Celeb Treatments You Can Actually Afford – Under $1k

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cosmetic treatments under $1k

When you spend your days hustling, you don’t want to waste a dime. Especially when you’re dropping four figures, which is inevitable when you enter the world of cosmetic surgery. So, if and when you do decide to go ahead with a procedure, you want to guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the results and not feel like you’ve wasted money.

We spoke to two of the world’s most famous cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Matlock, and Dr. Ordon, and if you haven’t heard of them, you’ll definitely have heard of their celeb clientele. They gave us the low down and filled us in (no pun intended) on the most affordable treatments that’ll have the most transformative effects.

Before we get into the deets, Dr.Ordon said that one of the most important things to remember with any cosmetic procedure is that “It’s entirely dependent on your face, as in general, cosmetics is concern or problem-focused. For instance, if you already have nice luscious lips, then the biggest difference you can make may be to target the deep forehead lines that are making you look older, or the severe frown lines that are making you look angry or tired. Therefore, targeting these issues will make the most difference.” However, with that said, here are the treatments that both Dr. Matlock and Dr. Ordon recommend that will make a big difference on a budget:

Best Cosmetic Procedures For $1,000

We’ll be real with you: cosmetic surgery isn’t cheap, so the minimum you’re likely to spend is $1,000. If you’re spending much less than this, then you may want to think twice about the place you have a treatment. Dr. Ordon says one of the best value-for-money treatments for $1000 is a PRP facial, aka the vampire facial, which is a fave among his celeb clientele: “A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial is when you take your own blood, you spin it and you uproot the cells. Then you concentrate the formula and reinject it into your skin. The reason why you do this is because the blood is loaded with growth factors.” These growth factors will help aid cell turnover and promote healthy skin growth.

The PRP facial also involves microneedling to stimulate skin regeneration and tighten the skin. Think of it as a mini facelift. Apparently, all of the celebs have a PRP facial before a big event. Although, it’s important to note that it’ll take roughly two weeks to see the full benefit and it’ll require approximately five days of downtime, where you may experience some redness.

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Dr. Matlock believes “The most transformative treatment for $1000 would be to have your lips augmented with filler. You would probably use a couple CC’s of filler for $1000” He would recommend Juvederm or Restylane, which are both hyaluronic acid products, saying that “For $1,000, 1cc typically will deliver a good result of the upper and lower lip.”

Although we have to say, we’re starting to veer away from the super filled lips that have been popular over the last few years, and are preferring a more natural look for 2019. So, for $1,000, you could also have your hyaluronic acid fillers dissolved, if you wanted to. Check out how it works here.

Dr. Ordon’s secret to getting natural fillers: “When you add filler to the lips, you’re addressing three different areas. Firstly, you fill around the border of your lips. Secondly, you fill in the pulp of your lip, and finally, you want to do a vertical injection in the Cupid’s bow: This will allow you to form a lax between the outer corner, as you’re connecting it vertically with the Cupid’s bow, which will create a naturally plump look without that Donald Duck effect.” Amen to that.

Best Cosmetic Procedures For $5,000

One treatment that can make a considerable difference to the overall dimensions of the face, according to Dr. Matlock, is to correct a double chin via liposuction “I would recommend liposuction in the neck for anyone who has a double chin, as it can make such a difference and make you look ten pounds lighter! Liposuction will permanently remove that fat from below your neck. Once you’ve removed the fat, you can support it with a compressing dressing. You’ll effectively also get a neck lift because your skin tone around the area is usually very good  that’s a major impact for $5000.”

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Dr. Matlock would opt for a combination of filler in different areas of the face.  He told us, “Adding volume to the midface will make a considerable difference. We know that part of aging is losing volume to the midface and things dropping, due to gravity and the changes in the skin itself, so you can do nice things in the face to counteract the aged look. One area that can make a considerable impact is the jowl.” By adding volume to your cheekbones, you’ll help lift the jowl, while also adding volume to the cheekbones; rebalancing your facial dimensions for a more youthful and sculpted look.

Best Cosmetic Procedures For $10,000

For $10,000 both Doctors agreed that liposuction and vaser sculpting of the abdomen and waistline could make the biggest difference!

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The advantages of vaser liposuction (vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) versus other forms of liposuction, is that vaser will change the contour and shape of your body, helping you achieve a much more toned finished look. The technique uses a specialized ultrasound technology that sends ultrasonic frequency waves to break down fat cells in the body.

Dr. Matlock explains the benefits of his vaser technique, “When we use vaser we can also do abdominal sculpting to create contours for the appearance of the six-pack. This works well especially in the female form and helps you achieve a very athletic finish. It also works well in the arms; sculpting the triceps to help banish saggy arms.” Apparently, most celebs have had their body sculpted we obvs asked Dr. Matlock to drop some names, but he kept his lips sealed! So, the next time you’re drooling over a celeb snap, remember those perfectly toned arms or peachy booty may be a result of Dr. Matlock’s hard work, not theirs.

Here’s what you could expect from Dr. Matlock’s signature procedure: ” Firstly, you’re in the pre-op room, and your surgeon marks the area. 90% of our patients want to be under general anesthesia. We then use a mass solution to minimize bleeding and bruising. I use a vaser as it increases skin tightening by 53%. We then use a cannula (a syringe to withdraw fluid) to remove the fat, and then we fine tune. Post-procedure, patients must wear a garment 24/7 to keep their stomach tight. Then for the following two weeks, you only need to wear it when you work out.”