!!! YIPEEE 🙂 I’m loving this right now!! 🙂