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About Huda

“Beauty can change the way a woman feels,
and an empowered woman is fearless; she’s unstoppable…
She can take on the world.”

For me, makeup has always been so much more than a way to look more beautiful, it’s completely transforming: it effects my mood, my confidence, and the way I feel. Ever since I picked up my first pair of tweezers I was transfixed, and by the time I was 14 I was wearing a full face of makeup – I loved it! I started plucking my sister’s friend’s eyebrows, doing my friend’s makeup, and I took on any opportunity I could to get involved with beauty, from doing makeup at school plays to university fashion shows. After university, I began sending out email blasts to my girlfriends with beauty tips, hacks and DIYs – I was blogging and I didn’t even know it. I consider myself beyond lucky that my love for makeup, after many long years of hard work, has turned into a thriving business and a platform for all of us to share beauty.

How it all began: Working in beauty was not what I grew up expecting to do. I was born and raised in the U.S. and I studied Finance at university. After moving to Dubai and starting a job in the industry, the recession hit and I was made redundant from my finance job. At the time, I felt a little lost, but in hindsight it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My sister Mona, knowing me better than I knew myself, encouraged me to pursue my passion for makeup. With resounding enthusiasm from my family, and of course myself, within days I was on a plane half way across the world to Los Angeles to study make-up at the Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry School. Incredible opportunities led me to work with world-class makeup artists, amazing brands, and some remarkable models and celebrities. After learning all the tricks of the trade and garnering a wealth of experience from some of the best experts in the industry, I decided I had to share this with other women who loved makeup the way I did. I started my blog in 2010 to be a place for women to explore and share beauty.

Being a beauty blogger: I am so grateful for all the beauty lovers that enjoy reading my blog, and I feel truly responsible for everything I share. Honesty is the one policy that I promised myself I would never compromise on, so every product I review, no matter the brand or the price tag, is 100% what I believe. This is one of the main reasons I believe my blog has become so well read, and that, coupled with the rise of social media has undoubtedly helped to launch it to become a globally recognized blog. The rise of social media and my early entry to Instagram also played a massive role, and with every new innovation, I was ready to embrace what it offered and the viral opportunities that went hand-in-hand with them. This is the digital age, and with every pioneering new platform lies a moment to seize.

Dreams coming true: I’ve always been a creative person (probably one reason finance just didn’t suit me), so when my sister Mona saw me customizing and designing my own false lashes, she convinced me we had to share them. In 2013, I joined forces with my wonderful sisters, Mona and Alya, to launch our brand Huda Beauty. Combining my years of experience testing products, my professional makeup skills, and my very picky eye, I am proud that I can create products that I believe are truly valuable for every makeup lover. Everything Huda Beauty releases are products I use daily, and products that I invest all my time and heart into. I hope you love them as much as I do.

I take great pride in being able to share my beauty tips and advice with you, and I hope that everyone can learn something from this blog.

  • Hey my love! We looked at your IG and it’s insane! Keep on slaying the game hun! We passed on your deets to our PR team and they’ll be in touch if they’re interested. xxx

  • Hey my love! We checked out your Instagram it’s stunning! Keep on slaying the game xx

  • Hey my love! We’re so sorry this has happened to you! We have passed on your request to our customer service team, they will be in touch shortly. We hope you can get your money back! xxx

  • Stephanie Rapinett

    Hey! @Hudabeauty

    I really want to say you are so inspiring to me and that I have always looked up to you and believed in you and I still am today. You are my role model and have always been in my dreams and always motivate me to become more successful in my life. I am currently studying a course in Sydney, Australia and I would love if we could communicate and get positive feedback from you as it is my dream is to meet you as well! if you don’t mind but to check out my instagram @beautyshadesbysteph it would be the best thing in my life and very rememberable by getting on your PR LIST!!!!!!! I could only hope. I really hope I achieve that and it would mean the world for you to give me feedback and be on your PR LIST! Love you Huda Beauty so much!

    Please take care <3 xx


    @beautyshadesbysteph <3

  • Katie Mckeever

    Hello I hope you’re well!
    My name’s Katie Victoria and I’m a UK makeup artist. I am extremely passionate about makeup and have been since I can remember and I have always loved how Huda Beauty truly stands for inspiring makeup artists and makeup lovers all around the globe and the support and inspiration you give to many artists, including myself.
    It’s always been my dream for you to notice me that’s why I’m contacting as you’re such an amazing makeup brand/business and I love your products. I’m invested in my page and creating new looks for my Instagram @katievictoriamakeup. So, it would be the world to me if you could consider me for your PR list – I’m extremely passionate and hard working, and It would mean the world to me to work with you further and create more looks using your products!
    Please take a look at my Instagram – even your opinion as a brand would mean the world to me.

    Thank you so much for reading!

    • Hey my love! You’re so sweet! We’re so happy to hear that you love the brand. We just checked out your Instagram and it’s stunning! Honestly, those colors are poppin’ – we’re totally crushing over those cut crease vibes! Keep on slaying the game hun! xx

  • Hey my love! Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! If you could share your details with us, that would be super helpful xoxo

  • Hey my love! We have passed your details on to our PR team, who will be in contact with you shortly. Hope this helps xxx

  • Cheila Perestrelo

    Best Huda Beauty,

    My name is Cheila and I love yoire make up.
    I always buy everything little thing from you’re collection and I’m really happy with.
    But now I have a problem.
    Some one introduce me to Ali Express and I bought there what I thought was original HUDA products.
    I purchased more than 100€ on pallets.
    When i got the products at home I could see right a way that they were counterfeit goods so I stared a dispute to get my money back.
    Now the seller as respond to the dispute saying that he as an license from you guys to sell Huda products on Ali Express. Even I told them that you’re exclusive as Gucci or other major brand and that that is impossible. The seller couldn’t never have an authority or license to sell fake Huda products on Ali Express. I ask them to let me see the license that this Chinese man can sell your products but they say that they can’t show me that. I personally just think that a lot of people is being fraught by this seller and that Ali Express just don’t want to recognize and to pay for what they are doing. Allowing some fake ass Chinese to sell fake products that you guys are working so hard for.
    So now they want me to send a prove that the products I have are fake and an prove that is impossible for someone to sell HUDA products on Ali Express. So please write me on so that I can send you guys all photos from the products I have buy. Because without an evidence/prove that they are fake, they aren’t going to pay me anything.

    The first and last time I whent on Ali Express.

    Kind regards,
    Cheila Filipa Mamedes Perestrelo

  • Julia Trinity

    Hello, my name is Julia Troitskaya, I am a Russian news agency correspondent in Gulf countries. As we have a lot of our readers who like Huda beauty products, we would like to do an interview with CEO of the company Huda Kattan for our agency. We know she also has the office of her company in Dubai. Hope there is a possibility to have a contact with PR team to agree about the interview.
    My email is

  • Megan

    Dear Huda,
    I know you probably hear this every second of thae day. You are such a great role model to look up to. You make me believe that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. I absolutely love your entire makeup collection. You have such a brilliant mind. I am a Lisenced cosmetologist and have decided to start a YouTube channel and Instagram page show casing both hair and beautiful makeup. Of both my beautiful clients and also myself bc it is my real passion. I would love to be considered for your PR list and showcase some of your beautiful makeup.
    Thank you so much for the time

  • Hey my love! That’s so sweet of you to say and we’re so glad you’re a dreamer too! Please email and they will hopefully be in touch if there’s any availability. We hope this helps xoxo

  • Aboutthefleek

    Dear Huda,

    I’m not gonna tell you all the clichés you’ve heard before. But I do wanna say that I believe dreamers can make it! Just as you said in your bio on Instagram. I believe I as a dreamer can make it by working hard and adding a lot of passion to it.

    Hope you can check out the looks I’ve created, and hopefully there’s any chance of gettin in touch with your team.. if it is being on your pr list. Or you having any job offerings for a make-up artist to be added to your team. I would love love love to hear.

    Lots of love,
    Marjan – @aboutthefleek

  • Hedieh

    Hi Huda, I am a big fan of your make up (especially the nude eyeshadow palette). I recently decided to follow my dreams and start an instagram page where I post my make up pics & tutorials. My instapage is @glambyhedieh It would mean a lot to me if you could check out my instagram and would consider me to be on your pr list! Love, Hedieh x

  • Shereen

    Hi Huda! I have watched this video 10000 times and I feel like we are so similar <3 I am a Chemical Engineer working in the petroleum industry, but my heart has always been in the makeup world. I am working on starting my own lipstick brand and this video has given me so much hope that I can actually make something of myself. You are truly a role model of mine! I live in Chicago but will be coming to Dubai at the end of January and would love love love love to meet you and Mona and get some advice from you both! I hope you see this, and I really really hope you can make my dream come true and allow me to meet you and Mona. All power to you, keep representing all of us middle eastern girls all around the world. Love you Hudyyyy <3 <3

  • Ludivine Desb

    Hi Huda !
    I hope you’re doing well ! I can’t believe I’m gonna send this message but I really need your HELP !
    My name is Ludivine Desbonnes, I live in France, I’m 22 and I’m a fashion business student in Paris, ESMOD ISEM.

    This 2019 year is my last year at school and I have to present end-of-studies project to get my certificate.
    Passionate about cosmetics, I decide to choose your brand for my project because I really like what you are, what you do and the way you share your universe and your passion.

    Unfortunately, I risk forgetting it because I don’t have enough results about the revenue of your company and I don’t want do a project about a brand which don’t make a part of my beauty ADN, you know what I mean ?
    You knew what you want to do and anyone could have stopped you because you were determined and there you are ! So I don’t want to let go because I believe in my business project.

    I’m ready to sign any confidentiality agreement about your results if you prefer because I juste need to defend my project !

    I hope to talk to you as soon as possible!

    Ludivine Desbonnes
    IG : Luditrend
    Mail :
    Phone : +33 619613436

  • Rafaela Silva

    Hi, I’m Rafaela, I live in Brazil.
    I admire your work and I love your makeup but I can not afford a lipstick of your brand.
    Send me makeup that you do not use, it can be any item, I’ll be very happy, kisses.

  • Hey my love! Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart! We’re so glad to hear you love the products as much as we do! And remember, you can achieve your dreams as long as put in the hard work and dedication! xx

  • Hey my love! We will pass on the details of your page to our team for consideration, someone from the team will be in touch if they would like to discuss things further. xx

    • Katrina Sanchez

      Thank you so much!

  • Hey my love! Thank you so much for being so sweet! We’re so glad you love our products. We will pass on your deets to our PR team for sure! xxx

  • Hey my love! For all job inquiries please email your CV to We hope this helps xx

    • Islamuddin Aga

      It’s my pleasure you have replied madam
      We are a company itself not an individual so can I have any other Mode of contact as we all know you’re too famous mashallah peace be upon you so your mailbox will be flooded I am looking forward for a partnership or contract with you it would be more efficient to hire a freelance project than hiring hopefully you reply again

      Islam Aga

  • Islamuddin Aga

    Hello madam I would love to have word with you need your contact details
    Its regarding fornt end developing to youtube content making would love to talk to you about it
    you can mail me on or reply her it self it would help us both more efficiently and very effective ways
    will be waiting for your reply

    kindly revert back

  • Ishwari Gupta

    Hello HUDA. I know you would have heard this a lot ..I love your makeup so so much . My dad got me desert dusk palette on my bday and honestly I dropped crying ..I came to know about you.. when I came to college and read your articles and watched your videos and since then I wanna just be like you …like I just wanna follow your footsteps you !

  • Hey my love! Thank you, you are so sweet! We will definitely pass on your details to our PR team. Keep on dreaming gorgeous xxx

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately, we don’t do wholesale. In the UK you can buy our products from Harrods, Selfridges and online at or from We hope this helps xoxo

  • Hey my love! We will check out your Instagram account for sure and pass on your details to our PR team. Have a great day darling! xxx

  • Fahad Ahmed

    Assalam o Alaikum i want just get information what kind of Haram Material Abbreviation & Coding use in the cosmetics which should must check on cosmetics before purchase for Muslims and Halal also

  • Piara Begum

    hi huda
    i am looking for wholesale huda beauty products…in the uk .if you do so wholesale huda beauty products can you provide me info plz where to find the wholesale and how to get it .i am happy to take part of this company thanks

  • Hamna

    Hey Huda! I honestly LOVE LOVE you and Youve been inspiring me since 5 years now!
    I am a beauty influencer & a makeup artist, and its my dream to use my platform to promote your products. Where can i send you a PR request?
    My instagram handle is: @noorhamnaa

  • Jessica Bonilla V

    HUDA!!! Can I tell you how much your work means to me and how inspired I am by your success story? I am a beauty junkie who loves to try new products! I create content reviews on my blog and social media channels to offer my clients and audience only the best tips in the beauty industry.

    I’d love to chat with your Public Relations team about a potential feature. My audience is mainly US-based women with an interest in beauty, fashion, family, and lifestyle, and I’m confident they’d love to learn more about new beauty launches and products! I am excited about the idea of creating some really striking and eye-catching content by working with you! This is my blog: and my IG account @JESSBONILLABEAUTY

    Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to working with you!

    Jess Bonilla

  • Hey my love! We will pass on your details to our PR team. We checked out your Instagram – it’s amazing, keep on slaying the game! xxx

  • Walaa

    I really love u and one of my dreams is to meet you. You’re an inspiration for all of as! I enjoy watching your videos. I hope my dream comes true!

