How To FINALLY Get Rid Of Booty Spots


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The last thing you need to be worrying about is buttne aka butt acne – those little bumps and spots that you get on your booty. If you’re prone to breaking out on your derriere, don’t worry about it because it’s super common and nothing to be embarrassed about. But sometimes those little (or big) bumps can be really painful! So, as always, we’ve answered all your questions on how to what you need to know about the lil’ bumps on your booty, including how to treat them.

3 Things You Need To Know About Buttne:

1. It’s caused by tight clothing: Buttne is not caused by a hereditary skin condition; it’s actually a result of wearing tight clothing and unbreathable fabrics, like spandex or gym clothes.

2. There are two types of acne: The most common buttne is not really acne; it’s a condition called folliculitis. It occurs when a hair follicle becomes inflamed, infected, or blocked, resulting in a buildup of dead skin cells. The friction from the tight clothing, mixed with sweat, creates an irritant reaction that causes bumps and redness – it kinda looks like a rash. The other form of buttne is carbuncles, these are the more painful ones that look a bit like cystic acne, and it occurs when the folliculitis is so severe, the infection goes deeper into the skin, and a boil or cyst forms.

3. Touching it will only make it worse: Literally, the worst thing you can do to your buttne is scratch or pop it, as this will exacerbate the issue, as the bacteria will spread and so will the infection. It may also cause the buttne to scar, leaving small red marks on your booty. Instead, treat it with products that will kill off the acne bacteria, exfoliate, and cleanse the skin.

3 Ways To Prevent Buttne:

1. Let your skin breathe: If you’re working out, opt for loose sweatpants instead of tight fabrics or choose sweat-wicking materials. However, if you do prefer lycra-style workout gear, wear cotton shorts underneath to protect the skin. Then, as soon as you’ve finished exercising, shower with warm water and a hypoallergenic shower wash, and let your skin breathe for as long as possible.

2. Reduce sweating: If you’re prone to sweating (which is totally normal, so don’t sweat it) try using an antiperspirant on your booty to prevent spots from popping up. Always make sure you apply it about 20 minutes before exercising to guarantee its effectiveness.

3. Think about the fabric: Since buttne is caused by tight fabrics, in order to avoid it, don’t buy clothing that’s made of 100% spandex, buy cotton-spandex mix instead. Bear this in mind when buying jeans, as they actually contain a lot of spandex and so will contribute to the problem. Specifically, blue jeans, as the dye is responsible for more allergic reactions than white jeans or other colors.

3 Products To Get Rid Of Buttne:

buttne productsSource: Murad, Nip+Fab, Bioderma

1. MURAD Clarifying body spray, $40: This is basically a buttne-killer in a bottle. The spray is specifically catered for body acne and is designed to reduce the ongoing acne cycle. The formula contains salicylic acid, which will penetrate and exfoliate the skin at a deeper level so it can deal with acne more efficiently. It also contains niacinamide to help balance oil production and menthol to cool the skin and soothe irritation.

2. Nip + Fab glycolic fix exfoliating pads, $17: These exfoliating pads were originally designed for your face, but they work amazingly to prevent butt breakouts. The pads are soaked in glycolic acid which will retexture and rebalance the skin, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and blue daisies to soothe and calm the irritation. If you’re a gym bunny, carry these with you in your gym bag and use them on your booty after every workout.

3. Bioderma Body Wash Soap Free Shower Gel, $20: A hypoallergenic, soap-free shower gel, which is also free of parabens and has no artificial colors, so even if you have the most sensitive skin you’ll be fine! It’ll work to restore the natural pH balance of your skin, leaving your skin feeling super clean, soft and hydrated. It’s also only $20 for a liter, so it will last forever!

Removing scars:

If there are scars left behind and the marks on your butt are really getting to you, you can always do Intense Pulsed Light treatments and red-light treatments to help heal the marks left behind, and because they’re anti-inflammatory, they can even help to prevent new acne forming. Bio Oil, $15, is a slightly more affordable treatment, and all you have to do is massage the oil into any marks twice a day. Remember, when trying to remove marks, try to be patient; it can actually take two to three months to get rid of them.

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