Throw Out Your Sheet Masks... These Liquid Masks Are Where It’s At

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Okay, we’re not saying throw out your sheet masks before you’ve used them – that would be crazaaaay and a waste! But let us be real with you guys… although we LOVE sheet masks, they’re not the most time-efficient skincare product nor the most sustainable. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good sheet mask now and again – they can be a great way to dose your face with a powerful hit of hydration and targeted ingredients – but in many ways, they’re more of a self-care or ‘treat yourself’ moment than part of our daily skincare ritual.

So, we were pretty stoked when 111SKIN recently launched their new Liquid Mask Collection. In case you didn’t know, 111SKIN has kind of become the Queen of the masking world – pretty much every celeb or celeb makeup artist has a 111SKIN sheet mask stashed in their kit. Case in point: Jennifer Aniston prepping for the Emmys in the Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask, $32, which has honestly rescued our skin on numerous occasions!


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Their masks are brilliant, but if splashing out $30 for a one-time use product is not your thing, then you’re about to be real happy with their new Liquid Mask Collection. Spoiler alert: they’re amazing!

The new 111SKIN Liquid Masks ($135 to $150) are so much more than what we expected and are truly effective. The best bit is – depending on your liquid mask of choice – you can get anywhere between 20 to 100 uses (roughly) per product, so you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck than with a regular sheet mask. And, of course, it’s also much better for the environment than using sheet masks all the time.

Founder of 111SKIN (also an American and European board-certified Plastic Surgeon), Dr. Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS, says that “Following the global success of our sheet masks, we felt the demand for a multi-use and long-term alternative. These transformative liquid masks are exactly that. Each mask targets a specific skincare concern and infuses the skin with unique formulas that yield immediate and dramatic results.”

There are six formulas in the new collection. Some masks you’ll use in a traditional masking way – apply to clean skin, leave on for five to ten minutes, then rinse with water – while others are leave-on formulas that you can use almost like a moisturizer or night mask treatment.

111SKIN Liquid Masks:

Below we’re giving you a deep dive on our top three formulas, plus the scoop on the whole collection.

111SKIN Microbiome Blemish Mask, $135

Benefits: Clarifying, calming, balancing

What it is: A pre and postbiotic mask that helps to regulate bacteria within your skin’s natural microbiome to create a stronger skin barrier. The formula is made with exfoliating acids to gently dissolve dead skin cells and colloidal silver, which has anti-microbial properties and helps reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. The addition of a postbiotic and prebiotic complex helps stabilize sebum production and balance good and bad bacteria on the skin for improved skin health.

How to use: Use as the last step in your skin routine (2 to 3 times weekly)

What we thought: We have to say, this mask has impressive anti-blemish powers. We decided to test it out during a hormonal breakout to really put it to the test, and even after one night, we could tell our skin felt calmed and inflammation was reduced. This mask is potent, so it’s not something you should use daily. However, since our skin is accustomed to retinol and acids, we used this three nights in a row (avoiding other actives like retinol and other exfoliators) to get our hormonal skin under control. We were honestly so impressed with how this calmed, soothed, and prevented the eruption of those deep, painful cysts from rearing their naughty heads.

Tips: The mask leaves a tacky-ish, mask-like layer on the skin (like other sleeping masks); it’s not uncomfortable, but we wouldn’t recommend it under makeup. We suggest using this as part of your nighttime routine whenever your skin flares up or as a weekly treatment to keep congested and breakout-prone skin under control. It’s a regular in our nighttime routine! Sometimes, we even put it on top of our regular moisturizer on problem areas, like our chin.

111SKIN Nac Y2 Recovery Mask, $150

Benefits: Nourishing, healing, strengthening

What it is: An extremely nourishing mask made with barrier-building complexes and 111SKIN’s signature NAC Y2 complex, which helps to reduce oxidative stress, irritation and redness while strengthening the skin against all external aggressors. It’s packed with all the actives and goodness your skin needs to heal and repair, including ceramides to restore your skin and silk amino peptides that help reduce fine lines and boost collagen production.

How to use: Use as the last step in your skin routine (2 to 3 times weekly)

What we thought: We are OBSESSED with this mask! It feels like it’s hugging your skin and providing it with everything it needs. Every time we use this at night, we wake up to skin that feels soft and hydrated, and looks healthy. It’s the perfect mask to use when you think you’ve overdone it on actives or after an intense facial or treatment. We love the silky texture that melts into your skin and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Think of this as a very powerful, skin-restoring moisturizer.

Tips: 111Skin suggests using this two to three times a week, but we use it almost daily – in the daytime if we’re at home or on the nights when we want to give our skin a nourishing boost when taking a break from retinol or acids. We even layer this on top of retinol serums/ moisturizers to reduce irritation.

111SKIN Oxygen Express Mask, $135

Benefits: Refreshing, energizing, refining

What it is: A rinse-off mask inspired by 111SKIN’s signature cryotherapy technology that helps optimize cell function while tightening and toning the skin. It uses oxygen, ATP (a nucleotide that stimulates cellular energy and tightens skin), hyaluronic acid to plump, and ginseng to help reset and rebalance the skin.

How to use: Apply a generous amount onto clean skin and leave on for five minutes (or until dry). Rinse with water and follow with your usual skin routine.

What we thought: We loved using this quick pick-me-up mask that helps you cheat the results of a sheet mask in just five minutes flat! While we didn’t notice hugely dramatic results, our skin felt soothed, comforted, and looked fresher!

Tips: Use this when you’re in a hurry as a sheet mask replacement before glam. It gives skin the same boost and gives you extra time to get that snatched wing liner just right.

The other three masks in the Liquid Mask Collection include the Molecular Hydration Mask, $150, a super hydrating formula packed with powerful actives that boost your skin immediately and over time. Their Contour Firming Mask, $150, is your bestie if you’re looking for a more lifted, toned and firmer complexion. The formula packs diamond peptides and powerful actives that help improve the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation while protecting and firming the skin. Finally, their Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask, $150, is a wash-off mask made with chemical and physical exfoliators to effectively remove dead skin cells and boost radiance while refining pores. We loved how smooth and bright this mask left our skin without causing redness thanks to nourishing amino acids, peptides and bakuchiol.

Our verdict on the 111SKIN Liquid Masks Collection: We are impressed! Over the last few months, we have integrated these masks regularly into our routine. Swapping them in and out in place of other moisturizers or masks as we feel our skin needs it – usually as part of our evening routine as we like to stick to a light moisturizer for daytime. Our tip for choosing the right mask for you: Which of these do you think your skin needs most? Choose one or two that you think will complement your routine and use them as a booster to swap into your daily routine.

Our top picks are the Nac Y2 Recovery Mask and the Microbiome Blemish Mask. The recovery mask is one of those products that everyone should have in their weekly routine to ensure they’re giving their skin all the love it needs, while the blemish mask will genuinely be a savior for those with blemish-prone complexions.

Need help choosing one? Hit us up in the comments, and we’ll help you decide. Or, if you’re based in Dubai, head down to Bloomingdales or Harvey Nichols to talk to one of their skin experts.

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