By Huda Heidi Kattan

Honestly when I travel, I get so busy I rarely have time to sleep! I actually got some emails asking to meet me while I was in Paris, and I was sooooooo sad I couldn’t:( I always go from seminar, to meeting, to lunch, to group dinner–it gets intense! I always think, since I don’t sleep at home because of baby Nour and work, maybe my quick trips will help me get some zzzz’s, but the truth is I sometimes sleep less! Of course this is reflected in my skin and hair, which totally blows! So while I was away this time, I actually used some really awesome beauty tips that I loved! Some of them you may have seen on here before, but this week I want to share them with you! In case you are traveling and have just a few products, no blender or just basic utensils, these tips will help you in any situation!

Believe it or not pineapple is sooo good for your skin! I actually use this tip quite often, mostly because pineapple is super high in vitamin C and the enzymes in pineapples are AMAZING at creating even toned skin that glows! I love this because it makes me look well rested and my skin look super healthy! This is the absolute BEST way to get a facial glow, fast!!



Pineapple Slice

Make sure you call room service and ask for a plate of fruit. You need just one slice of pineapple, since it is AMAZING at giving you a glow! Rub the fruit on your face and let the fruit juice sit on your face for a couple minutes before rinsing. This gives an instant amazing glow and doesn’t look like you’re tired at all!!