6 Scents That Turn Men ON!


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Scent is a very personal thing: it has the power to completely change the mood, remind you of a special someone, or take you back to a particular memory. And while you may think your perfume preferences are also very personal, there’re some scents that have the same effect, especially among the opposite sex. Because let’s be real, one of the most important finishing touches to any look is a spritz of perfume, especially on date night. Which made us think, which scents in particular turn men on: what scents make women literally irresistible to men? And what scents make women feel like Beyoncé? Well, we looked into it, and some of these sexy perfumes may surprise you.

The power of scent

Are you wondering how a single scent has the power to send men into a frenzy? Well, our sense of smell stimulates nerve endings at the back of the nose, this then awakens the part of the brain called the limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions, behavior, and libido, aka our sex drive. So, these are the scents that command the most attention from men, and the fragrance notes you should be bathing in when date night comes around…

The Sexy Scents:

1. Vanilla

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Vanilla is a common base note in a lot of popular fragrances and the good news is: it’s said to drive men crazaaaay. As early as the 1700s, doctors would prescribe it to male patients to help them get in the mood. It’s basically a natural aphrodisiac, and during a survey with AskMen.com, the male participants said it definitely had a euphoric effect. So, what we’re saying is: a couple spritzes of a vanilla-based perfume and your man will be ready to go.

Our fave vanilla fragrances: We’ll forever be obsessed with the Tender Romance by Ralph Lauren, $76: It smells delicious, with clean fresh, warm and sweet gourmand notes complemented with jasmine (another sensual note on our list). Although, if you don’t feel like splashing out, & Other Stories, Perle De Coco roll-on perfume, $20, is equally as alluring, with notes of coconut and ylang-ylang – it’s super sexy.

2. Lavender

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Okay, so we realize that the scent of lavender may make you think of your grandma’s washroom, but when incorporated into a fragrance, it can have a seriously sexy allure. Lavender is also known as the ‘herb of love,’ and has been used to entice men long before the times of bottled fragrances, it would even be rubbed over women’s clothes to give off the sensual scent.

The scent has actually been reported to increase penile blood flow by 5 percent – yes, seriously! In a study conducted by ‘The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago’, the scent of lavender combined with pumpkin pie produced the greatest increase (40 percent) in penile blood flow in male volunteers – WTF?!? To top it off, it’s also said to enrich female sensitivity, making you feel extra saucy.

Our fave lavender fragrances: We’re in love with the Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale, $94 – it’s really feminine yet strong and sensual – just like the modern woman. But, if we’re feeling extra (and let’s be real, when are we not?) the notes of lavender and mandarin in the Tom Ford Fougere D’Argent, $235, make us feel SO luxurious.

3. Ylang-Ylang

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This tropical flower (FYI, it’s pronounced “ilang-ilang”) is rumored to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, as it energizes both men and women, so you’ll both be feeling yourself (and maybe each other). If you don’t have a ylang-ylang fragrance, you can always use a couple of drops of the essential oil on your wrist for the same effect.

Our fave ylang-ylang fragrances: This ylang-ylang fragrance; Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, $100, has to be one of the most famous fragrances of all time, and we understand why – it exudes confidence, and what’s sexier than confidence? Another ylang-ylang fragrance is J’adore by Dior, $100, every time we smell it, we fall in love!

4. Orange

Orange blossom is said to awaken the senses, and in a recent study, it reportedly aroused 20% of men. You can find it in a lot of popular fragrances listed as either orange blossom or mandarin.

Our fave orange fragrances: We like the Ellie Saab Le Parfume, $63, it’s really light and it’s a perfect daytime fragrance. Or, if you’re on a budget the Victoria Secret Love Is Heavenly, $15, is another great option!

5. Jasmine

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Jasmine is a super popular perfume note and has a long history of being used to arouse men. It’s traditionally used as a holistic method of combatting a lack of libido and impotence. Basically, it’s potent AF.

Our fave jasmine fragrances: Another classic; The Thierry Mugler Alien, $120, has notes of amber, wood, and jasmine; ticking all the sexy boxes. Although if you want to opt for something a little lighter, the crisp apple notes in the Dolce & Gabbana classic Light Blue, $78, is also really sexy.

6. Wood and leather

The woody aroma of scents like sandalwood, peppercorn, and leather are also reported to stimulate men as they have the power to heighten your sensual chakras. Most notably, the sweet exotic scent of sandalwood enhances the sensual emotion in men while having a calming effect.

Our fave woody fragrances: Sensuous by Estee Lauder, $90, is so sultry and yet delicate – you’ll definitely be setting THE mood with this fragrance. We also love Red Door By Elizabeth Arden, $55 – even the name feels a little naughty!!!

You can thank us, the next time you get a little frisky 😉 Let us know the perfume that makes you feel sexy in the comments below.