  • Walaa

    I really love you and one of my dreams is to meet you!

  • Dena

    Hi huda, I love you so much, my name is Dena , I’m Palestinian live in United States. I’m an esthetician and makeup artist, love your products , I cannot live without your foundation ❤️. I have an instagram page and YouTube channel , I share my skin care and makeup products with my followers , my dream to be in your PR list. My instagram @glammedbydena.
    Thank you habebti

  • Alia

    Hi is your nail polish halal one ?

  • Annabelle

    Do you have stakeholders?

  • Hey my love! Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! We checked out your page and we love all of the looks you created! We’ll pass on your deets to our PR team xx

  • Hey my love! We’ll check out your page, for sure! We’ll also pass on your details to our social media team. Keep on slaying the game sweetie! xx

    • Rabia Ahmad

      Thank you so so much <3 <3

  • يوميات زهرة في امريكا zahra co

    hello Huda,
    you probably hear this a lot , but you are a true inspiration to all of us .. i loved/love watching you on youtube and i love your products..i remember when i first got one of your lispticks i was thrilled and excited.. iam a blogger/content creator on instagram..youtuber also..and i love trying makeup, new launches.. anything..i would love if you consider me into your pr list..that would mean a lot to me.. i live in instagram is @zahra_beautycorner
    thank you

  • Hey my love! If you contact they’ll be able to offer you some assistance and inform you of the status of your order. We hope this helps xx

  • Rabia Ahmad

    Hey Huda!! Im a makeup blogger based on Instagram where I basically post videos and makeup looks and have featured your products countless times. In all honesty, you’re the sole motivation behind me pursuing makeup. I love your story and each and every product release, which I immediately purchase through friends and family residing abroad. I talk about you so much that even my colleagues, who know nothing about makeup, know who Huda Beauty is haha.
    I would love for you to check out my Instagram profile( ). I’ve featured the Desert Dusk and New Nude Palette a lot and would really appreciate if you could take a moment of your time to check out my work, since that would literally be the greatest blessing of my year. I dont have a large following but I do put my heart and soul into my work because honestly, I love everything makeup and this is me pursuing my passion. So please do have a look at my profile. It would mean the world to me <3 I look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂

  • Rabia Ahmad

    Hey Huda!! Im an instagram blogger and post daily content which includes a lot of video tutorials and makeup looks using your products. I recently did looks with the Desert Dusk and New Nude Palette. Im not looking for freebies or anything, I do however, would really appreciate it if you would go through my profile and makeup looks. I personally put in a lot of hard work and efforts into these and the sole motivation behind entering the instagram beauty community is to gain recognition from you, being my idol and greatest inspiration. I’ve linked my account down below and would love for you to just view my content and videos. It will literally be the greatest blessing this year would offer <3

  • Hi Adnan, Thank you for your message. We have passed along your details to our supply chain. Thanks for reaching out. x

  • Jess

    Hi Huda! I am Korean and I really started to love your products since I enjoy makeup emphasizing your eyes with various colors and I personally feel it looks better on me. But I always have felt that there is something missing with just natural makeup that are mostly popular in this region so I was so happy to see these colors that bring so many concepts using your products. I only can buy the products from online mall but I hope someday I could see your shopping mall in Korea as well!!

  • Adnan Sharieff

    Hi Huda Beauty Logistics Team,

    Hope you are doing Good.

    This is Adnan from DSV Air & Sea LLC.

    We are Worlds 5th Global Logistics and Freight Forwarding Companies helping Companies in their Logistics and Supply Chain Requirements .

    Can you please help me know the right contact person and contact details who looks after logistics and Supply Chain in UAE.

    Awaiting for your positive Reply


  • Hi gorgeous, Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. xx

  • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. xxx

  • Kiran Shahid

    Hi Huda I love you <3 and your products, as i did not use anyone of them i just saw images and got reviews about them from people, i request from you to please make sure your all products should be halal certified. Keep it up! <3 God bless you 🙂

  • Farheen

    Dear Huda,
    we are still in the license process but we are hoping to organize the event in april or may would be great if you could share your contact or email id through which i could keep you posted . Thank you for responding and i wish you continue to inspire millions of people out there and it would be great if you could make some time out of your super busy schedule for students like me and be a part of the event .

  • Sara

    Which animal derived ingredients do you use in your products?

  • Hey my love! Thank you for sharing your story with us, we love hearing from other beauty fanatics! We will definitely check out your Instagram page and pass on your details to our PR team. Keep on slaying the game girl and never stop chasing your dreams. xxx

  • Hey my love! Shipping takes 3-5 days, however, it depends where you’re shipping to! Let us know where you are and we can provide more details. We hope this helps xx

    • ummmm

      can you please provide us with contact details? ive placed an order havent recieved a confirmation email as of yet.

  • Hey my love! The Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes; Mauve, Smokey, Electric, Warm Brown, and Emerald, the #FAUXFILTER foundation, and the Overachiever concealer are free of any animal-derived, however, our Easy Bake Setting Powder setting is not. We hope this helps xx

    • asma

      Are your lipsticks are halal

  • Hey my love! The Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes; Mauve, Smokey, Electric, Warm Brown, and Emerald, the #FAUXFILTER foundation, and the Overachiever concealer are free of any animal-derived ingredients. We hope this helps xx

    • nightlight girl

      Is the easy bake powder vegan friendly by any chance? thanks!

      • Hey my love! Unfortunately not, however The Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes; Mauve, Smokey, Electric, Warm Brown, and Emerald, the #FAUXFILTER Foundation, and the Overachiever concealer are free of any animal-derived ingredients. We hope this helps x

  • Farheen

    Dear Huda,
    Your journey and success is an inspiration to many.I am a student in Dubai who is planning to organize a TEDx conference in my school. it would be great if you could share your success story in the conference.It will be a great opportunity for students like me who believe in dreams to know your story and your struggles.Please do let me know if you are interested.

  • Deepali Amardeep Brar

    Hey Huda,
    I am a great lover of your products and really admire with how much love have you created them. I also want to be an entrepreneur like you and have already started my entrepreneurial journey of selling high end make up brands online in India. I currently live in Canada and want to resell your products back home in India, specially Northern India. Could you provide me the mode to connect with you so that I can further discuss my business plan with you. I would really appreciate the help and support. Kindly get back to me when possible. Looking forward to hear from you soon Huda. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Dua

    Hi huda,
    I would love to create my own make up brand like you… I am just 14 but make up is not just a simple word for me . When I read your blogs they are so inspiring me I really want to follow the same life than you

  • Hey, thanks for reaching out! Please try 🙂 Thanks 🙂 xx

  • Parwa Hamad

    Hey Huda,
    We are a start up home business for desserts and we have tried to contact you on your website but no one has gotten back to us, we would like to send you some of our desserts if possible, but we weren’t sure which location to send it to. Thank you for being so fabulous

  • Hey my love! We’re so excited for you to try our New Nude Palette and our lip strobe! We’re sure you’re going to love it! Unfortunately, we don’t have any discount codes right now. We hope this helps xoxo

    • Tiffany Holmes

      That’s ok, I’m hoping to be able to get them next week sometime. Thanks love!

  • Tiffany Holmes

    I just love you, the Huda Team and the Huda brand. I am sooooo close to finally being able to lurchase my first Huda products, the New Nude palette and the Flawless lip strobe. Do you ever offer any type of d/c code we can apply at checkout on your site? Thank you for all you do Huda, love you so much! ❤

  • Hey my love! You should use our Overachiever Concealer in the shade Meringue. We hope this helps xx

  • Israa Saed

    Huda!!!! I have been dying to work with you for so long, and this year after losing my job I am now more determined than ever to try and be a part of your wonderful team. Please let me know where I can send my resume to in order to be considered for any of your available positions.

  • Iman Ahmadi

    Hey, Huda! So good to see another middle eastern woman slaying the game (I’m first generation, my parents are Iranian) and I had a question? I know that your products aren’t officially halal certified, but they don’t contain any pork or pork by-products, right? I’m not practicing, but I wanted to get the Desert Dusk palette for my sister who’s pretty devout. Thank you!

    • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. We hope this helps xx

  • Hey my love! We will check out your Instagram for sure, and pass on your details to our PR team. Never give up sweetie, and keep on slaying the beauty game xx

    • shelby liston

      Thank you so so much!

  • IdkWhatNmeToPutHaha

    Hi Huda!
    I wanted to get something for my sister because her birthday is soon. I wanted to ask how many days is the shipping? (By the way, I’m sorry for my bad english). I want to buy it for her but I’m afraid it won’t be here on her birthday yet.
    You’re amazing and have a wonderful day!❤

  • shelby liston

    Hi there, Huda! I am a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer on Instagram. So far I have used the Desert Dusk Palette, Mauve Obsessions Palette, liquid lip in Venus, and your Sasha and Scarlett lashes. I have posted lots of creative looks on my Instagram: @shelbylistonmakeup using your products that I do have. I am starting my Youtube channel this month and would love to continue reviewing and creating beautiful looks with your products, however, I am a college student on a budget. I am not sure how to contact your PR team, but I would really appreciate the opportunity to join because I love your products so much. I post almost daily and would love for you to check out my page and consider making me an addition to the PR list. Thank you so much! Also congratulations on the new palette, it is very beautiful and I want to try it so badly. Thank you! – Shelby Liston Makeup

  • Tage Hano

    Hi huda I want to ask if your new loose powder and concealer are vegan ?

  • Rachna Shah

    Wat is the lead content in your lipstick

  • Hello Huda, I just want to tell you that you are an amazing person, you are a model of success, I love all
    products you make, I will be so happy to be on the PR LIST of huda
    beauty ambassadors. I m french influencer and makeup addict, it will
    be so amazing to work with you. Thank You so much! My instagram:

  • Hello Huda, I just want to tell you that you are an amazing person, you are a model of success, I love all
    products you make, I will be so happy to be on the PR LIST of huda
    beauty ambassadors. I m french influencer and makeup addict, it will
    be so amazing to work with you. Thank You so much! My instagram:

  • Hey my love! Thank you so much, you’re SO sweet! Your support means everything to us. xxx

  • Thank you so much for your sweet message, that means SO much to me! Sending you loads of love xxx

  • Naima khaderi

    Look at this pleas

  • Naima khaderi


  • Hey my love! Yes the Contour & Lip set containing Bombshell contains carmine. We hope this helps x

  • Hey my love! Yes, they do contain carmine. Let us know what particular shade were you looking to buy and we can clarify whether it contains carmine xx

  • Hey my love! Thank you, you are so sweet! We will be sure to check out your Instagram and pass on your deets to our PR team.

  • Hey my love! We are in love with your Instagram, you’re doing an amazing job. We will definitely pass on your details to our PR team. xxx

  • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. We hope this helps xx

  • Ifeoma Okoye

    Great job you’re doing Huda! So inspirational and really love your Products, not able to afford most of them at the moment and i’ve been literally drooling over most of them that i’ll Love to work with and showcase . I’m a Pro Makeup Artist / Wedding Planner Based in Enugu Nigeria . My Instagram page is . It would be a dream come true to join your PR team , review and use your products.

  • Hania

    Hey huda. I wanted to ask if your liquid matte lipstick in the shade ‘gossip gurl’ has any kind of alchol or pig fat in it…. please respond, thanks

  • Sílvia Miguel

    Hey Huda! I´m doing a small project for my english class about your company, because i think u are very inspirational for every women. Oh and i love your products, of course! So I want to know what you’re brand image is? Is beauty should be share or there’s something else, more personnal or more complete to my question. Thank u xoxo

  • Hi gorgeous, I would LOVE to, but I’m so busy at the moment I don’t have time 🙁 If we do do any masterclasses in the future, we’ll announce them on our Instagram page 🙂 x

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately, we don’t do tours around the office! But feel free to email a copy of your CV to and if we have a job that’s applicable to your resume our HR team will be in contact! xxx

  • Hey my love! We will pass on your Instagram account to our PR team. We love your looks, so keep on slaying the game xxx

    • Mishal Awan

      Thankyou so much! I will be waiting for a response from them. Also please share the email so I can contact the PR Team directly ♥️

  • nv

    Hiii, im coming to dubai wery soooon. And wanted to know if i could stop by your headquarters is there anyway i could book a tour or something. Love you

  • Enna

    Is there any chance you could ever consider doing master class in Dubai ??? :))

  • Hi gorgeous, thanks so much for your comment, that is so sweet of you. We actually don’t have this page live right now, but to summarise… We’re here to make products that you love, that make you feel great, make you feel confident, and empower you. Makeup is so much more than a smokey eye (although we love a smokey eye!), it’s about the transformative powers it has – you can express yourself however you like, not for others, but for yourself. As a company, we are a family, and we’re all about working to create products that we love and we know you will too. We recently launched a product called the Overachiever Concealer – it took us a long time, and we had to delay the launch to make sure we got the product absolutely spot on because we really wanted it to be as awesome as all of you. You can check out the campaign here > We’re sorry we’re replying so late, and we hope this helps. Wishing you loads of luck with your retailing class. Lots of love, Team HB. xx

    • Sir Barksalot

      Thank you so much for replying!

