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Hoodie Flares #25 Classic Lashes

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Customize your lash look! The individual lash cluster version of Huda Beauty’s iconic OG Hoodie lashes, created with synthetic fibers–in different lengths and styles–that are reusable, easy to apply, and effortlessly customizable.


Key Claims:

  • Synthetic false lashes
  • Single stacked
  • Natural volume
  • Ideal for beginners & stacking

Additional Features:

  • Natural to dramatic looks
  • Versatile, single stacked lashes
  • Ideal for beginners & lash-applying pros
  • Customize the intensity of your lashes & create your signature style

The Hoodie Flares set contains 24 Lash Pieces:

  • Individuals (1 size)

  • Natural Chunks (2 sizes)

  • Dramatic Flares (2 sizes)

How to use:

Applying with Sticky Tack Latex - Free Lash Glue:

1. Pick up the lashes with a tweezer and use the applicator to apply a small amount of the lash glue on the base of the lash cluster.

2. Wait for 15 seconds for the glue to become tacky and then apply the lash along your lash line.

3. Mix and match the different styles and sizes for any look you desire.

Applying with Waterproof Lash Glue:

1. Apply a small drop of glue to the back of your hand or in the plastic tray the lashes come in . Wait for 15 seconds to allow the glue to become tacky.

2. Using tweezers, tap the base of the lash cluster into the glue, then apply the lash along your lash line.

3. Mix and match the different styles and sizes for any look you desire.

Huda’s go - to lifted look with extra drama :

1. Apply liquid liner a long the lash line, then draw a wing from the outer corner of your eye out and up towards the outer eyebrow . Fill in and follow with mascara.

2. Using the Waterproof Lash Glue, apply the longer Dramatic Flares to the outer corner of the eye, on top of your winged liner - instead of your lash line - to further enhance the lifted look.

3. Apply the shorter Dramatic Flares alongside the existing flares, followed by the longer Natural Chunks and then the shorter Natural Chunks, building from the middle of the eyelid to the inner corner.

4. Fill in any sparse areas with the individual lashes.

Reusable, easy to apply, and effortlessly customizable.