Mercury Retrograde Is Coming, Here's How To Handle It


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If you haven’t already heard, Mercury retrograde is officially in season, but don’t worry girl, we got you. While Mercury retrograde has a pretty awful reputation – it’s key themes are miscommunication and disaster – it doesn’t have to be as terrible as the memes might lead you to believe.

With a little preparation and some well-set intentions, Mercury retrograde can be a period of self-reflection that leads to positive action. But before we get into our survival guide, let’s go back to the start and explain WTF Mercury retrograde really is and what this Mercury retrograde will mean for you.

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is a period of time when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward against the stars in the sky. FYI, it doesn’t actually move backward, it’s an optical illusion. In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and expression: it’s the messenger. So as Mercury is moving in retrograde, it’s believed to have a negative impact on those areas of everyday life. Think double-booking, accidentally saying the wrong thing, messing up a big work contract or texting the wrong person (beware of nudes). Mercury has gone into retrograde twice this year already, so if anything went a bit crazy between March 5th to 28th or July 7th to the 31st, you know who to blame!

Even technology goes totally out of whack, which isn’t ideal seeing as it’s our main method of communication… Files disappear, Wi-Fi plays up, computers crash, emails go into the abyss – you get the idea. On an emotional level, Mercury retrograde is a time of reflection, so your mind is often in the past. At times this can feel frustrating but it can also help you gain a new perspective if you lean into your positive energy.

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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

We’re currently entering into the third and final Mercury retrograde of 2019, which is in Scorpio – a deep, intense water sign, full of strong emotions anchored in loyalty. When Mercury is retrograding through the passionate, and often paranoid state of Scorpio, expect a time of deep reflection causing hidden, suppressed emotions to rise to the surface.

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As it’s a highly sensitive emotional time, be careful with your words and with your questions – you have to be ready to hear the answer. The risk of entering a rabbit hole of Facebook stalking your ex is high, so maybe hit the block button to help you resist that temptation. Mercury also dominates technology (fml), so put your privacy settings on high. With that said, a little paranoia can be a good thing; re-read your messages, check yourself before you say something you don’t really mean, and always triple check the sender. It’s not all doom and gloom, Scorpio is known for its ordered, quietly in-charge nature so try and lean into this controlled energy.

Right now, we’re officially in the pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde. During this pre-shadow phase, try to let go of limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and toxic connections. Instead, set up some positive intentions and start to think of the areas that you want to work on that would gain from reflection. The best way to endure Mercury retrograde is to stay patient and whenever you face a challenge, take a minute and breathe.

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Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

As we said, Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be a period of disaster. There a plenty of ways to navigate through this celestial season that’ll help you avoid the common yet minor mishaps. Here are some tips:

1. Get Organized

As Mercury retrograde is a time of miscommunication and things tend to be out of sync, try to be as organized as possible. This will help you avoid the common and frustrating side effects of MR season. Little things like packing your bag and selecting your outfit the night before will save you time in the morning and make your day less stressful.

Try to leave some breathing room in your schedule, JIC you miss that bus or your train doesn’t arrive on time. Plus, whenever you set plans, write them into your calendar immediately to avoid double booking, and don’t be afraid to confirm with your friend before you meet up – they may not be navigating through Mercury retrograde as well as you.

It’s also a great time to reorganize and reset your home using the Maria Kondo method of tidying. While there are various organizational tips that factor into Maria Kondo, the main question to ask yourself as you declutter is; does it spark joy? If it doesn’t, it doesn’t belong in your home. If you feel a little shaky about throwing away anything during Mercury retrograde, stash it in a bag and go through it quickly post November 20th.

2. Keep a Journal

During MR keep a journal with you (at all times if possible). This way, whenever you have a negative thought, you can write about it instead of verbally expressing your frustrations and running the risk of miscommunicating and causing friction. It’s also the perfect tool for reflection. As mentioned, during the pre-shadow phase (when you have more clarity) think about the areas that you’d like to reflect on. Then during Mercury retrograde, take 10 minutes each day journaling on the topic. This will help clear your mind so that it doesn’t mess with your productivity. By the time November 20th swings around, you’ll be able to act on these thoughts and feelings.

3. Get as Much Sleep as Possible!

During Mercury retrograde, your brain is working overtime on reflection, so make sure you rest up. It’s also commonly known that when you’re tired, your ability to make informed decisions is compromised, pair this with the miscommunication and sensitivity of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and it’s a recipe for disaster. So, make sure you’re getting eight hours of sleep each night.

However, as Mercury retrograde typically plays with your sleeping pattern (ugh), there are tons of helpful nighttime rituals that’ll help you get those precious hours of beauty sleep. One of our fave hacks is having a bath an hour before bed as this will help regulate your body temperature so that it’s optimal for sleep. Add in some bath salts like the Herbivore Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish, $44. What’s more perfect during Mercury retrograde than covering yourself in healing crystals to slough away negative dead skin cells?

If you follow these tips and set your intentions, you have nothing to worry about.
For some more deets on what you can expect this Mercury season, here’s how the planets will play out…

October 31st: Mercury stations in retrograde and is also in conjunction with Venus, the planet of love, value, and connection. Venus in Scorpio may reveal hidden pleasures, so reflect deeply on what you really want from your relationships.

November 11th: Mercury conjoins the sun, which will help clear the air as the planet is purified by fire! This is when a lot of truths will be revealed. This will be followed by a full moon, which will bring light and awareness into the picture.

November 12th: As Mercury moves around Saturn, you’ll get some constructive help – this is a good time to align your goals. However, as Mercury navigates Neptune, a very dreamy, creative state ensues, which can cause some confusion.

November 20th: Mercury retrograde will draw to a close. This is the time when you can make positive change and action.

Are you guys prepared for Mercury retrograde or is all this new to you?