  • Hey my love! We can’t disclose the exact percentages but we can confirm that it contains alcohol. We hope this helps x

  • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. We hope this helps xx

  • Amar Prajapati

    Who is authorize deler inindia

  • JeeJee

    Hello Huda ,
    I am very impressed of your makeup products I am a company owner in USA and Dubai , please I want a large commercial order in USA . How can I do that and what is the options that do you offer for a commercial deal ? If you want from me to give you more information about my companies how I can contact with you please ?
    Thank you

  • sally. h

    hey huda, i have just tested your mirror nail polish by coincidence and the water went through, does that mean that its wodoo friendly and i that its water permeable?

    • Hi gorgeous, which mirror nail polish? Could you explain to us wodoo friendly 🙂 xx

  • Uliana Komarynska

    There are a lot of fake palettes. I would like to buy original Huda beauty products
    Where i can check Huda beauty batch code?

    • Hi gorgeous, you can shop online from one of our official retailers – Sephora, Cult Beauty, Harrods, Net-a-Porter, xxx

  • Siddiqui

    Dear Huda, can you kindly give us the contact details for your PR as we (Government Authority in Dubai) would like to do some joint initiatives with Huda Beauty and would like to meet..please help! your help would be highly appreciated. Regards,Siddiqui

  • Sir Barksalot

    Hello Huda Beauty team! I am a student at Parsons NY and I opt to choose Huda Beauty as the brand to follow for Fall 2018 under my Omni channel retailing class. I was just wondering if you have mission, vision, values of your company. I can’t seem to locate it thru your website. Surprisingly most of my classmates are not aware of Huda Beauty and they were ecstatic when I presented a short overview of your company. If you can point me out to the right direction on how to know more about your company’s values as brand that would be great!
    Thank you.

  • Ms Khan

    Hi huda I would like to know about the lipstick(all types liquid,Matt entire range)….are they suitable for Muslims. Thanks n will be waiting for reply.

  • Ryan Carl’s

    Hi, i’m Pramod. Really I impressed your passionate journey. Actually i more intrested to real life stores and i will learn for that stores and i will make my life to great successful personality. good to see you, Great thanks to you.

    I seen your some of the products in online.
    The products is very impressive and good making style to womens. My suggestions is improve your brand value and brand name in social media as well as improve you branchs in india.

  • deepender

    hey there! i want to bring ‘huda beauty’ franchise here in Gurgaon City of India. Please guide me. love from India

  • Nadia Eeman

    Hi. I got ur lip kit in bombshell. The one that comes in the tin shaped like lips. Can u please let me know if any of the products in that have carmine? Thanks!

  • Mehak Shehzadi

    Hi Huda! What type of alcohol does your liquid mattes have in them and what quantity?

  • Hey my love! No, it does not! We hope this helps xx

  • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified, we are working on this! As soon as they’re halal certified we will let you know. xx

  • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified, we are working on this! As soon as they’re halal certified we will let you know. xx

  • Hina

    R huda products ingredients r haram?

    • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. We hope this helps xx

  • Hey my love! We do not sell our products in bulk or at a discounted price, you can shop our full collection on We hope this clarifies things for you xxx

  • ERT

    Dear Huda,
    Will you be having halal certified cosmetic products coming in? Because Halal certified cosmetic products are truly good and makes me feel at ease when using them. Thankiessss

  • etwanderer

    Dear Huda,
    I truly like your eyeshadows and I would like to ask, if you would be considering if launchjng new cosmetic products that are halal certified?
    If yes, this would be great because I would totally buy them all since I love your brand!!!.
    Love you very much and you are truly an inspiration. I hope you will reply to this. Thank you so much in advance

  • Jacqluin

    Hi Huda, let tell you that you at are a truly inspiring person and hope you grow more and more, I have a quick question for you, where can I buy your products in bulk or whole sale? If not is there is a discount on bulk purchase and how to get that?

    Thanks again for this wonderful business

  • zuha arshed

    Do your 3D highlight palette have alcohol in it?

  • Hi Gorgeous, Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to this country. This is due to the restrictions and regulations on delivering cosmetics to this country.
    We are so sorry we can’t be of more assistance on this occasion. xxx

  • Hey my love! Please email to find out if there any positions that would be applicable to you. Good luck xx

  • Hi gorgeous, Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. Hope this helps. x

  • Hi gorgeous, Some of our formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. You can see the full ingredients list here > . xx

  • Rimsha Khalid Malik

    what kind of alcohol is used in your liquid matte lipsticks ?

  • Çağla Dirlik

    Hi are you doing franchise ?? In Austria ?

  • Aisha Noor

    Huda please Let me know, Are your products completely Halal?

  • Rahila Fats

    Huda, I’m 16 year old aspiring makeupartist from India, I really am inspired by your work and my dream i perhaps working with can I join your company? if I can :((( P.S-you’are amazing and i love the work and your amazing kattan fam (Mona,Alya, Papa Kattan, Nora) <3

  • Hi gorgeous, Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. That said, certain products may contain alcohol and animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. Please let us know any other questions, otherwise, a full list of ingredients is available for each if our products on xx

  • Hi gorgeous, Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. That said, certain products may contain alcohol and animal derived ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. xx

  • Hi my love, Although none of our products are officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. That said, certain products may contain alcohol and animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. xx

  • Samreen TK

    Heyy I wanted to know if the liquid mattes contain carmine. If so, which all shades contain Carmine.
    Thank you!!

  • Sarah Akhtar

    Hey ! I read that the Demi mattes are not halal. What about the older Liquid Mattes. Are they Halal ?

    • Hi sweetie, our products are not Halal. xx

      • Sarah Akhtar

        Can you tell me the shades that DO contain alcohol and carmine?

    • Hi my love, Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. That said, certain products may contain alcohol and animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. xx

    • Hi gorgeous! Our new Demi Mattes are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. That said, certain products may contain alcohol and animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. xxx

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately, our new Demi Mattes are not halal. xxx

  • Ruqayyah ali

    Hii good day hun. I saw that you said that the huda beauty products are not all halal but I specifically wanted to ask about the lipsticks. Are they halal?

  • Dysani D. W

    Hello ,
    my name is dysani w.
    , im an 18 year old current bachelor student at monroe college
    im kind of seeking beauty help

    i have a beauty page on instagram where i post makeuplooks, acrylic nail designs and reviews on products/brands/companies such as “ipsy” and “yesohyas” . sometimes a singing video here and there

    my goal is to have a youtube page where i post reviews, tutorials and cover looks
    i came to you guys to ask if about the qualifications on being apart of the pr list and being able to review your products on my page. I’ve been asking companies but i guess it’s pretty hard to take the first step into the beauty world. i would love for this brand to be my first video

    if you guys could get back to me that would honestly be amazing .

    my instagram beauty page is @makeitupbeautyy

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately, our products are not halal xx

  • Alina Ashfaq

    Hi Huda! Are your beauty products HALAL?

  • Hey my love! Our #FauxFilter foundation is vegan, however, the brush, unfortunately, is not, this is something we’re working on. We hope this helps xx

  • Hi Gorgeous, Thank you so much for getting in touch regarding our products. Our products are not currently Halal attested. We hope this clarifies things for you xx

    • Fizza Jafri

      So is the rose gold remastered palette halal? Does it contain anything that makes it haram for us muslims? Plz clarify asap. Ty

      • Hey my love! Although our products are not officially Halal certified (we are working on this!), we can confirm that our products do not contain any pork, pork fat or pork derivatives. Some formulas do contain a certain type of alcohol specifically for use in cosmetics, which is very common for most cosmetic products. As always, please be mindful and carefully read ingredient information provided for further details. We hope this helps xx

  • Sadiya

    Hi huda,
    Is your huda beauty brush vegetarian? And is your primer vegetarian? And is your macchiato foundation vegetarian. Love your products xx

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately not all our products are vegan, the only products that we can confirm are vegan at this moment are the SMOKEY, ELECTRIC, MAUVE and WARM BROWN obsessions palettes as well as our #FAUXFILTER foundation. We hope this helps xx

    • Leawna Jewell

      Any update on that vegan product list?

  • _nk_1

    Are all your products vegan? And do any of them contain any trace of animal in them?

  • Hi gorgeous, we do not use any pig fat in our products. x


    Helen, it doesn’t make someone an “Idiot” because they handle things differently. Please be a little more kind to people and understanding.


    Hi.. Are your products Halal?

  • Hey my love! All we can say is to keep on persevering, be patient and keep on working hard and we’re sure it will pay off soon! Just try to remain as original and authentic as possible! xxx

  • Maheen

    Hi Huda
    Can you tell me if your lip contour pencils are vegan as there seems to be some confusion. Cult beauty and Sephora claim on their websites that they are vegan but when I checked the ingredients it shows that one of the lip pencils contain carmine whereas the rest of the pencils don’t.
    Could you please confirm this?
    Thank you

  • Brandy kelley

    Is the pallette cruelty free?

    • Hey my love! Yes, gorg, all of our palettes are cruelty-free. xx

  • Sadaf Makeup

    @HudaBeauty:disqus I need your advice and help please! I have been working in the makeup industry since I was 18. Used to freelance and started my kit to do hair and makeup. Now I am full blown makeup and hair artist as I have done bridal, fashion shows, and pageants. I am lacking my marketing method and need a little pick me up. I don’t know where to start. I have started blogging and have started posting consistently. I would like to grow seeing you and your amazing sisters and the other amazing Beauty Guru’s inspires me soo much gives me this energy within that I feel I am glowing when I start talking about makeup or doing someone’s makeup. Its this natural joy. But I am lacking growth or that piece that will help me grow. Your suggestions, advice and time is pure diamonds for me. Thank you in advance. Love <3 SadafsMakeupArt @SadafsMakeupArt_Smart

  • Hey my love! We do also sell faux mink lashes that you can purchase from xxx

  • ozair Khan


    I want to give Huda beauty products to my very close friend
    on her birthday. She is a huge fan of the brand and Ms. Huda Kattan. She stays
    in India. I am planning to buy the products from Sephora outlet in Dubai Mall.

    I write this message to the team, requesting that if there
    is a possibility to get a autograph with a small note for my friend as this
    will make her day even more special. Please can you provide the letter as per
    your convenient means email/I can come and collect from your office?

    I would really appreciate if Huda Beauty makes this possible
    for me.

    Please revert back to me with a yes/no, so that I can plan

    Sincere Thanks.

    Best Regards

  • Hey my love! Thanks so much for your inquiry. Unfortunately, our Liquid Matte lipsticks are not vegan and whilst not all of our products are officially certified as ‘cruelty-free’ yet (we are working on this), we can confirm that we do not conduct or commission animal testing on ingredients, formulations or finished products. xxx

    • KJ

      Hi Huda, please post on your site and IG page once your line is certified cruelty-free and does not sell to countries that require animal testing. I’m very excited to try your products! 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Hi Gorgeous! Thank you so much for your inquiry about our products. Other than the Mink lashes all of our products are cruelty-free. Our #Faxufilter foundation and the Smokey, Warm Brown, Mauve an Electric obsessions palettes are also vegan. We hope this clarifies everything for you! Happy shopping! xoxo

    • KJ

      Mink lashes? Yikes! 🙁 That’s disappointing. Huda is creative and inspiring, therefore I am confident she can create faux mink lashes that are just as gorgeous as real mink ones. Please consider selling faux minks instead of real mink lashes. A simple suggestion 🙂

  • Hey my love! Our #FauxFIlter foundation is vegan, as are the Smokey, Mauve, Warm Brown and Electric Obsessions palettes. Happy shopping! xoxo

  • Kamini Bhansali

    is Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – Gossip Gurl without animal product and cruelty free?

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately, we cannot substantiate any claims related to the gluten free property of the products. The products conform to the highest standards of the EU, US and other relevant jurisdictions, however it has not been specifically tested for this purpose. We hope this clarifies the issue xx

  • Kirbi Helene

    Are Huda products gluten free?

  • Salma Riasat

    In what way are your products not halal

  • Salma Riasat

    Dear Huda I want to try your make up but it’s so unfair you send. Free stuff to make up artist and not your customers ☹️☹️

    • Sir Barksalot

      Go to sephora and try it there. I don’t think its unfair they send it to make up artist and not to customers. Think about it, if you want to know the real feedback of your cooking, do you send it to your neighbors or do you send it to your mom who will give you the brutal truth?

  • sourabh narain verma

    Are all of your products vegan?

    • Hi Gorgeous,
      Thank you so much for your inquiry about our products. Our products are cruelty-free, we do not conduct or commission animal testing on ingredients, formulations or finished products. Unfortunately not all of our products, however, are vegan.
      I hope this clarifies things for you, if you have any further questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
      Have a great day

      • V

        How can you say you’re CRUELTY FREE if you sell MINK LASHES, which is CRUELTY?
        Could you specify which products of yours are vegan friendly?

  • Lubna

    you give me passion , thank you

  • Esty Jumadi

    Good Day, everyone! I have a quetion for u… Is Huda Beauty a halal brand? as a muslim i just wanna make it sure before i buy it… Thankyou…

  • Hey my love! Our products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free! Happy shopping! xoxo

  • ام حسن ريتاج ريناد

    We are a serious makeup company. I am happy to deal with your company for makeup. We are a company known in Palestine for cosmetic products. We would like to have in Palestine a branch for your products. It is desirable in our commercial market. Our shops can offer your products in our markets in Palestine. If you like my suggestion, I am ready to come to the company headquarters to agree on your terms and conditions. My name is Mamdoub from your company to look forward to the makeup trade in our country and then if you want to deal with some, this is my pleasure and honor. Your products are of good quality and are required in our country.

