Beauty Myth, Tried & Tested…Baby Powder for Seriously Voluminous Lashes?

Mon, 30 Jun 2014


By Huda Heidi Kattan

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I was so excited to see that Good House Keeping Magazine US posted about my baby powder mascara beauty myth! It got a ton of questions that I thought I would share it again! It works so well! :)

Soooo, I’ve been experimenting with some rather interesting beauty “secrets” and while some work, some really don’t! I just tried doing the baby powder on your lashes beauty hype that has been going around, and it works–BEAUTIFULLY at that! All you do is apply one layer of mascara, then using a q-tip apply a small layer of baby powder on your lashes! Then coat again with mascara, and voila! It adds so much volume to the base of your lashes, it was actually really surprising and amazing!

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39 Responses to Beauty Myth, Tried & Tested…Baby Powder for Seriously Voluminous Lashes?

  1. Lilian

    Isn’t it irritating for the eyes?

    • 1 hudabeauty

      Not at all, I was worried it would be, since I wear contacts, but it wasn’t at all

  2. 2 noor

    OMG, I just tried this with my Passion Eyes masacra from Dolce&Gabbana, thanks a bunch :D

  3. 5 rupa

    So you apply one coat of mascara first, then powder, then mascara again? because in your pics it seems like you only do powder then mascara.

  4. 7 pinky


  5. 8 Caralin

    Hey hudA ! I have bad hairlfall(literally horror) in 2years I will be bald !! FYI i just turned 14 on Halloween +I live in DXB I have gone to the doc too! I have also put those purifying thing in my shower!! Please help !!!

    • 9 hudabeauty

      Darling, that is not normal, and there is not anything that we can do that is beauty related, this is caused from something health related. You must see a doctor and I recommend a natural doctor that is more into natural healing, as they are usually great with hair loss issues

  6. 10 hadeel

    Haha cute I will try it out

  7. 11 komal naze

    wowoowow!!! Can’t wait to try this! Thanks Huda :D

  8. 12 Dee

    hi huda, I just tried this and it works wonders! I have ridiculously short and thin lashes so am so impressed! p.s I love ur lenses, what colour and make are they if u don’t mind me asking? x

  9. 13 Katherine

    LOVE this idea, i will have to try it. Do you need to wait for the first coat of mascara to dry before putting on the baby powder?

  10. 14 arpy

    huda, i absolutely the this,. thanx a ton :*

  11. 16 nina

    I love how u dont have any dark circles! Any tips or medical thing?

  12. 17 Mary Monroe

    I realllyyy LOVE this idea can’t wait to try it out Xoxo

  13. I love using a combination of baby powder and my volumizing mascara. This is definitely a beauty hack I will probably use for ever!

  14. what contacts do you where ? they look so good on you

  15. 20 Jag

    Hi what contact lenses to u wear pls

  16. 21 Krista

    It also works with clays and is better for your lashes. Such as French Grenoble clay or bentonite

  17. 22 Krista

    French Green Clay* ..don’t know what happened there ha

  18. Wonderful! Very helpful, specially if you don’t want to wear false eyelashes. :)

  19. 24 lujain

    Woww!! That’s amazing

  20. 25 Meshii

    Hi Huda, I just wanted to ask is there anything which can make eyelashes stronger; every morning I wakeup and see an eye lash on my face even when I take mascara off I would see a lash on my face. If you have any recommendations please let me know… Thankyou x

  21. 26 Krista

    Meshii, I use a mixture of coconut oil (for its benefits for hair) and castor oil ( for its benefits of making hair more thick, long, and stronger) on my lashes before bed each night. I had the same problem but now my lashes are fuller than ever and it’s only been 3 months since I started doing this!=)

  22. 27 dr.suzan

    Hello dear huda , pls pls tell me the brand and color of ur lenses in thesr pictures .I will really really appreciate it if u do so

  23. 28 humera

    wow this sounds awesome! Haha I am soo gonna go and buy me some baby powder! Thank You Lovely! XX

  24. 29 amna

    Amazing , I heard a bout this but I didn’t know if that’s true or not ;)
    I will try it for sure ;D
    love you Huda ;)

  25. 30 Maha

    Beautiful Huda plzzzzzzzzzz reply to my comment , what contact lenses do u use other than Adore ?

  26. 31 Meltem

    which colour do you use guerlain 4 seasons?? i read everywhere something else from you :( 02,03,04,05,08??? and which foundation do you like more vitalumiere Aqua, lancome air de Teint or the new perfection lumiere Velvet?

  27. 32 Anna

    Huda, it always surprise me how many people ask you exactly the same things like, about your contact linses, Omg! Dont they read your old articles!!!!! Its there!!!!maybe you should sell them online . So many times you told about almond oil for the dark circles and here we go people asking again Tough life being a beauty blogger:))))) I do love and I do read all your articles!!! Shame others dont xxxxx

  28. 33 Lamya

    Hiiii huda! When will you post a teeth whitening video??

    • 34 hudabeauty

      Soon darling, I made it but misplaced it and now I am making a new and will post it as soon as I finish it, hopefully this week. Xx

  29. 35 Sara

    Can you post a video teaching us how to apply eyeliner to big bulgy eyes?

  30. 36 fayzah

    Hi huda , what’s you eye contact color and witch brand please

  31. 37 Sarah

    Pleaseeeee tell us eye contact brand and color

  32. 38 Arlene

    I would not use baby powder,it is not safe. I use eye shadow powder. It works great and it’s safer.

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