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Clean Genie Cleansing Wand

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Cleansing Made Easy

This patent-pending dual-ended silicone brush and spatula was specifically designed for the most effective first cleanse in your double cleanse routine. Let it swipe on Clean Genie Cleansing Butter across the face, allowing it to melt makeup, dirt & grime. Then use the flexible bristles to help remove makeup and reach those difficult areas.

• Spatula:
For the efficient pick-up and application of product to keep your hands clean.

• Brush:
Hand-designed with 2 bristle shapes for gentle yet effective makeup removal. Short, round bristles for thorough cleansing, and tall, cone-shaped bristles to pick up tenacious makeups and reach those tricky areas.

• 100% silicone:
Gentle, flexible material that is easy to use and even easier to keep clean.

The WISHFUL Cleansing Wand is designed to be paired with our Clean Genie Cleansing Butter but will work with any balm or oil cleanser

• Scoop up product using the spatula end and apply to your face.

• Using the brush end, massage product across your face in upward, circular motions, focusing on areas with more makeup or oil.