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About Wishful

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Since starting the Huda Beauty blog almost 10 years ago, Huda built an engaged community who are the heart and soul of the brand. The THOUSANDS of comments that flooded in over the years gave Huda a deep understanding of what people were most concerned about. Huda identified a want and need for gentle, effective, simplified skincare that can easily fit into any skincare routine.

Being a beauty blogger, Huda has tried and tested almost EVERYTHING on the market, giving her a unique insight into beauty and what works and what doesn’t. Add to that Huda’s wide-ranging personal experiences with skincare and endless tips from the worlds leading dermatologists over the years, Huda’s skincare expertise is truly exceptional.

Why skincare?
“I’ve tried hundreds of products, spoken to the world experts leaders, and tried all kinds of skincare techniques over the years, so I have seen what works for me and what hasn’t. I know from all the feedback I get from my followers that they are looking for solutions to the same skincare concerns as me, so with WISHFUL I wanted to create gentle, simple, effective skincare products that visibly work for instant and long-lasting results.” – Huda

Huda made it her mission to start a welcoming and warm beauty brand that would tackle common skin concerns while uplifting the beauty community. Huda is starting with the issues she struggled with first; making this a deeply personal mission.

The WISHFUL difference?
WISHFUL is about keeping things simple. We’ve identified five key pillars that are key to our brand DNA and run deep through everything we do:

Skincare shouldn’t be confusing and that’s why we created WISHFUL – targeted products that fit seamlessly with any routine. After 10 years of beauty exploration on the Huda Beauty blog, Huda identified a need for solutions to common skin concerns. To begin, she’s tackling the issues she feels passionate about.

WISHFUL is skincare for all. A warm and welcoming brand from the ‘big sister of beauty.’ Huda has tried thousands of products and only wants to bring the very best to join the beauty community.

Each formula is crafted with minimalism in mind: Only effective, intentional ingredients make the ingredient list.

To make finding your skincare bestie extra easy, Huda’s breaking down exactly what the product does for your skin so you can easily choose which products you need to add to your routine.

All of our products are designed to be immediately beneficial while leaving long lasting results.

What does clean beauty mean to WISHFUL?
Clean beauty can mean a lot of things. At WISHFUL, where possible, we only use responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients, and our products comply with the US Clean at Sephora program which means we formulate all products WITHOUT the following ingredients:

  1. Parabens
  2. Triclosan
  3. Triclocarban
  4. SLS
  5. SLES
  6. Phthalates
  7. Formaldehydes
  8. Retinyl Palmitate
  1. Aluminum Salts
  2. Benzophenone
  3. Resourcinol
  4. Oxybenzone
  5. Octinoxate
  6. Coal Tar
  7. Mineral oil
  8. Fragrance over 1%