The Cutest Hair Bonnets Your Hair Will Thank You For

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There’s a reason it’s called bed head hair for a reason because when you sleep on a regular cotton pillowcase, chances are your hair is gonna look messy and frizzy when you wake up. In fact, the long-term effects of sleeping on cotton include split ends and hair dryness. Silk allows your hair to move freely and doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton, which means healthier, stronger, smoother hair.

If you’ve been blessed with curly, kinky or coily hair, you may have already experienced the magic of hair bonnets – they’re a curly girl’s best-kept secret for preserving curl health. In case you’re new to the world of bonnets, we’ve rounded up seven super cute bonnets, wraps, and turbans that’ll help protect your hair and keep it looking fresh. Plus, since we’re now WFH, you can wear them throughout the day and even on your Zoom calls. These are so cute we might even wear them to the grocery store!

1. Slip Pure Silk Hair Wrap, $85

1-Slip-Pure-Silk-Hair-WrapSource: Slip

This silk hair wrap will protect your hair from the unruly effects of friction throughout the night, so your curls remain defined and luscious. The wrap is made from 100 percent pure silk with specially-selected elastic for maximum comfort. It also looks hella-cute and is available in two colors: black and pastel pink.

2. Grace Eleyae All Silk Turban Blue Peach Floral, $77

Grace-Eleyae-All-Silk-Turban-Blue-Peach-FloralSource: Grace Eleyae

This turban is SO cute making it perfect for WFH glam. The double-lined silk turban will reduce hair damage and prevent moisture loss so your hair remains healthy and frizz-free. It also has hidden adjustable drawstrings so it stays in place all night long.

3. Double-Sided African Print Ankara Silk Satin Bonnet, $14

Double-Sided-African-Print-Ankara-BonnetSource: Etsy

This double-side bonnet has a silk outer layer in the most stunning vibrant pattern that’ll instantly perk up your day, as well as a plain satin inner lining. It’s also available in two sizes – the large is suitable for mid-back length crochet and braided styles, and the medium-size is ideal for short to medium length hair or medium length crochet hairstyles.

4. Loza Tam Steel Blue Front Knot Turban, $55

Loza-Tam-Steel-Blue-Front-Knot-TurbanSource: Loza Tam

This blue satin-lined headwrap will prevent friction between the sheets while helping you look hella-stylish. Another major bonus? The front knot is pre-tied for easy wear. Plus, if you prefer a patterned turban, it’s also available in a beautiful Aztec print. Whichever you choose, they’re all handcrafted in Ghana by female entrepreneurs.

5. Isoken Enofe ‘Amara’, $30 

hair bonnet Source: Isoken

Inspired by the Afrocentric Heritage, this Ankara satin bonnet will help you keep bad hair days to a minimum. Available in three sizes from medium to extra-large, regardless of how long your hair or your braids are, they’ll fit snugly into this bonnet.

6. Grace Eleyae Mustard Satin-Lined Knot Turban, $35

Grace-Eleyae-Mustard-Satin-Lined-Knot-TurbanSource: Grace Eleyae

We cannot get over how gorgeous this mustard-yellow turban is. The satin turban will combat frizz and moisture loss while you sleep, but TBH it’s so stunning we’ll be wearing it all day long. Once again, the pre-tied knot makes it easy to wear, which is ideal when you’re rushing to a Zoom call.

7. Silky Wraps Reversible BIG Satin Bonnet, $30

Silky-Wraps-Reversible-BIG-Satin-BonnetSource: Silky Wraps

Whether you have textured or straight hair, this silky satin charmeuse will keep your hair tangle-free. Plus, the enclosed elastic helps prevent breakage around the hairline. The drawstring design also allows you to adjust the fit for maximum comfort. The only hard decision is whether you opt for a pop of color or keep it chic with black.

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