By Huda Heidi Kattan

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel Huda Beauty Blog Review

Acne is a MAJOR pain! I didn’t have acne until I started university and boy did it hit hard! I remember not wanting to leave the house when my skin would inflame, yeah NOT fun at all! I’ve really come to understand the power of at home beauty regimens and spot treatments and I was so excited to find kind of a fusion of the two! Before I start talking about this product, I have to first say, Tea Tree is AhhhhMAZING! Tea Tree is a great way to help fight any type of bacteria and other icky things that cause acne and irritated skin! Sooo, finding a Tea Tree spot treatment was a great moment for me:)

I used this just a couple times on a few blemishes and it’s incredible how fast they subsided! I popped it on as soon as I noticed a little acne coming up and they literally went down the first day! A lot of spot treatments are soooo drying, that they can actually make your skin red & dry if you over do them! Since Tea Tree Oil is great for inflamed/irritated skin you can use this several times a day, making it work much harder! I recommend using this at night, in the morning, and under your makeup! This is seriously awesome and I love how much it kicked my blemishes in the bootie! Yaaay for Tea Tree Oil!

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Tea Tree Body Shop Blemish Stick Huda Beauty