  • Hey my love! All of our products are available on and but they’re of course subject to availability. Happy shopping! xoxox

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately, our products are not halal. xoxo

  • Samaira

    Hey!! These products are halal right? Pwease reply ASAP!!

  • razan

    are all of your product available on all sephora stores?

  • Hey my love! Yes, we’re cruelty-free! Happy shopping! x

    • TR

      I am using Huda products and I love it .all I want to know is – Is Huda product include pig fat?

  • Hi gorgeous, No, none of our products do. xxx

    • Ayesha Khatoon


  • Ayesha Khatoon

    does huda Beauty products contains animals fat specially pig fat….
    Please kindly help…
    I love huda Beauty products ..

  • Aditi Borana

    Dear Huda, is the eyeshadow pallette cruelty free?
    Plz reply soon i need it urgently..
    Please make ur brand PETA certified if it fully cruelty free so that I can buy all of you products
    I love them very much

  • Zaiba Ronak Gour

    @hudabeauty mam I love you so much you are an inspiration love your products I wanna blog about your products please mam I need ur support for my blog posts please if possible can u send me some products for the posts please no doubt huda beauty is one of the best cosmetic products of the world and hats off to your success.
    Thank you
    Your acceptance will be appreciated

  • Huda Hashim

    You go girl! I am a Sudanese American and you are a true entrepreneurial inspiration to us Middle-eastern and African women. Ma Sha’Allah!

  • Giangi Townsend

    Great informative video. Love that you stressed the challenges that comes with blogging. I am a food blogger ( and I can sure relate to your journey. It is true that once you see a comment from somewhere in the world you just jump of happiness. I had the same experience and to this day still get the same butterflies and it feels great.
    Looking forward to your posts.
    xoxo Giangi

  • Hey my love! Unfortunately, the products aren’t halal and they do contain traces of carmine and cochineal. We are 100% cruelty-free though! xx

  • A khan

    Hi Huda,
    I just want to ask are these products halal?

  • Rinkle

    You are an inspiration to me. Loads of love to you and ur created products

  • Hi sweetie! Yes, our products are cruelty-free! Thank you so much for your support. xx

    • Sari Mahara

      Hello! So glad to hear your products are cruelty free! This includes them not being tested on animals, right? Just double checking. Thank you!! Huda Is the best!

      • Sim Est

        Hello – I would also like to know if the products are being tested on animals even though it’s cruelty free?

  • rose

    Hi! I love your products so so much and they’re so good, but are all the ingredients used in making them cruelty free? Lots of love xx

  • Prabha Ramjit

    Hi Huda,..Hope you’re well..Do you offer franchise?

  • Moona

    are all huda beauty products halal? carmine n cochineal free?

  • Elizabeth Osier

    Hello. I just started watching your tutorials, and found a lot of tricks that i didn’t even know about. I have tried to put false eyelashes on and it’s more difficult than people think. I have very short spars eyelashes and i cannot use the eyelash curler all the time, because they make my eyelashes fall out. I watch one of your tutorials about the trick with cotton and it worked quite well. But always looking for other things as well. Love to watch your videos, there great! Your very talented!!


  • sylver hardiman

    I am not going to lie I have been doing makeup since I was 2 years old when my mom first bought me my make up palate. makeup has always been a way to boast up my confidence because there would be people at school saying I look like a fish and stuff like that but not only has it boasted up my confidence but its also had an effect on how I felt as well just like how you said it too. I totally agree with you. not only that makeup is also a way to express your self or how you feel. I love your make up and the way that you did your foundation I am still waiting for your foundation because it says you ran out.

  • Attia Kauser

    Hi huda, I’m traveling to Dubai and would love to see you I’m such big fan off yours I would love to have the chance too see you I’m coming to Dubai next week and staying at the mariana hotel I would love too meet you, would be so delighted if you read this message and replied xx ❤️❤️

  • jnnt usama

    Hi huda..i am jannat from are cutie.
    i lov lov looovvv u and your dedication toward your work.. its so amazing that u admire beauty blogger and support them.. i am also a begginer in beauty blogging n just wanted to know how can i send or show u my work as i dont have a bit of experience in this.. as it would be sooo damn amazing if i ever get a chance to be reposted.. i would probably die with joy:)))..
    Thank you so much to giving people a platform….
    Luv ya Allah bless ya❤❤❤

  • Mia K

    Reading all this inspires me so good, I am feeling much more confident going to uni and following my dreams, I am so happy Huda and huda beauty exist, even if it’s hard to find huda beauty here in Sweden you can always order.
    Again such wonderful group of family. Thank you so much.
    //Mia from Sweden.

  • Emilylauryn

    Congrats hudu on your 5 year anniversary. I love what you do and loveee watching your videos (maybe a little too much). I don’t think there’s anything you should change apart from maybe trying more unique styles of makeup. I do love your glam looks but that only targets a certain audience where as there are so many woman and men with different styles of makeup that need a little bit more love so I’d love to see something extra from you x

  • flaviafla

    I searched for this information on this website’s FAQ but could not find. Are you a cruelty-free brand?
    I could not find the brand on the list of PETA as well, but I read in some blogs that the brand is cruelty free, so I am wondering – if you are a cruelty free brand , why don’t point that out on the FAQ? And if you are not PETA certified, which certificate you have? Thanks!

  • Jasidy

    Huda you’re amazing.
    I just love how you’re not afraid to try anything. Also admire how you promote self-love and you’re just such a sweetheart❤️

  • Kriti jha

    Hey Huda…

    You’re love…You inspire lot of girls out there in the world.I would love to know about the hurdles you faced when you started doing beauty as a full time job as we all know success can’t be achieved without failure..Explain about how hard is it to move from an industry job to beauty blogging and becoming a top influencer.

    Love always !

  • Naeima Azad

    Hey Huda! ❤ I’d love to read more about your story and how things were like with getting started and some tips on how girls could get started. Not only that you are a very big name and must know what its like receiving hate, I would love to hear about this and how you got through the hate, I think it would be a really big motivation for not only me but for all your followers. Love you and your products ❤❤

  • Müge

    İf you share VLOGs I’ll love it

  • Diyal

    I love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Underarms scars reductions DIY please ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Diyal

    Underarms scars reduction DIY please! ❤️ I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Fozia Sarwar

    Happiieeee 5th anniversary <3 I just love Huda Beauty's all products never regret spending on any product. Can't wait to try more and more products as my makeup addiction started only after Huda Beauty Rose Gold Pallet now I would love to get more colorful pallets like Blues Reds CAN'T WAITTT!!!!!! and alsoo i just love your makeup skills and as we see from your snap and insta stories your so caring and loving I just love you <3 and also NORA she's so cute Masha Allah <3 stay blessed and waiting for more and more products from HB 🙂

  • danya muntadhar

    Hey, i would be really interesting if you told us about your religious background and if it got into the way of your career and if you are religious how you manage to leave time for your faith and time for your career and more. Thank youu xx keep smiling girl❤️

  • Κατερίνα Ζαχαριουδάκη

    hi huda.just wanted to say i love each and every one of your products.:)Unforunatelly i live in greece and your site doesnt ship there:( Is there a chance that my country will be included in the countries you ship to in the future ?(cause i really get a hard time finding sites that can actually ship to gr) xoxo 🙂

  • Alice Hong

    Hi Huda..Your products are very famous in Malaysia especially in Muslim society..many of them come to Dubai just because wanna buy ur products huda beauty in sephora.They think huda beauty is the most halal cosmetic compare to other brands..I love your cosmetic it is awesome..hope can see you one day.

  • Hi my love, we would really love to one day. We’re still a very small team 😉 xx

    • NESsa

      Hi, does this mean that you do use ingredients that are halaal and no pork ingredients but you are just not certified halal?

  • Hi my love, I’m traveling today so sadly I won’t be able to meet you 🙁 But I hope you have an amazing time in Dubai 🙂 lots of love, and thanks for all your support! xxxxx

  • Hi gorgeous, not all of our products are vegan. xx

    • Aditi Borana

      Is the eyeshadow pallette vegan?

  • Zaynab

    Is Huda Beauty vegan?

  • Nicky

    Is the desert dusk palette cruelty-free?

    • Hi my love, all our products are certified cruelty-free 🙂 xx

  • H

    Are the lipsticks/glosses Carmine free?

  • Hi gorgeous, our products are not officially certified as Halal. xx

    • azmi

      Aww you have an awesome collection of cosmetics, please please,, why dont you get halal?

  • azmi

    is this brand halal?

  • Rad fal

    I want to know if ur lipsticks are vegan?

  • khan

    Hi, I wanted to ask about the lead content of HB lipsticks.
    Thank you

  • Maria Evgeniou

    Hi there,

    Do you franchise internationally? I know Sephora stocks your products however, I have not been able to find any information regarding franchising.
    Thank you for your time

  • Zaiba

    First of all must tell yu are tooo lucky to have such beautiful and supporting family… i was not soo fond of make up but your products are truely something which can make any1 to go crazy about them. After seeing your journey i felt myself lucky to come across such beautiful and inspiring women. Yu have thought me makeup is just not about looking good but it is more about being confidence and presenting yourself in society. And the most greatest thing is you share your experience, tutorial and tricks on insta nd youtube and you even share others videos to promote them that shows how great you are from heart. Love yu Huda and thanks for being so inspiring.

    • Sumbuleram

      Can anyone please tell….does Huda beauty products contain carmine or not…
      thank you

  • Hi Huda!
    I loved this video. You are my inspiration in many ways, and we have very similar stories.
    I left the corporate world to pursue my dreams in makeup and build my brand too.
    I hope to meet you one day, and hopefully have my products alongside yours at Sephora in the future. xo

    • Allison Abel

      Daaaaaamn girl!!!!!!!! Keep on slaying beauty! Your hard work has turned you into an incredible business woman who’s now living through her passion for make up. Hudabeauty is already among the best and I just can’t imagine how more successful you’ll be 10 years from now.
      I would love to win your huge giveaway if it’s not too much asked. I’m not a huge fan of make up but those colors on your insta page seems so attractive that I’m practically dying to have them all. Lol
      Big kisses from Mauritius island sexy momma :*

  • Dubravka Vukoja

    I am living for your make up. Your giveaway…it’s everything! I am in looovee with the products, pleasee make me lucky this Christmas, I adore you.

    • Yahida Sahabi

      You are so inspiring. I honestly look up to you. Not only are you fulfilling the duties of a mother, daughter, wife and sister, you are also making people around you (us) feel your passion through your amazing make up line. I admire the bond you have with your sisters. Great teamwork equals great success and girls that exactly what you have done. I am one of those millions of people that follow you, respect you and LOVE you immensly. Keep working hard and best if luck for 2018 hunni xxxx

  • Hi!
    Are any of the palettes vegan AND cruelty free?

    • Allison Abel

      Daaaaaamn girl!!!!!!!! Keep on slaying beauty! Your hard work has turned you into an incredible business woman who’s now living through her passion for make up. Hudabeauty is already among the best and I just can’t imagine how more successful you’ll be 10 years from now.
      I would love to win your huge giveaway if it’s not too much asked. I’m not a huge fan of make up but those colors on your insta page seems so attractive that I’m practically dying to have them all. Lol
      Big kisses from Mauritius island sexy momma :*

    • Crystal Rodriguez

      Id like to know this as well

    • Crystal Rodriguez

      I meant to reply here. Id also like to know about animal testing with this line.

  • Hi! Are any of Huda Beauty’s makeup palettes vegan and cruelty free?

  • Hello im a huge fan of uaz.. and i really can’t stop using huda beauty products.. but plz let me know is it halal? And specially the lip kit?

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, our products are not Halal certified. Xx

    • Laetitia

      Hello! Sorry you might have missed my question, asked a few days ago if your products are paraben free? Thank you

  • Hind

    Hi Huda,
    Is the glycerin in the Obsessions palette vegetable or animal based?

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, the Obsessions palettes are vegan 🙂 xxx

  • Ozair

    Ms. Huda Kattan,
    My girlfriend is a huge fan of you and your products. It is my first time I am going to gift something to her. She is in India.
    I have decided to purchase some of the products and courier it to her on new years. If you don’t mind, is it possible to get a autograph from you as well?
    Please let me know.

    • Kelsey McLaughlin

      Please consider me for your giveaway!!! I talk about you so much to everyone I know; all of my friends joke that you’re my best friend!!! I learned how to do make up from you and because of the skills I’ve acquired from your tutorials, posts, and products I was able to make up for extra money, allowing me to stay home with my baby her first 8 months of life!!! I’m so grateful for what you have done for me and so many women!!! It would be the biggest dream come true to win this, let alone have any sort of contact with you, even indirect my instagram is kelsey_erinm please please please consider me!!!!!!!!

