By Huda Heidi Kattan


You guys know how much I swear by Chanel Le Lift, and it’s something I just can’t live without! I use the Creme Fine, which is really light for me but perfect! They have 2 thicker versions, but for me the Creme Fine is just perfection! Having said that, I need extra hydration during colder weather, and I have found the absolute best moisturizing cream in Cereve! I still use my Chanel Le Lift to keep my skin tight and my pores tight, but I use a bit of these cream on top for extra hydration and it is incredible!

It actually has patented technology that is one the best ways to heal skin, it heals EEEVERYTHING! From cuts, to fresh pimple scars, it’s pretty insane! It is a cream, so it’s a bit heavy, but I didn’t find it greasy! It heals skin so well, you can actually use this anywhere on your body to fight issues like eczema, cuts, or anything that needs a little extra TLC. It soaks into your skin pretty well, leaving it really hydrated and feeling good! For winter, this is a MUST!

CEREVE Moisturizing Cream
Available at select pharmacies
$15 for large tub, prices may vary