By Huda Heidi Kattan

I have always been SUCH a fan of Lush Cosmetics since it is one of the most natural cosmetic lines ever, but when I tried their It’s Raining Men Body Wash, I felt like I found my ultimate body wash! As soon as I opened it, I got whiff of one of the sweetest most delicious scents ever! If you’ve ever smelt their Honey, I washed the kids, then this smells just like that, but better! It’s made of almost 60% honey, so that means a delicious smelling and SUPER moisturizing body wash! Not only will it give you super soft moisturized skin, but since honey has strong antibacterial qualities, it will also heal it as well! I bought this in the largest container, and honestly, it’s just NOT big enough! It’s soooo rich and creamy and DELICIOUS!!