    • Shy

      After reading your blog it has really giving me hope, if you put your mind to it you can follow your dreams, your an inspiration to me and many other to I bet, I pray you have more success in life, reading your blog has made me want to restart my career again after giving up on it half way through when I nearly lost my child, I pray that god gives me strength like yours to open my own massage therapist place if I succeed even getting half way I will be the most happiest person.. I havent tried your makeup yet hopefully will try soon now that I’ve had my baby and can get back to work and college. If you have any giveaways at all please do consider me , I plan to start my own blog page ect and can leave you honest reviews, my friends keep talking about your products and I can’t wait to try them, In sha Allah soon I will .. Take care all the best thank you for being an inspiration

  • Shruti

    I wanted to know how to check manufacturing date of Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks??

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, you can use them for 12 months from when you open them 🙂 xxx

  • Onyi

    Hi Huda,
    May you please make your foundation available in all stores across Canada? Some stores in Canada Ontario e.g. Hamilton ON do not carry the foundation

  • Argi

    I want to know if the lipsticks are vegan thanks!!

    • Rumissa Khan

      Dear huda
      I hv nver used ur brand…. I want to use it n experience it.. .
      as u said honesty is the key to ur success…
      I feel u ll ans me honestly. …
      I jus wanna know weather ur propducts are vegan n cruelty free o not.. ….

  • Kathryn M

    Hi Huda,
    I was just wondering if your lip products contain any kind of nut or nut extract? My friend is allergic to nuts and I wanted to get her a couple of your lip products but I just wanna be sure.

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, Our products conform to the highest EU and US cosmetic standards, but we do not currently test for traces of nuts in our lip products. xx

  • Noraa

    Dear Huda, does Sephora in Milano sell faux filter foundation? Regards Nora

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, They should have it in store from January. xx

    • Laetitia

      Dear Huda,
      Are your products paraben free?

      Thank you

  • Naomi Sarah

    Hi HUDA,

    Can you please for the sake of clarity list the vegan products in your range? I read in the comments that the foundations are vegan. Besides the palettes, what else is vegan? Also, just to keep in mind that using animal ingredients isn’t a cruelty-free

    Please do reply though to my query Thank you.

    • VeganMama

      I’d like to know as well and looking to buy with confidence the vegan products. Thanks.

      • Gaia

        Just a FYI, products that contain animal products would be classified as not vegan, but if a company does not test on animals they are considered cruelty free. There is a difference. For example, Sugarpill is cruelty free but only about maybe half of their products are vegan. It’s important to know the difference when shopping.

  • Is your products available in saudi arabia Jeddah ?

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, yes we’re available in Sephora, Jeddah. xxx

    • VeganMama

      I’d like to know as well! Thanks.

  • Good? afternoon? it is really inspiration, rell me please how much cost trained by the makeup or master class Huda Kattan ? thanks )

  • Simmy

    Hi Huda

    I would like to ask which of your products are considered halal friendly? Even though you have not been certified as halal yet.

    Also, when you say your liquid mattes have cosmetic alcohol in them. That does not prove they are halal or not. It depends what kind of alcohol it is.

    In Chemistry, alcohol means anything with OH group in it. In Islam, the alcohol that is forbidden is different. So all alcohols are not haram. Please inform whether the alcohol is fine to use or really not halal.

    Thank you.

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, we use denat alcohol. xxx

  • Madison Gardner

    Hi Huda Beauty,

    My name is Madison Gardner and I am a Sophomore at Coker College. I am currently studying for a degree in Business with a focus in Marketing. However, makeup has always been my passion, i love doing people’s makeup as well as doing my own. I loved your brand and the story behind how Ms. Kattan created her own business, and would love to learn from the current successful business that you at Huda Beauty have.
    I would like to email you all at Huda beauty or Ms. Kattan personally to see about Internship opportunities that you all may offer.

    Thank you,
    Madison Gardner

  • Ghina

    Hello Huda Beauty team
    I would like to ask you if there’s any possible to pay by MasterCard !

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, we only have paypal, but you can shop at or online with your mastercard 🙂 xxx

      • Hafsa

        Is your product in Dublin? If yes then let me know where in Dublin

      • HB Team

        Hi my love, you can find our products in Brown Thomas in Dublin 🙂 xxx

  • Shreya

    Hey HUDA are all your products vegetarian ? Planning to open HUDA beauty here @chennai. If interested reply back .

  • Emily

    Hey. Is the faux foundation vegan?

    • HB Team

      Yes 🙂 xx

  • Javairia


    Is the faux filter foundation vegetarian/vegan. Thank you

    • HB Team

      Yes 🙂 xx

  • Aminah Tariq

    Hi huda, are you thinking about doing another masterclass soon? 🙂 x

  • Jesal

    Hi Huda – I just discovered your brand and I watched your whole about me video – I just love how candid you are in sharing your personal journey to get where you are. It comes across that you are a very genuine person. Also – love your foundation. It’s the first foundation I’ve tried on that really covers great but doesn’t feel like I have anything on at all. Its the first one that doesn’t make me want to run home so I can finally wash the goop off my face! Thanks for putting yourself and HB out there.

  • Nora

    Hi Huda Beauty Team

    Just wanted to check if are also one of your official stockists? So many fake products out there so wanted to be sure before I buy from them. Thx

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, yes they are! And we’re their brand of the month, so you can get free shipping when you order any of our products from them 😉 xxx

  • Naz

    Hi huda, Just wanted to know what shade do you use in your new #fauxfilter foundation. Also where can i find the ingredients list for you products?

  • Mahnoor

    actually i want know tfor Pakistan mostly how many days its took for delivery

  • Rokia

    HI Huda, I just discovered your products and I’ll have your matte lipsticks soon (can’t wait). But I can’t find your Lip strobe coffret here. I’m in Morocco. So will I be able to buy them soon ?

  • Julia Dempster

    I’m 47 and would love to see how your make up looks on an older person. Is there anywhere I can book a make up tutorial in Dubai?

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, if you pop into a Sephora store you can try out all the products and one of our sales representatives will be able to help you 🙂 xx

  • Katy

    Heya 🙂 love your work but is it possible for you to publish a full list of which products aren’t vegan? It would be so awesome if you guys would consider moving to making all your products vegan (I love the obsessions palette so very sad they aren’t!)
    Thanks and big love xx

    • Monique Ornelas

      Hi, are the liquid lipsticks and pencils vegan?

  • Fatima Roshdieh

    Please, please make products that are cruelty free!!!! No animals testing!!! Or animal by products in the products being sold (vegan) please. It’s the next wave of generation that are concerns about our animal friends!!! Then shopping can be a joy!!!! Please let me know what products are cruelty free (vegan)!!! I would then love to purchase!! ❤️

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, all our products are cruelty free 🙂 xx

      • Rashna


        My Name is Rashna. I would like to expand our business into the beauty Industry. We are interested to bring Sephora to Dhaka. At Dhaka, we believe Sephora will thrive as there is no other makeup brand competitor in the market. Not even a local one. Our Country is over 160 million people and if you think even 1% of the percentage of Rich people and upper middle class will by your products, thats like the entire population of Singapore. So imagine 1% of the population can bring how much revenue and if we even sell 2-3% of the population, thats a huge market we r talking about. Please contract us so that we can talk in details about it, or please sen me the contract info of the senior management who deals with International businesses of your company. Looking forward to hear from you. Please REPLY

      • Anna

        Hello, Huda! In Russia there is an official website, where can you buy ? Sorry, don’t speak English

      • Samantha

        What items are vegan?

    • What an amazing story. You have inspired the crap out of me! You go girl!!! Can’t wait to try your products. Xoxo

    • VeganMama

      So true!

  • Klaudia

    Hi Huda, I found a website where The price of your product is so much lower than on your official website. I want ask it´s site with fake products? Thank you 🙂

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, this is not one of our official retailers, so it’s possible that these are fake products 🙁 x

  • Jemal Nakum

    When are you launching products in india?

    • Anaya

      Hi Huda ,super fan of your work ! Only wanted to know if the new Obsession Palettes are Vegan or not ? Thankyou and much love x

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, the Obsessions eyeshadow palettes aren’t vegan. xx

  • Mikky

    Hello, how soon will you restock light shades of FF foundation? Thanks

  • Sirhan

    Hi Huda,
    I’m interested to sell your products in Malaysia as an importer and distributor. Possible?

  • Alysha Martinez

    I never really had a chance to, “get to know Huda.” Ive followed the brand for sometime now, but i never took the time to hear your story. After watching this video, i can honestly say you have inspired me in more than just one way. Im a young single mother of 3 from Long Beach, Cali, who is trying to figure out life not only as a mother, but as a woman. Ive been through so much hardship and heartache the last 6yrs, and it felt as though life is was at a stand still. Like i couldnt figure out what i wanted to do. Now, im a college student taking a double major, with a background in the medical field, and i have a passion for music and makeup. My question to you, actually there are 2, as a mother how did you juggle life? Obviously you have support, but how do you deal with it? I cant thank you enough for being a consistant role model in my life, and i totally have a new found respect for you and all you do. I swear, i save my penny to buy your products, and im looking forward to trying the faux foundation. Please continue to be awesome, XoXo

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, you are so sweet, and thank you so much for commenting and all your lovely words! Honestly, I was really lucky to have so much support from my family, it made a huge difference to me. It’s funny, I even remember having Nour asleep on me while I’m simultaneously trying to blog on my laptop; perseverance and determination just kept me going. I think if you can visualize a true path and plan, it makes everything so much easier. And remember, every ‘no’ is a blessing in disguise, just stay focused on your vision, no matter what people tell you! Good luck with your college courses my love, and always stay positive and imagine the best outcome for everything! Loads of love xxxx

  • Laura

    Hello.I’m interested in the Faux Filter foundation and also a MUA.Would tou pkease recomend two shades(a fair one and a dark one) so that i can use them on clients?
    Best regards,Laura

    • Firas Alawneh

      Good Day,
      My wife is a big fan of you. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and I would love to surprise her to get the chance to meet you here in Dubai.


  • Aisha

    Hi Huda, I’ve been wanting to try some of your brand’s products but i need to know if they are vegan or not. Are there any shades of the lip contours, matte lipsticks and lipstrobes that are vegan and free of carmine? Please do let me know. Any help would be highly appreciated!!

  • Chandre

    When are you launching in South Africa.

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, we hope to soon! We’re still a super small team and expanding as quickly as we can 😉 xx

  • Hema Sharma

    Hi, May I know whether your products are available in India…..

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, they will be available on from December 2017 🙂 xx

      • Hema Sharma

        Thank you..:-) Can’t Wait!!

      • hey i just want to know are your lipsticks vegan

    • Adila

      Yay can’t wait for you to launch in South Africa

  • Kaneez

    Hi Huda, I really wanted to know if any of the Huda Beauty highlighter palettes are vegan or vegetarian friendly. I will be waiting for your reply.

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, the palettes aren’t vegan. xxx

  • Naz

    Hi, could you please make a video showing which makeup brushes are your favourite to use?

    • Sab

      Hi are the eyeshadow paltettes Vegan?

      • HB Team

        No, they’re not xx

  • Dina

    Please i need to know if you ship to lebanon(middle east)

    • Katrin Levi

      Hi Huda, I really enjoyed to hear your background story. I am an aspiring mua with small children from Israel and I can totally relate to your story. I think it is amazing how you inspire people all over the world and how in the live for makeup and the love for your brand we are all united ❤
      When I saw you first I thought oh a Kardashian with talents and now I made my homework and I have greatest respect for everything you’ve reached.
      I saw that some of your products are sold in Germany now. I will definitely check them out bect time I visit my parents. Will the Desert Dusk Palette also be available in Germany? Round about christmas would be great

      • HB Team

        Thank you, my love, you’re so sweet. Yes, the palette should be available at Sephora in either Berlin or Munich. xxx

  • Naz

    Hi Huda, Just wanted to ask what colour eye shadow, blush and lipstick you are wearing in this video i love it!! please reply 🙂

    • Hiba assaf

      I am a hiba from Syria
      I am very impressed with your blog
      I have a dream like your dream but because of the war I can not achieve it
      Dream of becoming a mike
      Because my love is my love, which I have been looking for since I was young
      Me dream is (Meakup artist )

    • Sana

      Can you please clarify what type of alcohol is used in your liquid matte lipstics? What type of cosmetic alcohol?
      Thank you in advance!

      • HB Team

        Hi my love, it’s denatured alcohol made for cosmetics. xxx

  • erika zaborniak

    Hi! i was wondering if you sell your products in China?

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, we don’t sell our products in China, but we do ship to China xx

      • Sthenhle Msiza

        I have been following your blog for six months and I am so loving it. I want to know if it’s possible to find your products in Africa, specifically South Africa?

  • Rida

    Hi Huda, I really wanted to know if the huda beauty products contain animal derived ingredients such as glycerin or collagen (derived from porcine or bovine). I also want to request to you to make a carmine free or vegan eyeshadow palette.

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, a lot of our products are vegan, but some are not. We are always working to improve our products and this is something we hope to achieve in the future. Please let us know if there were any specific products you would like to know more about. xxx

      • Arantxa

        Hi Huda!! Can you tell us if there are some products or all of them cruelty free, If there are some, can we know which ones? Thanks!!!

      • HB Team

        Hi my love, all of our products are certified as cruelty-free. xxx

      • Hind

        Hi Huda, I’d like to know if the obsessions palettes have animal fats in them?

