By Huda Heidi Kattan

You might find it surprising how changes in your diet can dramatically affect your hair, I mean SERIOUSLY change your appearance. About a year ago, my hair was seriously dry and completely lifeless! It had noooo shine and it would constantly frizz at the thought of going outside, it was terrible! I did many things to improve my hair, but one of the biggest changes, and I’ve said this before, was I changed the way I ate! I have spoken before about how increasing my Omega 3 intake made my hair super shiny, but my hair also became super thick once I started eating lean proteins! It almost increased about 1/3, I swear, it was amazing! What did I eat? Walnuts, Fish, Eggs, Low Fat Dairy Products (I ate a lot of Yogurt), and I added a little Soy (remember as a woman, we need to make sure not to eat too much Soy).


image credits iamstyleish