How To Do Nail Art At Home With Minimal Effort


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Here at HB HQ, we’re hella serious about our nails. You’ll always find us hop-skip-and jumping from zebra prints to intricate swirl designs and smiley-detailed nail beds. Shout out to our nail gal – we absolutely adore her, so we’re not surprised when she tells us she’s all booked up for the week. For desperate days when your tips crave a mani refresh, we’ve got three solutions for at-home digits that look fierce AF. They’ll have you springing for your nail kit at home, in a cab – wherever, really.

1. Pop On Fake Nails 

A part of the acrylic deal is picking a nail look only to realize later on that it doesn’t quite go with your new fit. But with press-on nails, you can instantly have the best of both worlds. We’re #obsessed with the endless collection of ready-to-go tips that span from nudes to monochromes, french to embellished, and in every nail shape imaginable.


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You can opt for either adhesive, AKA sticky-backed, or non-adhesive tips that come with the cutest, little glue bottle. Know that both options have a bad rep for ghosting you mid-party (yikes!), but if a non-adhesive nail pops out, dot your nail beds with some glue and pop them back on. You’ll be serving nail inspo lewks all week long – #WorthIt.

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Now that we’ve sold you on nail falsies, here’s a pro tip: get creative with nude press-ons and repaint for a splash of color or a blinged-out manicure. Pop them onto a Q-tip with a folded piece of tape and get painting. But if you’re running late, ready-to-go press-ons are a fuss-free stunner.

Static Nails have us HOOKED with their Sheer Fixation Almond Reusable Pop-On Manicure, $16, a set that features 24 reusable and customizable tips. They last for weeks and can be applied in seconds for a fuss-free mani. The kit comes with non-damaging glue, a buffer for easier prep, and a file to shape to your liking. We recommend it for average, petite and, larger-sized nails.

We’re also double-tapping for their stunning array of nudes, mattes, animal-printed tips, and French manis with a twist of color – love, love, love! For a budget-friendly alternative, check out KISS Gel Fantasy Nails, $5, and their collection of solid mattes and glossy finishes that’ll have your tips dressed for a week.

2. Peel & Stick On The Run 

When you’re at the office but need to be at your BFFs stat, all you need are these nail stickers for a salon-approved manicure.

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DW boo, we’ll run you through it: apply a bottom coat and fan as you order an Uber. The work-hour traffic will buy you some time to peel and stick these wraps onto your nails, leaving you with plenty of time to apply a top coat to finish. Carefully carry your essentials to the cab (keep fanning), roll the windows down for a breath of fresh air coupled with some (more) fanning.

If you’re still humming Watermelon Sugar High in the kitchen (who isn’t?), the Olive & June Nail Art Stickers – Loveliest Day, $8, are your best bet for a Harry Styles-inspired set. This set features 36 stickies to elevate your nail beds and hide chipped polish. Ranging from rainbows to daisies, you’ll find your fingers enjoying the ultimate watermelon sugar high… Wait, is that not what the song’s about?

3. Stencils For Delicate Designs

For Saturday nights crossed out for some feel-good Netflixing, these ready-made stencils make waiting for takeout so much easier. The single-use stencils feature an array of striped, honeycombed, and even cat designs for the purr-fect mani (uh, yes, please?).

Apply a base coat before you pop the stencil onto your nail, and paint on a contrasting colored coat. You can opt for a nude moment or a color block spread before you seal with a topcoat. Fan your IG-approved nails to dry before peeling off.

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We’re banking on Twinkled T to make needing a steady hand a thing of the past. With French Tip Vinyls, $4, you’ll find yourself effortlessly painting half-moon manis in no time. If you’re feeling a little boujee, dot some tiny pearls over a nude base for a luxe finish.

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