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, our Obsessions palette has no animal products in it, they are vegan 🙂 xxx

  • pallabi ganguly

    hi hudda you said that your product are available at nyakaa .com in india in octobar but when it comes ? plzz come to india plzz

  • Sapna

    Hi there,

    May I know which Sephora in which countries carries Huda Beauty?

  • Nirvana

    I am a big fan of your makeup and also a big fan of you 🙂 I justed wanted to know how can I apply in your vacant jobs ? Its a dream for me to work with such an inspiring person .. Thanks

  • Hello, before I decide to buy this product, I’m willing to know if your product is really animal cruelty. I saw comments that state Huda Beauty is free animal-cruelty brand. But why you sell mink lashes? Considering mink lashes is not a free animal-cruelty product. Thank you

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, all our products are certified cruelty-free. xx

      • Hello what are your mink lashes made out of ? I only buy cruelty free but mink lashes are from animals only

  • Muna

    I’ve been going through your products ingredients for a while ;I’ve bought few of your product as well. I would like to know what sort of alcohol is used in products as I’m very concerned regarding it.
    So I would like to know about it as soon as possible.

  • sidelise

    Why are you not on the Peta List??Are you going Bunny free?
    A French girl!

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, we are 100% cruelty-free, we are under the process of publishing. Thanks xxx

  • Sarah

    Hi Huda,
    Are you products vegetarian? I know they’re not vegan. Do they contain carmine? And also any other animal by products?

    • Hi Huda!
      I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much! ❤️You‘re a great inspiration for me and my biggest dream is to meet you one day live in person! You‘re doing a good job and I love your products! I hope a sephora store will lunch also in Stuttgart (Germany) so I can buy your products without those high shipping costs and whenever I want to!
      xo xo
      Your Sofi

  • Latisha Chavan

    Hello there!! my name is Latisha . I live and work in Dubai. I am a fan of you and your brand. You are such an inspiration to all of us and I love you for that. So one fine day I saw your “How I got started” video on youtube and got inspired to start up my own makeup brand.Just a littel help. I would like to know which are the list of production companies you suggest I can approach for makeup productions.. I am a newbee and need your guidance in this regards. Awaiting your response.. 🙂

    • Lila

      Hello !! I am a huge fan of you and I visited Dubai few weeks ago and I bought your rose gold palette lipsticks and lashes it was dream come true, I love makeup and would really like to get involved through instagram tutorials !! I live in Greece I am Greek and in my country we don’t have any of your products ! Are you planning a launch in Greece?? Thank you in advance you are adorable!!

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, you’re soo sweet, thank you for your comments! I hope we can launch there soon 🙂 Love you! xoxoxo

  • Jasmine Mohammed

    Hi, I’m 16 years old and I really want to participate in this contest. I live in Rajasthan, India
    but I am not able to get the snapchat filter on my IPhone. Can you please let me know
    what I should do to get it?? Thanks alot!!

  • Mua Lea Jurdi

    Heyyy , will your products be available in Lebanon at any time ? Please say yes or conceive sephora to open a branch here , lol

  • Oleg

    Dear Huda Beauty, I really want to organize a masterclass for my sister, who will be visiting Dubai between 26 Dec and 7 Jan 2018. She really admires your work, so I was wondering if I can buy a MasterClass for her from Huda Beauty?
    Thanks in advance,

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, I wish I could, but I’m not doing any masterclasses at the moment. I hope your sister has an amazing time in Dubai 🙂 xxx

  • Radiyya

    Hi Huda,
    I just wanted to find out the specific types of alcohol that you use in the ingredients, e.g. Ethyl Alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, etc.

  • Mua Lea Jurdi

    Hello hudiiii, I really love you soooo much , I need to put my hands on the rose gold edition palette ! Its so beautifulll , i’m going to the UAE on easter so I want to buy it when I go from Sephora , will it still be available ? Also I need to try the 3d highlighter palette OMG all your products are Ahh-mazinggg ,hope for your reply ! Kisses from Lebanon XOXO @mua_leajurdi

    • HB Team

      Thank you gorgeous, hopefully, it will still be in stock 😉 xoxox

  • Amelia


    I was just wondering if your company and products are 100% cruelty free (don’t sell to China or anything either). An answer to this would me most helpful!

    Thanks in advance!

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, we are 100% cruelty free and do not sell any products in China 😉 xx

    • Catia

      Hi Huda,

      I follow you for a long time, however it was the first time I watch your video about your beggining. That’s very inspiring! Keep up your good work! Your parents a family must be very proud of the icon you have became!

    • You are an inspiration Huda .. just love your products and so happy that you ship to India too. I have many dreams too, and hope I am also able to push through … love love love to you and keep doing the good work ..

    • Ruth Ellen

      Hi I was wondering if your products are gluten free? I have Celiac disease and get rashes from topical gluten easily. Please let me know. your products are so beautiful!

      • HB Team

        Hi my love, our products are gluten-free. xoxox

  • Ana L

    Hi Huda and Team!

    what criteria does one have to meet in order to be on PR list? I don’t make videos on youtube or instagram but sometimes review products. Just curious 🙂 Thanks!

  • Shahnaz

    Hi. I can not enter to the this link is not opening.
    i want to give oreder. please say me when is opening you website.

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, it is under essential maintenance temporarily and will be back online again shortly. Thanks for your patience. xoxo

  • Hello there,
    I am such a fan of your company. The range of products you have is amazing, I live for your products. Can you please tell me how to contact your company for PR purposes?

  • Mehdi

    salam Huda,
    I surprised when i read your background and how you bring up the business.
    My wife she’s 17 years experienced in make up artist and skin care, she was MAC store Manager and before Shisido counter manager in Dubai,
    on 2017 we moved to London and already she’s working with MAC Harvey Nichols London. I believe she’s professional than store managers here as i see.if you don’t mind give me an your email please to send her CV to you. I believe she’ll handling your store as you’ll satisfied with her job and idea as MAC and Harvey Nichols Manager are happy with her.

    • Aishwarya Srivastava

      Hey! I have placed an order but i am moving to Dubai from India with my Parents. Is there any way i can change the delivery address ?

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, that shouldn’t be a problem, but the Huda Beauty Shop team are having trouble emailing you on the email you’ve provided. Please can you email and they’ll assist you. Please include your order number or PayPal transaction ID in the email as well 🙂 Thanks xx

    • Nur Irsalina

      Hi huda , are all your products contains pork ingredients or something non halal ( other than alcohol such as pork fat etc ) please answer me and I really love your products xoxo ❤️

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, there’re no pork ingredients used in any of our products. xoxo

      • Nur Irsalina

        So are your products only contains alcohol that makes it not consider as non halal products ? So it means all the products doesn’t not contains any non halal animal or non halal ingredients ( other than the alcohol? )

      • Nur Irsalina

        And the brushes too ?

  • Hi I’m a professional makeup artist and I make makeup videos on Instagram and I wanted to know how I can receive products to promote you guys since I am a makeup blogger to ❤️❤️

    • Nur Irsalina

      And the brushes too ?

  • Nyssa R

    Hi. Are your products vegan?

    • HB Team

      We’re cruelty-free but not vegan. xoxo

      • Rashna

        We want to open an exclusive Huda beauty retail boutique in our country. We would like to propose a partnership/franchise business proposal. We have tried contracting the HB headquarters and also to Ms. Huda Kattan via LinkedIn but we were unsuccessful. If a senior management from the international sales manager or international franchisee would contract us back, the we would like to set up a meeting and discuss this matter further. Please do reply and contract us back.

        Best Regards,

        Mrs. Khan

      • Tee

        Are you 100% crulety free ? So you dont sell your products to china? I just refuse to use any product thats been connected to animal testing but am really wanting to try yours! Thanks.

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, yes we are 🙂 we do not sell our products in China 😉 xoxo

  • Yesenia


    Just received my Rose Gold Pallete and I absolutely love it!! The colors are amazing, sooo buttery and blend so nicely. I am looking forward to the Desert Dusk palette.

  • Sumera

    Hi, so the products are not halal? I have been using it for a long time now (your liquid mates) and I just found out! OMG…. I am halal person. Is it really true these products are not halal ceritified.

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, our products are not halal, however, our products contain cosmetic alcohol, which is very different to the regular alcohol that you would consume. If you were to consume cosmetic alcohol you would not get drunk. xoxo

      • Asmaaa B

        Hello HB team,
        What does it mean when people ask if your products are halal? And also are you going to add yourself to the peta or harmoneybcruelty free list?
        Thank you

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, because our Liquid Mattes contain cosmetics alcohol, they cannot be considered officially halal. xoxox

  • It’s me

    Good day,

    Hope all is well at your end.

    We would like to get in touch with you RE a business agreement for one of our clients.

    If you could please send us a number to contact so we can proceed further. We have sent emails from the email listed in response with no reply so far.


  • Zahra

    Do you have a concession in Iran? And which places are they in?
    Thank you!

    • HB Team

      Salam azizam, Currently our products are not sold in Iran, but you can order online from and we can deliver.

  • gissel suarez

    Hello, I recently placed an order, the order number is #96834 , but I didn’t received any email when I placed the order. I went to you FAQ’s and it says that I should have received an email telling me that the order was received and a second email once the order was confirmed but I didn’t receive any and yet my card was charged. I just want to know if the order is going through or how long am I supposed to wait for the item to be processed and arrive ?

    • HB Team

      Hi Gissel, I’ve sent your query through to our customer services and they will respond by tomorrow 😉 xoxo

    • Emma

      Omg Im facing the same problem. I did not receive any order confirmation email from Huda

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, we had a small glitch in our system. If you would like more details please contact xoxo

  • Hello Huda

    I try many times in contact you by email but no respond

    If we need you in business inquires how to contact you ?
    Could you please try to reply to me

    Thank you

  • chachacha

    Hi ! You said in the comments that your brand is 100% cruelty free but I wanted to know if you have any cruelty-free labels for your products or if you were selling in China 🙂

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, our products are cruelty-free and we do not sell our products in China. We do however ship our products to China 😉 xoxo

      • Judy

        Omg YES! I am so glad to hear that your are cruelty free! Keep it that way! I will definitely continue to purchase Huda Beaty makeup! ❤️

    • Kinza

      Do you have a concession in Milan? And which places are they in?
      Thank you!!

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, you can buy Huda Beauty products at Sephora (Via Dante) in Milan 😀 xoxo

      • Judith

        Omg yess! I am so glad and releived to know that you are cruelty free! Keep it that way! I will definitely continue to purchase Huda Beauty makeup!❤️

  • Lailaa

    Hey, Huda I wanted to ask do you know the people who are halal: are these (your products) halal? xxx Lailaa

    • HB Team

      Hi Lailaa, currently our products are not halal. xoxo

  • I ordered your hood a pallet off of your site not paying attention to the $75 purchase for free shipping. I ended up paying a flat rate of $20 just for the pallet when I could have ordered an extra item and got free shipping. I really wanted the Liquid Matte lipstick in color bombshell. But everything went through so quickly now and I can’t change my order I’m kind of bummed that I missed out on that opportunity. Order#95828

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, Oh no!! We’ve sent your order to our customer services team to see if they can do anything. xoxo

      • Were you able to help me with my order. If so I wanted the liquid Matte in the shade bombshell sent with my huda palette. Thank you so much if you were able to do that!

    • Missmaliz

      Do you have branch in london..?

      • HB Team

        You can shop Huda Beauty products at Selfridges (Oxford Street) and Harrods (Knightsbridge) xoxox

    • Sue

      Hi are u using dollar currency ship to malaysia?

  • Muradiye

    Hi Queen of Make-up

    Do you know whether your products already launched in turkey? (Istanbul or something?) ps. I really want to meet you in real life

  • Elina Irzina

    Hi Huda team,

    How soon will the Pink liquid matte gloss mini kit + Nude mini kit would be able to purchase ?
    Thank you for your answer 🙂

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, you can buy them here. xx

      • Elina

        Hi again,

        Pink edition and Nude edition are out of stock 🙁
        I deadly wanted to try them all before choosing full size ones
        Will they be restocked any time ?
        Thank you

      • HB Team

        Please stay tuned on our Instagram for updates. xoxo

  • Laura

    Are you 100% cruelty-free and vegan? Thnx

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, we’re 100% cruelty-free. xx

  • Fefina

    I want to start ur huda beauty in inda… as I want to start a online store with ur brand…. can u please help me out… how can I get ur products

    • Sarah

      Are you products sold in China?

      • HB Team

        Hey my love, We do not sell our products in China, but we do ship to China via our website. xoxo

  • Do you ship to Pakistan?

    • HB Team

      Yes we do 🙂

    • Layan

      Are your products only online?

      • HB Team

        We’re also in some Sephora stores in the U.S., UAE, UK, and Europe. xoxo

    • Jessica

      I really love with your make up ! I spent most of my night just to watch all your videos , and your highlighters is the boom !

    • Hello
      We would love to distribute your products in Turkey. We are beauty distributors based in Turkey. Who can we contact? We love your products.

