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Moisturizing Wand Brush

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Apply Your Moisturizer Correctly Every time

Our Moisturizing Wand is a 100% vegan brush crafted from 3 different fiber lengths that allows you to effortlessly apply product in a thin, even layer across your face and neck.


Pair with your favorite moisturizer:

1.Lightly dip brush head into moisturizer jar to pick up product.

2.Apply on clean skin by lightly buffing outward and upwards in a circular motion. Wash brush once a week to prevent product buildup.

How do I wash the brush?

1. First wet the fibers of the brush with warm water holding them downwards.
2. Using a pea-sized amount of brush shampoo, lather it into the fibres to begin washing it.
3. Use warm water to rinse the fibres free of all shampoo and let it dry.