By Huda Heidi Kattan

There’s no light way to put this, but dark circles SUCK! I hate them! And worst of all, I hate concealing them since of course in the area where you need it the most, the makeup creases soooooo much!  I have to say, I have dealt with (and have had) so many variations of dark circles, puffy eyes, bags, and a bunch of things I don’t know how to categorize, that I actually think I’m getting to be reeeeally good with concealer!

One of the biggest dilemmas is how do we keep that area from creasing? Welllll, Meet Mr. Magic, ok it’s not really called that, the real name is Guerlain Pressed Powder Illuminating and Mattifying. This powder is amazing because it helps actually brighten up the area around your eyes, which means instant freshness! Since it helps brighten the area (looks especially amazing in photos), this lets you cut down slightly on concealer, which means less creasing! This is something I take with me everywhere and I use on all my clients! I love it!!