Drugstore Product of the Week!

Sun, 16 Dec 2012


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know I’ve been kind of a foundation/BB Cream rant lately, but let’s be honest, flawless skin is always in! The HARDEST part is really finding foundation that makes your skin look flawless and not cakey & fake! Well for everyone looking for a super natural foundation that will literally blend in 100% with your skin Maybelline FIT is unreal! I recently started using Maybelline and it’s incredible how amazing quality their products are! When I first got the foundation, I thought ‘ok, drugstore foundation–we’ll see if it’s really any good’.

The first time I used it, I was sooooo pleased! For starters, it literally looks JUST like your skin! It blends so beautifully and smoothly and the texture is actually very hydrating–It’s almost like a tinted moisturizer with a bit more coverage! I also loved that it lasted all day long and looked beautiful at the end of the day! At one point, I actually looked in the mirror and thought my skin looked flawless, then I remembered I was wearing foundation (yeah that’s how natural it looks)! This is perfect for those days where you want your skin to look super natural and kind of dewy and flawless!

I am wearing shade 220 with Smashbox Halo powder in medium to set

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  1. Bengu

    Huda, what would a girl do without you in her life? You are simply amazing and I thank you for all the time, money, and effort you put into your reviews. Can’t wait to try this :)

  2. 1 elishah

    Your not kidding! Your skin seriously looks like u have nothing on, huda u look like 10years younger! I thought this was a teen pic of u!….I’m totally going to try this product:)

  3. 2 pinky

    you’re beautiful

  4. oh lord! i thought you were bare faced. that’s how beautiful this product is and then I read your review and am like GASP!!!!

  5. 4 despoina

    I tried it but did not like it at all…..

  6. 5 MakeUpNaive

    You sold me their, Maybelline Fit here i come!!! ;)

  7. 6 Mary Monroe

    This product sounds ideal can’t wait to try! Xo
    I was looking for a foundation to wear on a daily basis that’s mineral do you know of any??

  8. 7 Dina

    Thanks alot for all of your wonderful reviews. your face looks really bare -Ma Shaa’ Allah :)
    but i have a braking out face, will it work on that too ???

    • 8 hudabeauty

      Try it out, they do have a concealer, which was really nice as well, I would try the foundation first, then if you need more coverage, try the concealer!

  9. 9 Najwa

    aaaah Huda dont review more foundation plsssss. I bought like 4 foundations after reading diff reviews from you and im happy with all. Im just scared im gonna keep buying stuff after reading ur reviews <3

    • 10 hudabeauty

      OMG! You are too cute!! Ok, I will try to chill :)))) I love you!!! Seriously!

  10. Huda, which do you tgink is absolutely the best; Diorskin Nude Foundation or the Maybelline Fit?

    • 12 hudabeauty

      They’re both different! I would recommend DiorSkin Nude for a girl who wants more coverage (great for photos), while the Maybelline FIT is more of a natural dewy foundation!

  11. 13 Aysha

    This is kinda off topic, but what mascara are you wearing here?! It looks so pretty!

    • 14 hudabeauty

      Hi darling, I am wearing Chanel Sublime De Chanel with the Dior Show Primer! :)

  12. 15 BeautyGlam

    Looks amazing! Thanks for this review babe! Xx

  13. hello Huda… thak you so very much for ur expert opnions. i just wana ask about my skin i have problem of large pores. which raely looks ugly what should i do for that? plz plz reply…

  14. I LOOOOVE this foundation! I don’t wear foundation often but when I do I always reach for this one. The formula is so light and natural looking. You look flawless in it!

  15. 18 jenan

    i have NEVER used a high street make up brand before but i heard good reviews on this foundation so i thought may aswell try as it’s so cheap! OMG I LOVEEEE!!! defo recommend

  16. 20 Camila

    I just got back from Sephora in Ann Arbor looking for te dior nude foundation bc of you! And I was also wondering if there is any drugstore foundation that actually looks good.. Over the summer I forgot my make up at home and bought cheaper maybelline fit for the day! My problem with it was that it was super grainy! Looks great but the texture was a little weird also I used the phone and it kind of rubbed off.

    Also, huge favor! Make up forever HD vs. Dior nude.. Verdict??

    Love youuuuu!!! Hudita Bonita!

  17. This is one thing i am yet to learn to buy… got a maybelline matte mouse earlier but it did not work on me.. should hve thought before… i hve dry skin & this product makes it worst & patchy!!! You think Maybelline FIT is good to go for dry skin??? Or any other product recomendation?

    • 22 hudabeauty

      I have tried different mouse foundations, and I am not into then! They look really cakey!

  18. 23 etch

    heyy can u do a review on FIT me face powder…im thinking of buying it

  19. 24 Boogi

    I was looking for ur review on this! now that you said its gorgeous then it IS! getting it soon :D

  20. 25 amanda

    which one is better?is it the ysl touche eclat or this?

  21. 26 Mona

    Hey huda! I wana know the best perfume smelling js simply awesm in oud. .pleas reply me honey

  22. 27 Harsha

    That’s a really beautiful picture! :)

  23. Huda what color in the FIT are you wearing? The problem with drugstore foundations is you can’t try them on!

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