PSA: You’ve Been Using Dry Shampoo Wrong Your Whole Life


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If we could speak to the beauty gawds, we’d thank them for blessing us with dry shampoo. We’d also give a special shoutout to Tom Smith, the celebrity hairstylist who shocked the world with his insane dry shampoo tutorial! Catch the deets from the legend himself:

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Unlike the regular spritz, massage, and go routine we’re used to, Smith takes things up a notch with a blast of cold air. First, he applies a generous layer of product to the roots, lets it sit for a minute, then brushes through the hair. However, Tom explains that those oil-absorbing particles are still lurking in your hair! That’s why he recommends hitting the hair with a cool blast to whisk away any remaining excess product for a truly fresh feeling. And THAT’S how to make the most of your dry shampoo.

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