By Huda Heidi Kattan

Stretch marks, boooo!!! Nobody likes them, but they affect over 90% of women every where! If your mother has had them, chances are you will be blessed with them as well! Stretch marks are caused by any sudden fluctuations in body shape, meaning you grow or shrink faster than your skin can handle! For instance, I hit a crazy growth spurt at around 9 years old, and I pretty much haven’t grown at all since I was 12 years old. While it was nice being taller than everyone my age, my hips didn’t think it was so cute! While I used to sunbathe like a champ, the marks really didn’t show too much, since tanning really lessens the appearance tremendously! As I wizened up and decided to avoid the sun, my stretch marks started to show once more!

Even though my mom has not one mark on her skin, I seem to have them, but I know I can get rid of them! Most studies have shown that it is very difficult to get rid of stretch marks, as they are deep grooves in the skin. However, it is my no means impossible! Of course, how fast your stretch marks will fade depends differently on every person, but here are the best ways to get rid of Stretch Marks!

Stay Steady: This may be one of the hardest treatments for prevention, by try to keep your body weight as steady as possible. If you do want to slim up or shape up, try doing it gradually! In the process moisturize and exfoliate as much as possible, try 3 times a day! I love moisturizers with Coco Butter and try using a scrub with a alpha hydroxy acid as it will help produce collagen and keep skin stretch mark and scar free! Make sure to concentrate on areas like the hips, breasts, belly, and buttocks.

Body Creams: Most over-the-counter creams are not very efficient for their removal of stretch marks, but there are some winners that have made a name for themselves. TriLastin is one cream that guarantees to lighten the appearance of stretch marks and has been a celebrity favorite! It’s a bit pricey, but they do deliver world wide and have a money back guarantee.

Laser Treatment: Laser is great for treatment in early stages of stretch marks. It comes with a heavty price tag, but in most cases, the results are desirable. Speak to your doctor and if possible, to someone who has had the treatment done.

Derma Roller: The Derma Roller is my own preferred way of getting rid of stretch marks. It helps produce collagen and promotes healthy even skin! I noticed some stretch marks forming the other day, and I quickly started using the Derma Roller in the area. My stretch marks are almost gone after just a months use! They were light in color, but I do know that this works!

Ointments: Using creams like Retin A (.25%) and other retinoids, can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It’s always a good idea to start right when they form, but even old stretch marks can improve their appearance by mixing a little Retin A with your body lotion!

Other great sources for Stretch Marks: stretchmarksbyebye and stretchmarks.org


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