Our New Lash Glue Will Solve ALL Your Lash Problems!


You know our thing… when we create a product, we want to solve a problem. That’s exactly how our new lash Sticky Tack Lash Glue was created – it’s the first-ever re-stickable lash glue. Put your lashes on at the wrong angle? Peel them off and stick them back on. You’re out partying and accidentally tug off a lash? Just stick it back down.

The Inspiration

After getting on a night flight with a full face of makeup, I just had to remove it all! But I hate getting off the plane with nothing on, so I always apply a little foundation and do my brows. I so desperately wanted to put my lashes back on, but I didn’t have any lash glue and I kept thinking I wish I could just re-stick them back on, and that’s when I realized we needed to create a re-stickable lash glue.

The Formula

sticky tack lash glue

This revolutionary clear-drying formula works just like sticky tack does. Once you apply a little glue to your lashes, let it sit for 60 seconds, then it’s ready to go on. The formula dries completely clear, so when you peel it off it won’t leave a mark. This also makes it ahhhmazing for beginners because you literally can’t go wrong – you don’t need to worry about the glue messing up your makeup or catching on your lid. If you put it on wrong, it’s fine, just peel it off and put it on again. I’ve honestly removed the same pair of lashes over and over again and they just stick right back on again.

It’s also completely latex-free (great if you have latex allergies), and ophthalmologically tested so it’s great for sensitive skin. And, although you can re-stick these for up to four hours, it doesn’t mean that they come off easily; they last for up to 12 hours and they’re still just as secure on your eyes as when you use our regular Huda Beauty Lash Glue.

How To Use Sticky Tack Lash Glue

1. Align the band with the natural lash line and trim off any excess from the outer corner of the lashes.

2. Apply a thin line of glue along the lash band.

3. Wait for up to one minute to maximize stickiness. (You can actually just apply the lash glue when you begin your makeup and apply it whenever you’re ready, as the glue will stay tacky).

4. Fix the band close to your natural lash line.

5. If you need to reposition, gently peel the lash off without removing the glue, and re-apply, for up to 4 hours.

The Sticky Tack Lash Glue, $14 (USD) is available now on ShopHudaBeauty.com. Who else is excited to try this?