By Huda Heidi Kattan

I keep getting asked for an updated skin tutorial, and I will DEFINITELY do one, but it’s hard since I am literally always trying new products! There are definitely some AMAZING products I keep going back to and one that I recently tried that I am blown away with is the Kiehl’s Photo-Age Corrector Intensive Corrective Moisturizer! This was part of the Kiehl’s giveaway not too long ago and it’s honestly one of the best ones for any skin types! I love it because literally after applying it your skin feels AMAZING and there’s no greasiness–Your skin just soaks it up! You’ll also notice your skin will be more even toned after using for a couple of weeks! It’s honestly become one of my favorites, the texture is amazing, it’s light, moisturizing and helps keep your skin in check too!

I recently tried a product that I loved the way it felt, but it broke me out pretty bad, using the Kiehl’s Photo-Age Corrector Intensive Corrective Moisturizer actually helped remove the acne marks, so I was really pleased with that! I highly recommend this for women and men (this is great for men) of all skin types!

Available in UAE at Bloomingdales & Harvey Nichols, in US in Nordstrom, and UK in Harrods & Space.NK