How To Style & Treat Your Curls Like A Celeb Hairstylist

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Learning how to style your curls is a certifiable skill – there are just so many variables that you need to get right, from the styling cream to the comb. To help you care for your curls like a pro, we spoke to celeb hairstylist and curly hair guru, Hos Hounkpatin, the amazing stylist behind the gorgeous tresses of celebs like Jourdan Dunn, Winnie Harlow, Ashely Graham, Keke Palmer, and Joan Smalls. He spilled his top hairstyling rules, his fave products, and current styling obsessions.

Hos’ Hairstyling Secrets


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1. Look for lightweight products: “I usually make sure I don’t use products that are too heavy. I personally like the Balmain Curl Cream, $46, as it is very light and works on all hair types. It shows the texture of the natural hair without looking too frizzy.”

2. Diffuse your curls: “I also routinely diffuse the hair in low heat pressure, or I opt to air dry,” explains Hos. We like to do both to cut back on styling time – after wrapping in a microfiber towel, leave your hair to airdry until it’s 50% dry, then use a diffuser on a low heat setting. Always remember to cup the diffuser upwards towards the scalp and hold for 10-20 seconds, to reduce frizz. Also, don’t dry your hair completely to help maintain the health of the curl. Oh, and try not to touch your hair with your hands!

3. Twist your curls: “For a very tight curl, I like to twist the hair section by section after I apply the lightweight curl cream to define the texture, and then either let it air dry or diffuse with low heat,” says Hos.

How To Blow Dry Your Curls

“I recommend applying a lightweight cream to the hair, then use a wide-tooth comb and run it through the hair. Next, finish with a diffuser on a low heat level and low speed for a perfect curl style.” Hos told us he loves to use the Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer, $349, for low heat and low-speed pressure.

Hos’ Must-Have Styling products

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OUAI Hair Oil, $28: This oil will help smooth frizz by sealing in split ends for a super-smooth finish. The formula is packed with African galangal, ama, and Asian borage oils that’ll hydrate your curls, leaving them bouncy and full of life.

Vernon François Curl Command Conditioner, $18: This conditioner is a no-brainer for curly hair. Formulated with an uber-moisturizing blend of coconut oil, oat, olive, and sunflower seed extract, it’ll repair damaged hair follicles while defining and shaping your curls.

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Boucleme Super Hold Styler, $16 This styler delivers definition, hold, and shine to curls or kinky locks without weighing them down. Just make sure you apply it to wet hair for maximum effect.

Virtue Polish Unfrizz Cream, $21: This leave-in treatment will help eliminate frizz, keeping your hair soft and defined. The formula also boasts a patented protein to help strengthen the hair and smooth cracks along the cuticle.

The Oribe Styling Butter Curl Enhancing, $46: This super nourishing blend of shea butter and avocado oil will hydrate your hair and control frizz while simultaneously adding definition to coily curls.

2 Curly Hairstyles You Need To Try And How To Do It

Since Hos styles some of Instagrams’ hottest it-girls, we had to ask him his go-to styles right now. Here are three of his faves:

70s Hair Vibes on Imaan Hammam

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Hos explains; “First I used a padded brush to smooth out Imaan’s natural texture. Then I applied a heat protector from Virtue Labs named Create 6-in-1 Styler, $34, and using a half-inch curling iron, I worked through her hair section by section. The key to this look is alternating the iron left to right in different directions. After, I use my fingers to separate the curls, to make them more voluminous. Finally, I set the look with L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold  Hair Spray, $15!”

No-Heat Up Do on Keke Palmer

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“Beginning this look was a challenge as Keke did not want heat applied to her hair. I love this look because it is a no-heat hairstyle that any woman can achieve. First, I brushed out her textured hair with a soft brush. I applied Design Essential Sleek MAX Edge Control, $13, to her hair, it helped create a soft modern look without using heat! The edge control also helps keep fly-aways down and keeps the texture very clean.”

Hos’ Fave Hair Trend Right Now:

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“Personally I am really into the 50s and 60s hairstyle with a modern touch. Something chic and elegant like Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor… I love those very classic looks. But, at the moment I’m loving the sleek hair connected with a braid and the fresh texture undone look.”


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