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As the holiday season approaches, despite things being pretty different this year, we’re still on the lookout for new trends to keep us looking cute – pictures are forever right? So, we turned to three incredible celeb makeup artists for their favorite fall makeup trends that are easy-to-achieve at home. They also spilled their need-to-know tips for 5-minute makeup, because let’s be real, that’s everyone’s go-to vibe RN. Here’s what they had to say…

1. Porsche Cooper’s Fave A/W Trends

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The extremely talented Porsche Cooper, who works with goddesses like Winnie Harlow and Mary J. Blige, shared her three favorite trends for A/W 2020, and of course, they’re mask-appropriate!

Glitter Lids: According to Porsche, “Eyes that shine and sparkle as bright as fine jewelry always bring a festive flair to your face. Glitter eyeliners, shimmery liquid eyeshadows, and/or loose glitter should be in everyone’s makeup bag.” We couldn’t agree more! Whenever you’re opting for a glitter look, Porsche recommends, “Keeping shimmer close to your lash line for a softer approach or to prevent unwanted attention to eyes that have a lot of texture.” Alternatively, if you’re feeling bold, “Cover your upper or lower lid in metallic jewel tones for attention-stealing eyes,” says Porsche.

Vampy lips: “When colder temps hit, vampy lips are a must,” says Porsche. “Think wine-colored hues like deep Bordeaux and darker plums that evoke sensual vibes wearable by all skin tones.” When it comes to choosing the finish, Porsche insists that this is the fun part! She recommends, “A sheer or stained look for those who prefer a softer approach, and full coverage matte or patent-like rouge for those who dare an uber confidant look.” Check out our go-to long-lasting lipsticks that are 100% mask proof.


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Smokey Eyes: “Sending smoke signals with your eye makeup in the fall/winter, especially in the age of mask-wearing, will never go out of style,” says Porsche. To get the look, she says it’s important to, “Invest in good kohl eye pencils that can be smudged to create instant smoky eyes when in a rush. If there’s time, set your liner with jewel-tone eyeshadows for longer wearability that adds a pop of sultry color.”

Porsche’s 5-Minute Makeup Tips

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According to Porsche to create a five-minute makeup look, you should, “Spend more time perfecting your canvas so that all other embellishments look more flawless.” As for your complexion, she insists that you should only apply products wherever needed, rather than relying on full coverage formulas when it’s not necessary.

Porsche, just like us, also loves multi-use cream products that can be used on your cheeks and lips and applied with your fingers to save on application time. For brows and lashes, she recommends keeping it simple by filling in your brows and brushing the hairs upwards with a gel. To finish, add a few coats of mascara and you’re good to go!

2. Alana Wright’s Winter Obsessions

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Alana Wright is a master of all things makeup – just check out her Instagram feed and you’ll be swooning over the eye-popping looks and dewy skin goals. We recently had the opportunity to pick her brain and we couldn’t let her leave without asking her for her fave fall trends. Here are her three go-to looks right now…

Bold Lips and Cheeks: Just like Porsche, Alana loves a vampy lip for fall. However, she prefers a creamier finish in a deep, plum shade paired with a punchy colored cheek. Check out our fave long-lasting blushes here.

Colorful Liner:  As for the eyes, Alana says she’s crushing on, “Eyes rimmed with vivid colored liner for the mask wearers that still want to make a statement.” We’re obsessed with the purple liner look Alana created above.

Baby skin: “Naturally-matte flawless complexion without heavy contour/highlight” is Alana’s go-to vibe right now. She adds that her goal is to achieve, “Skin that looks like you’ve been nurturing it all quarantine with the best skincare products.” We couldn’t agree more!

Alana’s 5-Minute Makeup Tips

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Alana recommends focusing on one feature when achieving a quick makeup look. She says to begin by asking yourself the question, “Is the goal flawless skin? Perfect brows, defined lashes?” As, “It helps with time management and not sweating the small stuff.”

She’s also in total agreement with Porsche with regard to relying on multi-use beauty products. “Try using multi-use products that can be used throughout the face with just a simple swipe and are blendable by hand. Stick concealer, powder foundation, blush/bronzer in a stick form, and a tinted brow gel are all great for a quick makeup application.”

3. Ashunta Sherriff

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If one thing’s clear, it’s that the eyes are the focal point this season, as we’re wearing masks around the clock. Ashunta Sherriff, AKA makeup artist OG and Taraji P. Henson’s go-to MUA says, “Because we‘re still within the pandemic I believe the focus is on eyes and having as much fun as possible since we are walking around with facemasks and cannot see our lips and mouth.” Therefore, Ashunta is loving fierce eye makeup looks right now: “I believe that sultry eyes, bold colors, fun graphic liners are all a huge trend for this fall and winter season.”

Ashunta’s 5-Minute Makeup Rules

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If you’re rushing out the door or getting ready for a Zoom call, Ashunta has a quick three-step makeup process that everyone needs to know. “My favorite five-minute makeup is achieved using The Lip Bar Skin Serum Foundation, $28, which truly covers and evens skin tone, filling in eyebrows and adding a Huda Beauty Lash, my fave is HOODIE #23.” According to Ashunta, “This clean simple look is flawless and simple but does the trick.”

To learn more from these incredible MUAs, check our their ride-or-die makeup tips for deep skin tones.

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