Time To Trade In Your Drugstore Deodorant... We Found THE ONE!



Deodorant: it’s one of those beauty staples that we use daily but usually just grab from the drugstore without much thought. Until more recently, when natural deodorant made waves, and many people (us included), tried to make the trade.

Months ago, a new deodorant landed on our desk, which got us excited about the prospect of spraying our pits for the first time in years and we’ve been obsessed ever since. The product in question is a collaboration between the celeb-loved gym, DOGPOUND – famed for clients including Bella Hadid and Hugh Jackman – and body spray brand, OffCourt. Together, they’ve created an aluminum-free Performance Body Spray, $18, packed with amazing ingredients and a luxe gender-neutral fragrance. Literally, it ticks all of the boxes. But the most important question: does it actually keep you smelling great after a heavy sweat sesh? Here’s what happened when we put it to the test.

What it is: A deo-body spray with an odor-fighting base, packed with prebiotics and aluminum-free actives. It has an ultra-luxe gender-neutral fragrance created exclusively for the collaboration with notes of sparkling citrus, suede, vetiver, moss-oak, neroli, orris, saffron, and white musk. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free – tested on athletes, not bunnies.  

What it does: This long-lasting suede fragrance is designed to keep you smelling fresh for 8+ hours. The aluminum-free, odor-controlling active ingredients help regulate odor production while deodorizing agents trap odor as its source. Plus, thanks to prebiotics, it helps support the growth of good bacteria while simultaneously keeping the odor-causing bacteria in check.

What we liked: As soon as we opened the packaging, we fell in love with the chic monochromatic packaging, which gave a nod to the famous black interior of DOGPOUND. It feels like our regular deodorant has had a sophisticated makeover, and we’re so here for it. We also love the gender-neutral scent; the blend of suede and citrus notes is crisp and invigorating, which is exactly what you want pre or post-workout. Even some of our colleagues noticed and approved of the scent.

The results: We put this to the test with a high-intensity cycling class, and honestly, it exceeded all expectations! For a little bit of context, I work out regularly, and I usually head straight to the washroom to spritz deodorant under my armpits – that’s if I don’t head straight for a shower – as I get hella sweaty and I’m often conscious about body odor. This time, I entered the class with confidence, and even my workout buddy immediately commented on the fresh scent! At the end of the class, my face was red, my T-shirt was soaked through (TMI?), and I was panting from spinning too hard to Beyonce – it was a diva cycling class, how could I not? I had to give myself a big old whiff of my armpits, and to my surprise (and delight), I could STILL smell the body spray and not one hint of body odor. Finally, a deodorant that can take on my intense workout classes!

After my shower, I spritzed it on again to see how it would work throughout the day. BTW, I live in a desert but choose to wear blazers almost daily (yes, I suffer for fashion), and I often carry deodorant in my bag to top-up mid-afternoon. Thankfully, the deo was proving its performance capabilities, but I added a little spritz anyway because, for real, I love the scent!

Our final verdict: As someone who has tried desperately to switch to natural deodorants but was unsuccessful due to my workout routine, I can confirm this has become my new gym bag staple. We’ll be stocking up on this limited edition deo body spray and stashing it in our gym bag for the foreseeable. 

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