7 Ways To Take Your Makeup From Basic Beat To Art-Chic


artistic makeup looks

Our makeup routines can get a little bit monotonous at times. Apply foundation, some sheer eyeshadow and blush, a few swipes of mascara and call it a day. Sometimes we branch out a bit with a quick cat eye or a juicy shade of lipstick, but the same-old tends to be our go-to.

Digging your way out of a makeup rut can be as simple as trying a new product, or perhaps reframing makeup as an opportunity to get creative and artsy. From products that essentially act as oil paints for your eyelids to “makeup crayons,” here are 7 ways you can breathe a little bit of art into your makeup routine.

Try Water-Activated Eyeliner

One of TikTok’s latest makeup trends? Watercolor eyeliner. True to the artform, you simply dip a wet brush into the water-activated product and then carefully apply wherever you wish.

“Water-based makeup has come a long way in the past few years, and now formulas are highly pigmented and long-wearing,” says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman. “To pull it off, make sure to get the texture of the product right before application, as layering this type of product tends to make it crack.”


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Aim for the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, and don’t stress too much about getting it perfect the first go. Practice makes perfect, and art has no rules! Try Gavissi Beauty’s UV Pastel Bundle, $22, and Suva Beauty Hydra Liners, $30.

Grab a Makeup Crayon 


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Channel your inner kindergartner and go ham with some makeup crayons! Just like that rainbow-packed box of waxy goodness, makeup crayons allow us to let go of the thought of precision and focus more on color, texture, and a carefree design. Try C’est Mois Visionary Makeup Crayons, $8, which you can use on your lids or anywhere else you feel like drawing. Both these gorg looks were created using C’est Mois’s crayon collection!

Bring on the Jewels


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Stickers are one of the simplest ways to revive your makeup game and lean into art vibes. You can go totally chic with petite, crystal-like stickers or try something bold and colorful, like star-shaped gems.

“Adding [jewels] to your makeup can be an easy way to create a high impact look without layers upon layers of makeup,” says Dorman. Some products already have a sticky backing that make them easy to apply, but Dorman says you can also use lash glue to adhere them to your skin.

Try Huda Beauty Sticky Tack Lash Glue, $14, and loose crystals. Or try something like ColourPop Mixed Crystal Face Jewels Set, $8.

Pick Up a Stamping Tool 


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As an alternative to jewels, try a stamping tool instead. It’s another quick and simple way to add some instant whimsy to your look. Just press wherever you want to add a lil somethin’ and you’re good to go. Try Lottie London’s Stamp Liners, £5.95.

Pretend You’re an Oil Painter 


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Powder eyeshadow will forever have a place in our hearts and on our lids, but Depixym Cosmetic Emulsions, £18, are giving us life RN. Available in 20 colors across the color spectrum (including yellow, orange, blue, and hot pink) the emulsions look, feel, and apply like oil paints.


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They can even be mixed together to create new colors, and can be applied with brushes, sponges, or your fingers. And don’t limit yourself to applying just to your lids — they can be applied anywhere on the face in whatever shape you desire.

Make it Extra Glossy 


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“Artfully placed color has been a growing trend in the last year, and I think adding a gloss texture to it makes the trend stand out even more,” says Dorman. Use a fluffy brush to place shadow pigment to apply your preferred color(s) wherever you wish, then simply paint over them with a cosmetic grade gloss for instant dimension.


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For the gloss, try Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Eye, Cheek & Lip Cream Pigment, $18, High Shine Finish Clear or Kaleidoscope. We recommend only applying products approved for the eye area.

Color Outside of the Lines

You don’t always have to apply color where society has previously deemed color appropriate. Experiment with bringing your eyeshadow away from your lids and in interesting shapes, or use unexpected pops of color in new places — like yellow on your cheeks or a wash of purple at your temples. Play around, don’t hold back, and make art.

Whatever look you try, do snap a selfie and share it with us on social!