By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi Huda..well I have a problem and I don’t know who is the right person to turn to only you and I know you get so many questions already but if you can just help me with this I would be very grateful. You see my hair is so thin and flat and fine it makes me very uncomfortable. My husband even started to take notice and it makes me feel ugly….please help you are my beauty icon

Hi darling! You are sooo sweet and trust me, if you see me first thing in the morning you’ll know that I am NO beauty icon! We’re all the same, some of us just have some tricks up our sleeves, which is why I’m here:))

Darling I have the same exact problem! My hair may seem thick, but it is soooooo NOT! It’s sparse, my head is small, (I always have to buy extra small hats, which means if your head is small, your hair will look thinner) and I’m pretty sure I was balding at one point. Don’t worry, I can help!! Here are my best tips for giving your hair the volume you’ve always wanted!! I hope they help darling!! :))

  1. Biotin is your friend! Biotin has done WONDERS for not only my hair but also my clients and friends! Ok, don’t expect a miracle, but you can expect your hair to look anywhere from 10-30% thicker which in my book is pretty awesome!
  2. Use Volumizing Hair Masks! There will always be some ingredients that naturally give your hair natural volume! One of my FAVORITE things in nature is apple cider vinegar and one of my favorite ways to use it is in my hair! There are so many hair masks that you can use to give your hair serious bounce!
  3. Might sound crazy, but keep your hair on the Dry Side! Hair that is too oily or shiny is flat. Quite frankly it’s hard to have volume and shiny hair, but you can always keep your ends slightly glossy and your roots a bit more clean. I like to use dry shampoo after I fix my hair and it really helps give my hair volume!
  4. Tease, Tease, TEASE! Teasing your hair is a MUST! Every celebrity does it and it makes such a HUGE difference, literally! I always tease before I go out to an important event, but sometimes at home I just do the back a bit and it makes my hair look alive! I love teasing with a tooth brush, it’s my favorite thing to use! Check out the difference in these photos when I have no teasing vs mega teasing!
  5. Use Volumizers! Volumizers are Awwwwwsome!! I love them! I love blow drying my hair, then using a volumizer all over! I flip my hair upside down and blow dry it after I apply it and it helps boosts my hair to serious height!