3 Winter DIYs You Need For Soft Skin Everywhere



We love a beauty DIY, especially this year, when our budget is tighter than usual. So, we’ve been relying on DIYs to keep our skin in check when we’ve needed a quick fix. Here are three DIYs we’ve been loving for soft, sexy skin this winter.

For Sculpted, Healthy Skin

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Our skin always gets a little puffy during the winter season thanks to long cozy nights paired with our naughty holiday diet… #guilty, which is where this DIY comes into play. This simple DIY technique will help drain lymphatic fluid via your lymph nodes. If you’re thinking lymph-what? Lymphatic fluid helps remove waste and toxins from your tissues, which will not only detox your skin, but it’ll simultaneously combat unwanted inflammation. By simply using continual strokes to stimulate lymphatic drainage, you’ll boost circulation, help flush out toxins while delivering a radiant glow and giving an instant lifting effect. The best part is it’s so easy and will only take five minutes. Check out our lymphatic drainage guide for more deets.

For Sexy Soft Hands

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Now that we’re using hand sanitizer every five seconds, our hands are super dry. Combine this with an icy winter climate, and you’ve got a recipe for dry, tired hands. We’ve been relying on this DIY to rescue our hands, featuring brightening pumpkin, exfoliating lemon juice and sugar, and honey to lock in moisture. The result? The most hydrating hand mask that’ll brighten, soften, and soothe.

For Mistletoe Moments

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Although we’re recommending air-kissing this year, if you’re caught under the mistletoe with your significant other, then this DIY will come in handy! Give your pout some TLC with this plumping, hydrating DIY lip scrub. The powerful combination of sugar and oats will work overtime to gently buff away dead skin, while the honey and coconut oil will moisturize and nourish for kissable, soft lips. Finally, the cinnamon and nutmeg will have a natural plumping effect – it’s the ultimate combo.

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