TikTok Just Seriously Motivated Us To Nail Our Morning Routine


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Gen Z is all about wellness and gratitude, and we love that. RN, they’re celebrating the little rituals that make us human. With over 5.5 billion views, #MorningRoutine keeps it real, with TikTokers all over the world sharing glimpses of their daily habits. We’ve picked our fave rituals from the lot – we think some of these morning steps could brighten your mornings and help you fall in love with your self-care routine.

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1. Make Your Bed

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If your WFH desk is close to your bed, there’s a high chance you may switch between the two and not bother to straighten out your sheets. This year, aim to fluff out your pillows and tuck in your comforter before your caffeine hit to set a productive tone for the rest of your morning. Fun fact: when you make your bed first thing in the morning, your brain awards itself with a little gold sticker and motivates itself to continue the active streak. Although it may feel unnecessary (think back to all the excuses you gave your parents), studies show that 8 in 10 people feel accomplished whenever they make their bed. #itsthelittlethings

2. Enjoy Your Skincare And Makeup Routine

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Guilty of skipping your skincare or makeup routine for extra snooze time? You’re not alone. Although it’s easy enough to sneak in your skincare in the morning, we def miss sweeping our lids with our signature shadows. In fact, Redditors discussed the lost art of dressing up in the mornings, and many revealed that they seriously miss their morning makeup ritual.

Studies show that when you take the time to cut your creases or steadily apply your liner, there’s an overall soothing effect that kicks in to calm your senses – it’s almost meditative. Think of it as me-time before you kick off your morning schedule. This year, aim to set aside a few minutes every day to pat in your eye cream and serums before work. As you spend some quality time with your moisturizers (and SPF), you’ll realize that it’s you who’s in control of the day.

3. Prioritize Self-Love Daily 

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When’s the last time you told your heart you’re proud of it? Or the last time you looked into the mirror and said, “Damn, I have a great smile.” More often than not, we wait for others to send compliments our way, but we’re here to tell you – don’t wait! Go ahead and tell yourself that you’re a powerful goddess who overcomes everything life throws your way! Jot down everything you love about yourself daily – be it your freckles, cheeks, kindness, toes, smile, or anything! Each bit of you deserves to be loved, so never shy away from thanking your body for all the things it does for you.

Studies show that there’s enormous power in saying things out loud – your brain soaks in the compliments before radiating joyful energy that’ll turn your frown upside down.

4. Practice Gratitude On The Commute

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Although there’s nothing wrong with Netflixin’ on the subway, don’t forget to look at the beauty around you! Use the time you spend on your commute to practice gratitude by appreciating everything you see – from marshmallow clouds, the smile of a stranger to the food packed in your tote. When you press pause to cherish the simple moments, you’ll feel positivity tingling all over as you give thanks for the blessings that often go unseen.

What does your morning routine consist of? Tell us in the comments.