This Secret Meditation Technique Will Make Your Skin Glow - In 5 Minutes


meditation for beautiful skin

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So often when we breakout we immediately blame our beauty cabinet, hormones, or our diet but as cheesy as it sounds, we forget to examine ourselves and our own mental well-being. But there’s no denying it: stress wreaks havoc on our skin – it’s quite literally a beauty burglar, and worrying about it will only make it worse! This is where meditation comes in to save the day. It’ll instantly calm and soothe your mental state while boosting blood circulation to improve the quality of your skin majorly. We promise by introducing meditation into your life; you’ll not only feel better, but you’ll also look better too. Here’s why:

How Stress Affects Your Skin

Stress has a HUGE impact on our skin; it can cause premature wrinkles, trigger breakouts, and will banish even an inkling of a glow. When you’re stressed, your blood vessels constrict, and you release a stress hormone called cortisol. This influx of cortisol basically blocks the supply of oxygenated blood to the skin. This means your skin is starved of nutrients and becomes dehydrated, dry, and sensitive. Your skin’s outer layer will then weaken, exposing it to any lingering nasty bacteria, worsening your breakout, and causing further inflammation. It has a seriously damaging impact on your hair too as the follicles are deprived of vitamins and minerals, causing it to become weak and brittle. The bottom line is: stress sucks.

How Meditation Can Help Your Skin

We swear, mindfulness is not just a millennial craze; it’s a vital aspect of life that we’re only just beginning to appreciate because we’re just learning about it. The field of research dedicated to unveiling the benefits of wellness and meditation, Psychodermatolgy, has proven that stress, fear, and worry are often the root cause of most skin care issues and that meditation is normally the best method of treatment. You literally can’t be a disbeliever, especially after the research that’s been released by the University of Sheffield. The study proved how beneficial meditation can be by comparing two groups of sufferers of psoriasis. The patients who listened to the meditation tapes while receiving the treatment healed four times quicker than those who didn’t  – that’s evidence you can’t argue with!

By meditating for just five minutes a day (it focuses heavily on controlling your breathing), you’ll deliver oxygen to the skin, which is vital in promoting cellular health. Higher levels of oxygen will rejuvenate your skin, help balance your body, and boost cell and tissue repair. Plus, as the primary aim of meditation is to bring energy (prana) to your body to repair and revitalize, you’ll give your complexion a fresh and youthful glow. And as it helps lower your blood pressure and will help you relax, it’ll also improve the quality of sleep, and we all know a good night’s sleep is key to good skin.

Meditation is also really easy to work into your daily routine, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the spa. Now, there are so many free apps and YouTube videos that guide you through routines of different breathing exercises and mental visualizations, meaning you can literally do them whenever you have a spare five minutes. We like to incorporate it into our daily commute when we’re sat on the subway or before we go to sleep with some candles and some essential oils! But you can do it whenever the mood or the time is right. To help you get started on your journey to a happier, healthier, more radiant you, here are our favorite meditation apps:

The App Everyone Should Have: Headspace

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This was THE app that put mindfulness on everyone’s phones. It’s literally perfect for a beginner as it’ll allow your journey to progress naturally, and once you’ve reached a certain level, you’ll unlock a library of amazing exercises. It’ll also build up a wellness plan for your individual needs by selecting meditation sessions to fit your mood, your lifestyle, and your ‘headspace.’ Download it here.

The App For People Who Only Have 5 Minutes: Calm

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If you’re new to meditation Calm is great for you as it includes a seven-day beginners guide, which is voice-led and covers the basics within 5-minute sessions. It’s also ideal if you have trouble sleeping, as it has a library of calming music and bedtime tales, including some stories by Stephen Fry. Download it here.

The App For Errything: Welzen

This is definitely the all-rounder, as it teaches you everything from how to incorporate meditation into your life to the science behind its capabilities. It’s super cute too as each cartoon character targets a different area of meditation, from stress relief to anxiety to enhancing creative ability. Download here.

The App For All Ages: Smiling Mind

This is the perfect free app for families as it has a variety of voiced sessions for young meditators and sessions on how parents should introduce mindfulness to their children. It also contains other useful meditation programs to incorporate into your daily life, including ‘mindful eating’ and ‘the daily commute’. Download here.

Let us know if you meditate and how it has helped you in the comments below!