  • Hey Huda, I want to ask you when you say you use ‘cosmetic alcohol’ in your products (liquid mattes) won’t the lips get dry and all plumped xoxo? xXx

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, it’s just a tiny amount, other properties in the lipstick help to hydrate your lips. xoxo

  • karima

    hi my love huda I love your makeup and your brand so much!!!! I’m working in Sephora galleria mall for 4 years and I would like to work with you

  • Omg! I love you and everything about you!
    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t black although I don’t regret it.
    But when it comes to makeup its hard for me to find what works best for my skin colour and how I can really hide my acnes.
    Do you have makeup that works for black women and how can we choose colour?
    I see makeup but for white women its hard to come across one for black

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, remember to always love the skin you’re in! I know it can be a struggle to find beauty products for darker skin tones, that’s why I’m so excited to release my own foundation collection later this year, we’ve got so many shades for ALL skin tones! I also love Maybelline Fit Me foundation, their Matte and Poreless collection has a really good shade range for deep skin tones. Also check out this blogger, I think she’ll have some really helpful makeup tips for you. xoxo

  • huda shaikh

    hey! myself huda
    do yourl ship in india?

    • HB Team

      Yes we do 🙂 xo

      • Yukta

        Do you give bloggers free makeup for review??

      • Yukta

        Why are your products not in sephora India.

      • HB Team

        We hope to come to India soon xoxo

  • Ashley

    hi huda.
    wanted to ask you if huda beauty is coming to sephora in switzerland?

    love youu

    • HB Team

      Soon we hope xoxo

  • RA

    Hi huda, i want to start a makeuo brand, I would love to know how you did it, please!

  • Madeeha

    Hello! The hype has me itching to buy all your stuff but I’m unsure about whether the products are halal or not. Please confirm whether any of your products are halal? Thanks!

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, we use cosmetics alcohol in some of our products. We are not officially halal certified yet. xoxo

  • Raza

    Hey huda!! Ive recently bought your huda beauty liquid matte lipsticks vault from a shop in dubai mall, its not from sephora just a random shop, im just curious to know it is Authentic??

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, which shop did you buy it from? xoxo

  • Artu

    Hi huda! I would love to know if and when your new lip strobe are coming to sephora italy? I know that your brand will be launching here in october and it would be great if those products were arriving too

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, all our latest products will be in stock then 🙂 xoxox

      • Ashleey

        hey Hudaaaa
        so I live in Switzerland and we have a new/our first sephora here
        but there aint any huda beauty product
        do you know if switzerland will get ur products or not???’ (cryyyyy)

      • HB Team

        Hopefully soon my love 🙂 xoxox

  • MP

    Hey I would like to work as an intern at HudaBeauty. CanI know the process and details

  • Monica Magnum

    Hey Huda,
    I’m from India and your products are loved and used here but availability is an issue. Not to mention the fake products available everywhere. When will your products be available to buy in India?

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, we really hope to come to India soon, but we are still a young, growing brand. You can order our products via our website and we ship to India 🙂 xoxox

  • Sandrine

    Hello !! I am studying chemistry in cosmetics lab in France (Paris) and I want to work for you Huda!!! Your products are so amazing and I want to expose you my idea or develop new cosmetics with you. How to apply for a job in your laboratory?
    Thank you

  • Hannah

    Hello! In which Sephora stores and I find your products at the moment and in near future? Kind regards xx

    • Robyn

      Hey bb~
      I am absolutely dying to get my hands on your products, but one thing I need to know before I become a customer is your cruelty free status. Because I love animals too much to buy from companies that test on animals, whether it be somewhere required by law or not, I can’t even consider buying from you until I’m sure you don’t test.
      Please reply asap! ❤️

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, We absolutely do not test any of our products on animals. xoxo

  • Gloria

    Hey Hudaaaa
    My name is Gloria and you have no idea how much you have inspired me with your force of turning your love for beauty into an empire it’s the same tools im using to turn my love for fashion into a couture house phenomenon. What I wanted to ask is can we expect a Huda Beauty standalone Store soon? Love youuuu $

    • Rita

      Hi huda,I love your products so much . I am from Nigeria and looking forward to become your distributor here in Nigeria.please can you tell me the requirements I need.tnx

    • Amina

      Hiya hun, i just wanted to know what kind of alcohol is in your matte lipglosses. Whether its made from grapes or dates or not??
      Please let me know as i’ve been wanting to buy these lipglosses but i am uncertain if they are halaal.
      Thank you x

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, our Liquid Mattes are not yet officially Halal certified. xoxo

    • Candy

      Hi Huda,

      Have any of the ingredients you use been tested on animals?
      Are you planning or currently sell in China?
      If not to the above, you plan to get leaping bunny certified?

      • HB Team

        Hi, we don’t test our products on animals and for that reason we do not plan to sell our products in China. Xoxo

  • AK

    Hi huda! I want to know that are you supplying your products in Pakistan Market as well? Kindly tell me because I bought lip gloss and confuse about it’s originality.

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, we only sell our products via our website, Sephora, Harrods, and Selfridges. Please be careful using copied products. xx

  • zahra

    hi dear huda ❤️❤️
    i want to know where do you. based ?
    are you in dubai ?
    and where is the office

    thank you ❤️

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, our offices are based in Dubai x

    • Hafssa

      Hi huda,

      I love products. I’m from south of France and makeup is my passion, really it’s my life. My dream it’s to work with you from France or join you ! !
      Im sorry for my English and I hope you answer me. ❤

    • Binal jain

      Hi, i want ur product . Do u ship in india?

      • HB Team

        Yes we do 🙂 x

  • Shaheda

    Hiiiii…..I really inspired by ur thinking….u r thoughts make me alive that I can do …..n really ur product is awesome….but one thing I literally sae that ur product is too costly if a middle class or low money power wish to buy it can’t be possible…so plz it’s my humble request to you make it affordable for low class too…n one thing ur gorgeous ✌

    • Arshi Pathan

      I am from india ?? I hate you is safe to order online. I will get product withon week? Because i want too many Product

      • HB Team

        Hi gorgeous, you can order online via our shop and it will take between 7-10 days to reach you, depending on customs. xoxo

  • Aminah Tariq

    Hi huda, just wondering are you going to be doing another masterclass?

  • Aminah Tariq

    Hi huda, just wondering have you got any master classes coming soon?

    • zara

      Hey huda ma’am m really obsessed with your products but y r they so closelyplz make reduce the price for me

  • Maria Khan

    How do I reach out to your PR department?

  • samira

    Hello Huda,
    I really love doing makeup and also attended youre makeup class, i want to join youre hudabeauty team as it is always a dream to work with you. please can you guide me where can i Submit my Cv ?

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, please send your CV and cover letter to xoxo

    • Zoya

      Hi! Huda, i love you so much. I am obsessed with your brand and looking forward to work. Can you please tell me the qualification for appointment. Is pharmacist eligible to work in?

  • Rabeautybydesign1

    I have brought and tried the rose gold palette and all I can say is that it is literally make up genius. The perfect palette with all the perfect colours. You can use the matte colours as a casual look for work, or a day out. And the sparkly colours you can add them for a night out etc. You have all the colours you need for every occasion. EVERY MAKEUP FANATIC NEEDS this palette. I honestly can not rave enough about this palette. I usually take at least 2-3 different makeup palettes with me when I travel but now I just take the Huda beauty palette as it has all the colurs you need. You can even use the shimmery colours as a highlighter. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • hi Huda Beauty !!! i am Aina from Malaysia . i just want to ask , how and where to check the code of Huda beauty product ? i want to know the originality of Huda Beauty product in the online shoping website like .

  • Cortney

    Are your products Cruelty Free/Vegan?

  • You are true inspiration. 🙂

  • Mahmoud

    May I have your sales department number?

  • Vinit

    Hi HUDA..
    I am opening a shop of various brand in Nagpur (Maharashtra, India). All branded products in 1 store.
    Do u supply ur product to India?
    What will be the profit margin ?? So I can purchase in bulk quantity. ?

    • HB Team

      Hi Vinit, currently we’re not supplying our products to India, but we hope to very soon. Thanks for your interest.

  • Robyn

    Hi, I love your stuff and only just started using it but I was wondering. Do you test your products on animals??

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, so pleased to hear that 🙂 None of our products are tested on animals 😉 xoxoxo

    • Signija

      Hi Huda, do you ship to Latvia? :/

  • princesse

    When did you start youtube?

  • Laura

    Hi, do you ship in Romania?

  • Noora Samreen

    Hi Huda,
    Do you ship to India?

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, yes we do 🙂

  • Farrah

    Dear Huda~ thank you for sharing. I really want to be a makeup artist. Now am still learning to be good apply my makeup into my face. Your sharing about tutorial or hacks its very helped me~
    GodBless you Huda. Thank You so much :*❤

  • Mahmoud

    Hi dear Huda. I’m Mahmoud from Sydney originally from Iran. I am looking for a high quality brand to be imported to Iran. As I have gone through heaps of reasearch I came across ur brand.

    As the first question, is there any possibility of opening an outlet in Iran doing online and in-store shopping? if so, I would feel over the moon to ask the rest of my questions and things to be done towards partnerships.

    best wishes,

    • HB Team

      Salam azizam! Thank you so much for your interest in our brand! We’re still growing and currently aren’t working with individual retailers at the moment. Perhaps in the future. xoxo

      • Mahmoud

        what a cute term of endearment. thank uuu. What should I do to be capable of being your distributer in Iran?

  • Shwari nayker

    I’m all the way from indai , I just love you huda❤️. I’ve emailed you messaged you so much I just wanna telly u that you amazing I love your makeup I wish I could buy them. I’ve participated in the give away I hope you notice me and i hope I could win this cause I really want it.

    • Shwari nayker

      Instagram :
      Please notice me and I hope you give me the giveaway , love you❤️

    • Huma javeriya

      I’m Huma javeriya writing from india.. you are one of the most influential women I have ever known.. i would always wonder how hard to have worked when i see your instagram followers because millions of people all over the world follow and adore your products… it’s really amazing when i saw your giveaway on the page and then saw About 2 lakh people interested in it…. i however applied for the give away from my account… i would love to use for products and try them put for the first time.. I haven’t seen your products in india so far.. but im sure in the next few days they’ll be seen everywhere in india as well… i love you and ua posts…

  • I wish you could could have aretail outlet in pakistan ❤
    Love your products always have ordered from my relatives living in abroad ❤ love you

  • Talía

    Beyond Sephora is there any other store that sells the products in USA? Not online stores.

    • HB Team

      HI my love, currently Sephora is the only U.S. retailer stocking our products. xoxo

  • Shireen Shariq

    Hey Huda I am a very very big fan of yours and I would kindly request you to do a makeup look on Blue smokey eyes and Brown nude lips. I would also like you to suggest some good primers for OILY skin as well..
    Also since I have just finished with my 12th and i am very keen on learning more about make up, I was wondering if I could enroll in a make up course if you’re offering one. I’d be very honoured to learn about make up from you. Love you very very much Huda. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, you’re soo sweet! I’ll definitely try to cover some primers and makeup for oily skin. Currently I’m not able to host any masterclasses, but hopefully, you’ll be able to learn a lot from my youtube videos and blogs 🙂 xoxo

      • Shireen Shariq

        Love you eternally Huda I thank you sooooooo much for being an inspiration for me and I hope I see my requested videos on YouTube soon… I’m sure you won’t let me down❤️

  • Hi Huda,

    Could you kindly mention whether all your products are halal please. Or which ones are halal.

    I appreciate your honesty.

    Thanks in advance xxx

    • HB Team

      Hi gorgeous, at the moment none of our products are officially Halal certified as they may have cosmetic alcohol in them. We hope to create some Halal products in the future. xoxo

  • Rica

    Hi Huda your products are just amazing,was wondering if you want to open your outlet in India?

  • Dheeraj

    Hi, since when are your HUDA products available to Indian customers online? Are there any outlets in India from where we can procure the products?

    • HB Team

      Hi my love, you can order our products online via our shop and we ship to India 🙂

      • AMK

        Thats right but with customs and all it becomes really hard on pockets.When will your products be available in indian stores or sephora india?Really looking forward to it!!!

      • HB Team

        Hi my love, I’m not sure when. We’re still a young brand and we’re expanding as fast as we can. xo

      • Dheeraj

        Thanks! But can you let me know since last how many years have you been exporting your products into the Indian market?

  • Danielle

    When will the liquid matte lipstick in the shade “crush” be sold at sephora in the US?? am absolutely in love with the shade but shipping is a tad much to order from the website right now 🙁

    • HB Team

      Hey gorgeous, it should be available from June. xoxo

  • Hello! Can you tell me if Huda have a fan-mail address ? I want to send her something, its so much meaning to me 🙁 thank you

    • Afreen

      Would love to work with you Huda. I’m a social media manager and writer. Please get in touch with me. Make my dream come true.

  • Brittany Grey

    I absolutely love you. Words can not decribe how much I love you as a beauty blogger, not only do you do amazing, hones, t truthful reviews for all type of things we are wondering about, you also have to be one of the most down to earth fun loving beauty bloggers out there and it makes everything you do a joy the watch ❤️❤️ Keep being you

  • Fatima Amin

    Hello, I hope you are well and are having a great time. For the past few day I have been obsessed with your products and I’m seriously being honest and you have just seriously inspired me so much to do what you are doing even though I am still in high school I think this is the best place to start something new and experiment with my life. I absolutely love doing makeup on myself on my friends and other people, and it just would such an honour if you could give me any advice on how to do what i really want to do or if you can just help me start I would honestly appreciate that soo much.
    I will be waiting for a reply of you and hopefully I won’t be let down l. Thankyou so much
    Fatima xx

    • HB Team

      Hi darling, thank you soo much for your message, that is so so sweet of you. I think it’s amazing that you’re already so passionate about this – that’s super important! I really recently posted a video all about how I got started, so I hope this answers some of your questions. It’s all about hard work, dedication, and passion. Good luck my love. xoxo

  • When will the Rose Gold Edition eyeshadow palette be back in stock? I was really looking forward to trying it and it’s sold out at Sephora.

