60s Makeup Is Trending, And We Know You'll Want To Try It!



60s makeup has been infiltrating our feed and our Pinterest board for the past year but the trend was officially reignited thanks to Ariana Grande and her new album, Positions. In the music video for the title track, Ariana dons a soft 60s liner look teamed with the most stunning, voluminous 60s hairstyle.


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As you’d expect, it sent the world into a frenzy – especially TikTokers who have been re-creating the look ever since. However, it’s not just TikTokers, tons of other celebs have followed suit – most recently, J.Lo sported a 60s floating cut crease at the AMAs. TBH, the resurgence of 60s makeup couldn’t be more timely, as the decade of beauty was ALL about the eyes; and since we’re wearing masks for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect era to play with! Here’s everything you need to know about the nostalgic trend and some major inspo…

The 60s Beauty Era  

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The 60s were a time of self-expression, music, and liberation. Pop stars like Twiggy created some of the most iconic beauty trends of all time. From the floating liner look and geometric liner to doe-eyed lashes and bright, block eyeshadow. When experimenting with any of these trends, don’t be afraid of color – the bolder the hue the better. Here are some of our fave 60s looks…

The 60s Liner Look

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The 60s liner is a classic and yet very dynamic look. Keep it smokey like this stunning look created by celeb MUA Hung Vanngo or go for a more neutral vibe like Ariana. Whichever you choose, it’ll instantly open up and exaggerate your eyes.

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How to get the look: When you’re creating a soft floating liner look, start by using a pale eyeshadow (you can keep it classic with cream or opt for a shimmer or soft color) and apply it all over the lid with a small fluffy brush, bringing the shadow outwards to the brow bone.

Next, taking a deeper brown or neutral shade (again, you can use color here for a twist on the classic look), work the shadow above your crease and then create a subtle outward flick towards the brow bone. Next up, take a flat liner brush and deep brown shadow (or use a pencil liner), and create a feline wing, starting from the tear duct and gradually thickening towards the wing. Once the wing is perfected, bring the line back along toward the inside of your eye (just above your crease). Smoke the line so that it gets softer the closer it gets toward the center of the eye. Finish with lashings of mascara and team it with a complementary nude lip.

Top tip: If you have deep-set eyes, this look is made for you! If you have hooded eyes or almond eyes, choose two super-contrasting shades to emphasize the floating crease as J.Lo did, and take the top line slightly higher so it doesn’t get lost in the crease.

60s Liner Looks

If you want to experiment with an edgier 60s vibe, opt for a graphic liner look. Once again, don’t be afraid to play with line thickness, length, or color. For a classic look, accent your everyday wing with a singular floating line or stack it above your feline flick for a modern geometric vibe like Addison Rae. If you’re feeling experimental, play with unsymmetrical shapes and line placement – just remember, have fun, and be bold!

When creating a floating liner look, priming the eye is crucial – smudging is never a good look! Use an eyeshadow primer like the Urban Decay Primer Potion Tube Original, $24, or create a blank canvas by concealing the lid and mattifying with a setting powder like the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder, $34.

Another vital element to slaying a graphic liner look is finding the best, long-lasting liner formula – a look this bold needs to remain fierce. As for the application tool, it’s important to find a tool that works for you, however, it needs to be precise – an ink pen liner or a liquid liner both work well for this look. MUA Katie Hughes recommends a sharp pencil, “I like to use a freshly sharpened pencil and etch the line bit by bit, then use a pointy cotton swab to clean it up.” FYI, this technique is great for beginners.

60s Block Eyeshadow

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy look, bold block eyeshadow is perfect. Simply find a bright, eye-popping shadow, then using a dense brush, pack the eyeshadow into your lid using small stippling motions. It can also be helpful to prep the lid with a bright concealer or liquid shadow to make the color pop. To pay homage to the 60s, create a semi-circular shape with your eyeshadow and pair it with big lashes!

60s Lashes

Dramatic lashes are the ultimate finishing touch to any 60s look. Our go-to is the new Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara, $27, which features two different wands with two formulas: Curl & Length and Volume. This means you can customize your lashes and layer the formulas to create all kinds of different lash looks, from sexy, wispy lashes to major volume. You can also opt to add drama on the lower lashes for an edgy finish.

For even more drama, add a pair of false lashes. For the classic 60s vibe, use lash clusters, and disperse them evenly around your lash line.

Do you guys love this look as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below.

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