By Huda Heidi Kattan


I had such an amazing time in Paris for the Dior Iconic Event! It was really great to try the new mascara, which I’m OBSESSED with (The Dior Iconic Overcurl, don’t worry the juicy review is coming soon)! We also got the experience a really beautiful product–the Dior Mono Chrome Eye shadows! They are seriously the prettiest thing I have ever seen and the color selection is RIIIIDICULOUS! They have every color in every shade you could ever think of and the consistency is so smooth and rich! I love using them both dry and wet, but I loved the look that the Dior Makeup Artist in Paris created for me using the shadows!

One of the biggest things I love about this is the wide range of color because a lot of times with luxury brands you are really limited with how many colors a collection will have. It honestly seems that only drugstore brands make such insane varieties of color, but they don’t work well when wet!  Only really quality eye shadows are good to use wet, which is why I am soooo excited about this new launch!

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