Debunking The Craziest Skin Trends & Myths With A Top TikTok Derm


Dr. Azi

Fact or Cap: Everything on TikTok is genius and should be believed? Cap! Okay, we knew you knew that! If you’re not a gen Z-er and aren’t familiar with this TikTok jargon, then ‘cap’ is essentially slang for fiction. The thing is, as much as we love a good TikTok scroll, there’s some seriously dodgy stuff on there. Fortunately, there are some skincare experts patrolling the platform and keeping us informed on what’s fact and what’s cap!

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In comes one of TikTok’s biggest truth keepers, dermatologist and Founder of AziMD Skincare and the La Jolla Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center, Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, or as she’s known on her social pages, Dr. Azi. Thankfully, Dr. Azi is helping debunk crazy videos and inform skincare lovers on the real truth behind a healthy skin routine while educating on all kinds of skincare topics. We love her always kind but honest videos and we’ve learned so much from her. So, we decided to get her to help debunk some of the craziest facts or caps, and fill us in on some skincare myths. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t believe on TikTok!

What are the most harmful TikTok skin trends you’ve seen?

1. DIY Lip Filler: Using at-home kits to inject lip filler

When it comes to injecting anything into your skin, it’s most definitely best left to the professionals! However, TikTok doesn’t always follow this advice. Dr. Azi tells us that “Many were using tools known as hyaluron pens, which use pressurized air to force filler into lips as opposed to needles. However, it still breaks the skin’s surface and the filler gel is still implanted beneath the skin.”

While it might not sound too drastic, Dr. Azi warns that it can have long-term consequences, “First, I have concerns about what products people are injecting into their lips. They are not regulated nor have they been studied for safety. It can be contaminated resulting in long-term complications such as infections that lead to long-term disfigurement, scarring, and pigmentation.” She explains that “improper injection can block blood flow. You need the skill to treat the complications when they happen in order to prevent serious consequences.”

2. Microneedling Pigment as Semi-Permanent Makeup

Okay, we’ve seen this doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram for a while, and the technique seems so prevalent that we didn’t realize there could be dangerous implications. Dr. Azi explains, “This is a concern as the pigment is essentially tattooed into the skin. These pigments are not regulated and the foundations they use have ingredients, such as pigments and preservatives, that aren’t meant to penetrate the skin. They can lead to irritation, sensitization, infection, and even worse, granulomas (hard lumps), as a result of chronic inflammation. This treatment may also damage your natural skin tissue with time. Definitely invest in Huda’s foundation and wash it off at the end of the day.” We have to say, after hearing those potential side effects, we think we’ll stick with makeup!

3. Pain is not beauty: Face Waxing

Here’s an extreme waxing video we saw recently, and we have to say we were shocked someone would do this to themselves:

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Dr. Azi questions, “Why are people covering their entire face in hot wax and then ripping it off? Those videos always make me cringe! The person can’t even breathe when their nose and mouth are covered. There’s no reason for it.” We have to agree, this does seem a little unnecessary! If the hair on your face is bothering you, try dermaplaning with your derm!

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What skin myths do you see on TikTok that you wish people would stop believing?

We’ll be the first to admit we love a DIY, but Dr. Azi insists there are some ingredients that you should really just steer clear of. Dr. Azi says to avoid using lemon for any DIYs; “If you step outside in the sun, it will cause a skin burn that results in hyperpigmentation and discoloration that lasts for months. It’s also highly acidic which can disrupt the skin barrier.” Check out some of our fave tried and true brightening vitamin C products (under $50) here.

Another myth Dr. Azi says is totally incorrect is that “you don’t need to wear sunscreen indoors.” She says “I tell my patients, “listen, you have to go outside to make it into my office, you have windows that allow penetration of UVA rays, and you go outside to check the mail. All of this adds up.” You only have to look at this picture of a truck driver to see how UV penetrates glass and can do major damage to your skin!

“I also recommend you use a mineral-based SPF with iron oxide like HydratintBB SPF 44, which helps reduce damage from blue rays. Since we are all spending so much time on iPhones and iPads we are exposed to more blue light than ever before and this can worsen hyperpigmentation and damage our collagen in the long run. Best to make it a habit and wear it every single morning.” Dr. Azi adds. The key to wearing sunscreen every day is finding a formula that you love. Check out these sunscreens we love wearing here.

What are some of the most misunderstood skin myths?

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“Pores don’t open and close!” Dr. Azi insists! This is probably the most widely talked about skin myth because even though pores don’t actually open and close, they do sometimes appear to look smaller. Dr. Azi explains, “They are open all the time. They can get blocked. Steaming the skin or using warm water can help loosen the debris inside pores, but doesn’t actually open them up. Pore size is genetic, and factors such as UV Rays can enlarge them over time. Another reason to wear an SPF daily moisturizer. We can help tighten the collagen around pores by doing laser resurfacing, or use products, such as retinol and salicylic acid, to minimize their appearance.”

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Another skin myth that’s misleading is dandruff. “Many people think Dandruff is caused by dry skin and they don’t wash the scalp thinking it will make it worse. But dandruff is actually due to an overly oily scalp and yeast that builds up on the scalp skin and results in irritation presenting as flakiness.” So essentially dandruff is caused by the exact opposite of what you though it was! Dr. Azi advises “washing the scalp more often, particularly with shampoos that reduce yeast counts actually improves dandruff.”


And here’s a crazy fun fact for you from Dr. Azi: “I have one that may Gross you out… you ready? We have organisms that live on our skin that are supposed to be there to help our skin remain balanced and healthy. They are part of our microbiome. These include good yeast and bacteria, but also mites called Demodex that live inside our pores. In small numbers, they are helpful as they aid in removing dead skin cells but in larger numbers, they can cause chronic inflammation and redness, in particular Rosacea. Azelaic10 serum with Azelaic acid helps reduce them, which is the reason we use it for Rosacea.”

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Let us know what you learned in the comments and stay tuned for Dr. Azi’s skincare tips, fave ingredients, and her derm secrets! Until then, make sure you’re following Dr. Azi on TikTok to get all her skin tips directly – happy scrolling!