10 First Date Perfumes For A Guaranteed Text Back



There’s no denying that for most, dating during a pandemic has been pretty miserable. Social distance dating doesn’t exactly scream sexy. However, with the introduction of vaccines around the world, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and one essential prep step for a first date is finding the perfect scent. Whether you’re looking for something spicy, sensual or romantic, there’s more than one option on this list that’ll leave your date wanting more…

For Someone Spicy: KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25, $100


Notes: Pink pepper, bergamot, royal lily, saffron, Bulgarian rose, rose centifolia, magnolia, vanilla orchid, musk, and golden amber

Why we love it: Our new KAYALI fragrance will make you feel uplifted, flirty, and confident. It has a bright and crisp floral element paired with an energizing blend of pink pepper spices, saffron, and amber. It’s sweet, seductive, spicy, and luxurious AF.

Ideal first date: A spice-inspired cookery course at a boujee restaurant.

The Sensual Scent: Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum Women’s Spray Perfume, $52

The-Sensual-Scent-Calvin-KleinSource: Calvin Klein

Notes: Oakmoss, musk, amber, mandarin, bergamot, vanillin, jasmine, orange blossom, exotic spices

Why we love it: This scent will leave your date quite literally obsessed with you (queue the Beyoncé song!). It’s intense, warm, and addictive with luxurious and sensual notes of amber and musk paired with lighter, tingling notes of orange blossom.

Ideal first date: A long stroll on a hot summer’s day, sharing your fave spots in the city.

Rihanna’s Famous Fragrance: Killian Love Don’t Be Shy, $250

4-Rihannas-famous-scent-KilianSource: Kilian

Notes: Orange blossom, vanilla, luscious marshmallow

Why we love it: This is a classic gourmand fragrance, AKA it smells so good you’ll want to eat it. It’s literally perfect for a first date! Did we mention it’s Rihanna’s go-to scent? She radiates bad gal energy so we’ll take her perfume/date recommendations any day of the week.

Ideal first date: Milkshakes by the pier followed by a ride on the carousel.

The Personal Perfume: Glossier You Eau de Parfum, $60

5-The-Naked-Scent-GlossierSource: Glossier

Notes: Musk, ambrette, ambrox, green iris root, and pink pepper

Why we love it: This scent is made from a combination of rich, creamy notes that transform when they meet the skin. Therefore, this scent changes from person to person. Partner with your cutest look and you’ll be irresistible.

Ideal first date: Somewhere cosy!

The Unexpected Date Night Scent: Le Labo Santal 33, $198

6-The-unexpected-date-night-scentSource: Le Labo

Notes: Cardamom, iris, violet, sandalwood, papyrus, and cedarwood

Why we love it: The Le Labo Santal is a fave among beauty editors and yet it’s a very divisive scent – you either love it or hate it. Our thoughts? Of course, we’re obsessed with the unisex leathery vibe. It’s strong, powerful, and unpredictable, and what’s sexier than that?

Ideal first date: Live music followed by a wine tasting and dancing.

For the Romantic: Chloé Chloé Eau de Parfum, $132

For-the-romantic-Chloe-ChloeSource: Chloe

Notes: Peony, rose, honey, cedarwood

Why we love it: This scent engulfs you in the most delicious floral scent that instantly brightens your mood and leaves you wanting more. Whenever we wear this, we always get a ton of compliments and the reviews don’t lie!

Ideal first date: A spontaneous trip on the Eurostar for a picnic in Paris – or a simple picnic in the park…

The Celeb Pick: Jennifer Lopez Promise Eau de Parfum, $43

Jennifer-Lopez-PromiseSource: Jennifer Lopez

Notes: Wood, crystallized amber, jasmine, honeysuckle, tangerine, pink berries, and pear

Why we love it: J.Lo is the queen of celebrity fragrances! This woody, floral fragrance is classy, powerful, and fierce just like J.Lo. It’ll make you feel empowered and sexy. We’re low-key obsessed.

Ideal first date: Drinks on a city rooftop bar with a dazzling view of the skyline.

The Classic Date Night Fragrance: Tom Ford Black Orchid, $140

9-The-Classic-date-night-fragrance-Tom-FordSource: Tom Ford

Notes: Black truffle, bergamot, black orchid, black plum, noir gourmand accord, patchouli

Why we love: This iconic unisex scent is known as one of the most decadent fragrances on the shelves. It’s another gourmand perfume, however, unlike Riri’s signature, it’s spicy, complex, and rich. Just be mindful, a little goes a long way with this fragrance, spritz once on your neck and your wrists.

Ideal first date: Dinner and cocktails at the new fine-dining hotspot in town.

For the Hopeless Romantic: KAYALI Déjà Vu White Flower | 57, $85


Notes: Gardenia, jasmine absolute, orange flower, tuberose infusion, Tahitian vanilla

Why we love it: This fragrance was inspired by the very feeling of falling in love, so naturally, it’s our go-to date night scent. It’s hopeful, warm, and sensual with fruity notes of white nectarine and orange flower paired with rich comforting notes of vanilla and gardenia.

Ideal first date: A sunset walk followed by a candlelit dinner at an up-and-coming bistro.

The Headturner: Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Parfum, $64


Notes: Amber, rose, mandarin, and peony

Why we love it: This sensual, intense fragrance is a guaranteed head-turner. With notes of amber, rose, mandarin, and peony, it’s floral yet intense and complex. It also has studies to back up its sex appeal. Rose is believed to make women feel more confident while a recent study, showed that orange scents aroused 20% of men.

Ideal first date: Cocktails at the hottest new burlesque club.

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