sex and the city

sex and the city

If there’s one show that we’ll never get bored of watching, it’s Sex and the City. Yes, it’s like a fantasy land of fashion and dating, but it’s about so much more than just the hookups; it’s about four badass, independent women finding themselves and finding love – and that is timeless. This week marks 20 years since the show first aired, and we’ll be honest, we still find it relatable. Okay, so they may not have had tinder in the 90’s but the life lessons still apply, like the importance of a weekly pow-wow with your squad, a gossip over French fries or the powers of retail therapy. Here are nine things that still make so much sense, even 20 years later:

1) When it comes to buying the perfect shade of red lipstick, bring you gals along with you – it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when they’re as gorgeous as these.

2) Be proud of what you accomplish and never play down your achievements.

3) Learn from Samantha’s mistake… Before a big event, avoid using any harsh ingredients, chemical exfoliators or new products on your skin; you never know how it will react! We like to opt for an ice facial instead.

4) When it comes to DIY hair dye, you need to be super careful. Oh, and stay far far away from your pubic hairs.

5) Finding your signature scent is a journey, and as Carrie can appreciate, sometimes you’ve got to find fragrances you don’t like before you find “the one”. To make that journey a little easier, check out this post on finding your signature scent.

6) Don’t feel like you’ve got to do something just because everyone else is. One of the best Samantha moments wasn’t one of her hilarious quotes (although we do live for those), it was when she defied beauty expectations and ditched her wig, inspiring other breast cancer survivors to do the same. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing more beautiful than being yourself.

7) Don’t let anyone tell you that shopping isn’t a valid form of exercise! Carrie never apologized for her very frequent and very extravagant shopping habit, and she had no problem putting anyone in their place if they ever questioned her (case and point, Aiden).

8) Self-love is everything, and Samantha knew that. As Carrie poignantly said, sometimes “the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all, is the one you have with yourself.” Preach.

9) There’s nothing better for the soul than a night out with your squad.