By Huda Heidi Kattan

It gets hard some days, you have events to go to, parties, outings and work, but we all want smooth legs that don’t require us to hit the razor every single day! I think I’ve finally mastered it! Recently, I have been applying a few new techniques that have literally made my legs feel smoother and given me a super close shave! Try adding these techniques to your next shower and you’ll love the results!


  • Prep: It’s important to prep your hair before you shave, especially if your hair is coarse! Try soaking in a warm bath for about 10-30 minutes before you shave. This way your pores will open and you will get a closer shave!
  • Scrub: It’s time to scrub away any dead skin that might clog your razor and also keep you from getting super smooth results!
  • Condition: I like to condition my legs with my favorite hair conditioner and leave it on my legs for about 10 minutes. This will make your hair very smooth and soft and make it easier to shave!
  • Razor: Pick the right razor. I personally have always liked men’s razors that are for sensitive skin, they always seem to give me the best results!
  • Rinse: Once you are done shaving, make sure you rinse your legs with cold water! This way you will close your pores and keep your legs from getting any bumps! They will stay silky smooth this way!

image credits themarilynmonroecollection