By Huda Heidi Kattan

When I open my makeup bag, one of the first thing people want to do is grab my beautiful pink Beauty Blender sponges (Of course I don’t let them!).  You may have seen this spectacular sponge being used by some of the leading makeup artist, and wondered ‘is that sponge really that good?’ I am here to tell you, Ohhh Yeeaah!

I had my doubts, sure Kim Kardashian’s makeup guru, Mario swears by it, but I needed my own proof.  So when I got to LA one of the first things I did was purchase this beautiful sponge. I tested it against several other sponges from various brands as well as several different foundation brushes, the verdict: NO COMPARISON! Not only does it give you the most incredible airbrush finish, but it’s shape is genius and allows you to get super close to areas that you would not be able to with a brush (without causing irritation).  And if you’re a little weary about the price, keep in mind, these sponges are reusable. I have been using mine for a few months now, I simply wash it once a week.  Therefore, not only will it make your makeup look more perfect, but it can actually save you money as well! I never go to a shoot without a few in my kit! Thank you to the genius behind this sponge!

Now available online with Sephora

image courtesy of la-story