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Wrap It Up Face Mask Holder

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size Guide
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Reusable & Super Easy To Use!

Have time to cook, meditate, take work calls AND self-care? Yeah, us neither! Now you can muti-task to the max with this super soft & stretchy silicone face mask holder. 

Key Features:
• Designed specifically to sit on top of your skincare (we LOVE to use it on top of our Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask)
• Enhances the efficacy for your FAVE products
• Helps lock in moisture
• Non-adhesive silicone material
• 2 masks per pouch
• Hygienic & washable
• Medium size includes 1 transparent mask and 1 pink glittery mask
• Large size includes transparent mask and 1 pink glittery mask

1. Apply over your fave face mask, moisturizer, face oil or serum.
2. Apply the face mask holder by slipping the side loops around each ear.
3. Use a massage tool to help penetrate the skincare products deeper into the skin.
4. Wear for 20 minutes, then remove.
5. To clean: Use a mild soap & water, gently wipe & rinse. Leave to air dry before storing.