    • HB Team

      Hi my love! We’re not sure when the stock will arrive yet, but you can order the eyeshadow palette on our Shop here. xxx

  • I like the helpful information you provide in your posts. I will bookmark your blog and check again here often. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  • Hello, how can I buy wholesale your products

    • HB Team

      Hi Milan, Thank you for your interest. We’re currently not selling to wholesalers at this time. Thanks

      • Emmy

        Hi, there is a company in South Africa currently selling Huda products. Are they original?

      • HB Team

        Hi my love, we do not have any official retailers in South Africa at the moment. offer international shipping 😉 xoxo

  • Sunshine

    Hi there,
    First to say i am fond of your products second, I wonder if you have any salons,spas or shops in san francisco for recruitment! Please advise.thank you

    • HB Team

      Hi Sunshine, Thanks for your interest. Currently, our products aren’t stocked in any San Fran boutiques. xo

  • Shabneez

    Hello,I would like to know if you already have a representative of your beauty products in Mauritius?

    • HB Team

      Hi, Thanks for your interest in our beauty products. We’re currently not distributing to wholesalers.

  • thats an inspiration for girls..

  • Claudiu Pergel

    Hi, just wanna be sure this reaches you.
    It’s my idea for the foundation name&number. Kiddin’, name&logo.



  • Yobana

    Hey HB ❤ I would like to know if you have any stores in Mexico ?? Or where can i found them??

    • HB Team

      Hello darling! Not yet. Unfortunately you need an import permit to order cosmetic products in Mexico. Xx

  • HD

    Hey! I was wondering if you recruit interns every year. Do you have summer internships or something for college students? (In Dubai)
    I’d LOVE to be a part!

    • HB Team

      Hello darling! Sure! Please email your CV to along with your desired position (mention it’s for an Intern position), and a video intro about yourself! Xx

      • Chiara

        Hi! I was wondering if You have any available position… i live in Italy And It would be an honor to work for you. Xoxo Chiara

      • HB Team

        Hi darling, please email and we’ll get in touch with you. xx

    • Raluca


      Do you ship to Romania? What is the cost?

      Thank you

      • HB Team

        Hello darling! Yes we do, best is to add in your address when placing the order on and it will calculate it for you. Xx

  • Camil

    Hello, I’m just new here in Dubai, where can I find your store? I wanna complete my collection of Huda Beauty.. I’ve already some of your products. Love them so much and I am so excited to buy again!

    • HB Team

      Hello darling! You can purchase our products at most Sephora’s in Dubai! Def at Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif and a few others. Xx

  • Ayesha

    Hi Team HB,

    How can one apply for a job at Huda Beauty?

    I cannot seem to find the Careers section.


    • HB Team

      Hello Ayesha. Please email your CV to along with your desired position, and a video intro about yourself! Xx

  • Neha Rajpal

    Hey!! I’m Neha from India. I would love to attend your make up class and I’d like to know when and where your next make up class would be. Please kindly reply back regarding the same.
    Thank you.

  • chaimae abdouh

    you have always been my inspiration, i love you and i wish to be in future one of your great team.

  • na tej stronie

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incredible!

  • Larizza Navarrete Hernandez

    Hello, I was wondering if you could give me some information if your products are Cruelty Free or Vegan? Thanks!! Looking forward to your answer.

    • HB Team

      Hello Larizza, yes – we are cruelty free.

  • You are a gem when it comes to makeup artistry. Thanks for you.

  • Moza

    Hello, I have been meaning to ask you if you test on animals at any point during the production of your products? Thank you!

    • HB Team

      Hello Moza, no – we do not.

  • Marina

    Hi, I would like to know in which countries can I get your make-up? Couldn’t find it in Switzerland…
    I love it! *-*

    • HB Team

      Hey babe, you can order online via! We ship to Switzerland! Xx

  • Fadila

    Hi Hudabeauty, do you ship to Malaysia?

    • HB Team

      Hello Fadila, we do ship, however you need a pharmacy permit in order to import cosmetics into Malaysia.

  • Daniela

    I’m wondering, how much is shipping to the US on the eyeshadow palette, having been wanting to buy it however it’s sold out everywhere!!

    • HB Team

      Hey darling. Shipping is around $20 (depending where you are based), however if you purchase anything over $75 – it’s free! Xx

  • Aleena

    Hey, I wanted to know what kind of alcohol is used in the matte lipsticks it doesn’t specify… & if it would be considered as halal makeup

    • HB Team

      Hello honey. The alcohol used is a cosmetic alcohol – which is used in several other makeup products. They are not halal.

    • Fifa

      Hello Aleena, although makeup and other beauty products have alcohol in it. It is not considered to be haram. Since alcohol is only considered haram or non-halal if consumed internally. If you use for example a perfume and spray it on yourself you can still pray since alcohol consumed is what makes is forbidden.
      I hope that helps

  • mezna

    hi when the eyeshadow palette will be AVAILABLE ?????????????????

    • HB Team

      Hey honey, hopefully within the next two weeks. We’ll post any updates on social media. Thank you for being so patient! Xx

      • Paige Frantz

        Hey, Huda. I bought your Rose Gold palette from Cult Beauty in the U.K. Anastasia Beverly Hills says on their site that Cult Beauty sells their authentic products. I’m wondering if you can confirm they sells your authentically also? I have been dying for your palette and I couldn’t wait for a restock.

      • HB Team

        Hello honey! Yes ofcourse, we love Cult! They sell our products. Xx

  • Jacqueline

    Are there any North American retail stores that carry Huda Products?

    • HB Team

      Hey babe, best is to check with your local Sephora. We do also ship worldwide on Xx

  • mayra

    How long is usual wait for the rose gold palette it’s always out of stock

    • HB Team

      Hey honey, it should be back in stock on within the next two weeks. We’ll post any updates on our social media. Xx



    • HB Team

      Hello honey. You can purchase via Xx

  • Natali

    Can I order to Russia? Thank you

    • HB Team

      Hello Natali, according to local customs – personal shipments are not allowed.

  • jimena

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and I want to buy false eyelashes, how can I do it?

    • HB Team

      Hello 🙂 You can purchase them online via

  • Jaela Ruedel

    When will your Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette be available ? I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for months ! I’ve heard so many good reviews

  • Dilnur

    I’m so expecting to be your student if it’s possible in my life. I’m one of your fan. You are amazing. Love ❤️

  • Nikolina

    You’re such a beautiful and strong woman, mother, make-up artist and wife. You are an inspiration for everybody! You could do everything for your family, you are a good person sharing her love and passion with other people. Thank you for your hard work, we are all grateful. A lot of love from Belgium

    • Sara

      hi queen huda I adore you and your products
      I’m a Lebanese danish girl
      please please please sale your products in sephora Danmark
      There’s a huge amount of fans for you here
      And it’s so much expensive for us to buy from huda since we pay so much taxes when we recieved it
      Love & respect ❤️❤️

    • TonyBones

      Wow…inspirational for the average woman and women of our time.

  • Esther

    Is there any way I could Get your products? I’ve checked vía your page your not sending to Barcelona(Spain)Please when or How can I Get them? Thank U sooo much Iove products and tutorials.

    • HB Team

      Hello darling!! Unfortunately for Spain a customer should have an import & export license for cosmetics. Cosmetics are not allowed for personal use. If you are traveling to France or the UK soon you can find them in Sephora and Harrods.

  • Md Shaifullah Mozide Palash

    Is there any brand shop for your products in Bangladesh? Or how can I get this from Bangladesh?

    • HB Team

      Hey! You can order online via 🙂

  • Natachat

    Je viens de vous découvrir vos produits tu mélange beauté et bien être séduction charme et convivialité. Une femelle dinfluence . Bravo

  • Hi Huda,
    I’m a really big fan and I was just wondering when will Silver Fox be launched in Sephora in Dubai?

  • Rahila

    I want your cosmetic for selling in my country

  • Maria

    Hi huda my name is Maria I am from Australia just wondering when are you going to restock your eyeshadow palette please I’ve been trying for 3 months and it’s always sold out

  • prachi

    Dear Huda, I am a huge fan from india, i have brought your products including rose gold palette, liquid lipsticks from Dubai mall sephora and they are really really awesome, so are you planning to launch the brand in india? I am waiting!! Please launch soon 🙂 You are a very inspirational person to all makeup lovers like me!! Lots of love to you 🙂

    • Bethanie

      She’s restocking this week!

    • Samantha

      It’s on the site right now I believe, I ordered mine yesterday

  • Basma habbal

    I really want to know what brand and color you use your contact lenses

  • Hi does anyone know which type of alcohol is used in huda beauty liquid lipsticks as i am a muslim and its so important for me to know Pleasee

    • Dhuha

      I did not even know that alcohol was used in the liquid lipsticks :/


  • J Daniels

    Do you franchise your business?


    So want to learn make up but dont know where should i start from

  • Husna

    Hi huda your product are amazing. I would love to buy them all , i hope you would let them sell it in Singapore sephora.

    Lots of love

  • Tonge E

    Awwww, seriously I have been following you on the Instagram for about a year now and I was wondering where I have been. Considering that you have been around for more than a decade. I love love love the lip pencils texture and fell in love with the liquid lipstick immediately they arrived from Cultbeauty. And now am all over you on snapchat like an addiction. I just love how open, simple, plan, honest you are about your experience. I just love your little princess Nori, she is just the sweetest little thing ever. You are an inspiration. The way you share & celebrate other makeup artist both men & women is what other women should emulate in todays marketplace. Please continue to being you, enjoying the things you love, affecting others in the ways you do best, and above all continue to cherish the people closest to you. I also just want to say, I loveeeeeeeeeeee Mona. She is so sweet….. As my Nigerian people will say ,May God continue to bless your hustle.

  • Tamara

    Hi Huda!

    I LOVE all your products and I reeeeeally reaaally want your products here in Sweden! We also have Sephora here and I KNOW that your brand with shine since we all know you here. Please please please think about it, and if it one day happen let me know on your instagram or snapchat!

  • Tia Jade Henry

    May I ask you some question for my A level product design course and I would be very grateful if you could reply, out of your busy schedule. Your participation will include giving me feedback of a few ideas I will present to you and possibly answering some questions. Thank you for your time.

  • Sandra

    Hey! Im just wondering if you test in animals? I’d really appreciate an answer xoxo

  • NazmyBajammal

    Hi my best MUA ever! I’m from Indonesia, how can I get your product here? Im so exited with your lashes omg I want to buy online, but it’s fake at all☹️ Please please reply my comment

  • Nada Husain

    Hey huda want to know about the masterclass in dubai please let me know how can i be a part of it would love to be there

  • Sohatahir

    Hey huda!
    Keep shinning bright✨and I have sent you mails please read them love you and your products!

  • Anna Gergova

    I’m intresting about your products and really want to conntact with you to work together if its posible.

  • Angela

    When will the rose gold pallet come out so excited for it and how much will it cost? 🙂

    • hudabeauty

      Hi my love! Will announce all the details, including price and availability soon!!!

  • Jeanette Sattora

    I am trying to purchase one of your new eye shadow palette’s. I guess I am too old to manuver around your web sites. Will keep trying.

    • hudabeauty

      Hi Jeanette! It will be available very soon, I can’t wait for you to try it! xoxo

  • Milana Bajic

    I am so glad to see this site is up, I love everything about it!! I know I have a lot to learn from you, and I am excited to be able to take that journey with you

  • Nida Tanveer

    Im so so happy to see your website .Its literally like life made easy . From your eye lashes to your lip gloss every thing is so much amazing.Your story is inspiring me to take my love for makeup to the next step. Love your tutorial as well . Your are the true ideal

  • Eilaf

    Am obsessed with ur work, can’t wait to see more products. And luv ur site congrats

  • Ava Pinzon

    Congratulations for an awesome site, now I only have to go here for everything about beauty! I am so glad that you followed your dreams and passion; we can all see that your creativity overflows because you are doing what you love! You should write a book about your success, I am sure we can make use of your tips and tricks of the trade. And the best part of it is that you are working with your sisters! My sister and I are super bff and I would love to be given the same opportunity to work with her. Again congrats and as a Filipino Muslim woman, I am so proud of you and thanks for reminding us that we can be anything we want if we put our hearts and souls in it. Cheers! Xx

  • Maliha

    this site is amazing just as your lashes . I have used them and they were outclass , the samantha ones .. looking forward to using more product of yours 🙂

  • Absolutely love the re-launch of your blog Huda! You and your family are such a huuuuge inspiration! I remember years back reading your blog and learning so much from you and now I’m soOo excited that you will be getting back into it! Sosoo proud of you beautiful! LOTS of love from the UK <3<3<3<3 (:

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