By Huda Heidi Kattan

I really don’t know how this works, but all I can say is it does! When I first got this product I got pretty excited, because honestly I love things that keep my lips hydrated! I really didn’t imagine it work the way it does! The YSL Top Secrets Lip Plumper and Contour does exactly what it says it does! It plumps, adds volume and shapes your lips in such a way, you literally feel sexy just wearing it! When I put this on, my lips feel unbelievably soft and I always have my lips hydrated, this is just on another level! I also love the fact that my lips don’t tingle when I wear it, it simply juicens up your lips without the uncomfortable tingle or burn. This is a must try and it is sooooo on the top of my beauty hit list!  I take it with me everywhere!

If you have skin sensitivities, I advise you try to keep this off of your skin! My skin is super sensitive, but it is ok as long as I don’t get any of the gel on my face!

I know I promised you guys a peek into my travel beauty case, it’s coming soon!