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Reusable Microfiber Face Pads

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Level Up Your Cleansing Routine!

Instantly remove makeup and impurities or gently exfoliate with these easy-to-use soft face pads, featuring a super handy finger pocket for precise control & to get into those nitty-gritty areas! Perfect for your beauty shelfies or travel bag!

Product contains:
- 3 exfoliating pads
- Wash/travel bag that you can use to machine wash the pads

Use Instructions

  1. Open at the base and place hand inside the face pad.
  2. Add water to the cleansing side of the pad and gently massage over skin.
  3. Add your cleanser/exfoliator of choice direct to the skin, then using the face pads, wipe in circular motions.
  4. Rinse with warm water and repeat.

*For best results, use a new face pad for second cleanse. 

**Although safe to use both sides, for best results, we recommend to cleanse using the non-branded side of the face pad.

Care Instructions

  1. Cold wash the bag and pads with light colored clothes using a natural detergent.
  2. Leave pads to naturally dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.