Why You Need To Start Putting This Bacteria On Your Skin, NOW!

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Mother Dirt AO+ Mist live probiotic spray

Yes, you read that right, we’re telling you to put bacteria on your skin! We know that sounds kinda crazy, but bear with us, because we’ve discovered something pretty mind-blowing! Now, we’re not saying you should go out and rub dirt on your face, there’s actually a much easier, more incredible and not-at-all-dirty solution.

In the same way that you would take probiotics (aka good bacteria) to balance and improve your gut health, this is why you would use the bacteria-infused Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Live Probiotic Spray, $49, to balance and improve your skin. Stay with us, because this spray is pretty genius, and the more we discover about the brand, the more stunned we are!

What the AO+ Mist Does:

The AO+ Mist is designed to help reduce your dependence on products like deodorant, moisturizer, and makeup – how? By improving your skin’s microbiome, thereby diminishing your need for other products. True story: Their founder hasn’t showered for 13 years (!!!) thanks to the amazing powers of these bacteria – but more on that later!

This customer review highlights the results you can get: “I use it twice daily on my face, underarms and groin area. I live in FL and it’s been unbearably hot. Not only is my face glowing, clear and moisturized, I’m sweating less and the normal sweat odor has diminished significantly! This has really made my skincare routine stellar as I feel my products are working even better than before! I will use this foreverrrrr!”

Mother Dirt skincare

Essentially, the goal of the Mother Dirt products is to keep your skin biome balanced – unlike traditional cleaners and beauty products, which their research shows can strip the skin of its natural oils and disrupt the skin equilibrium. It’s a lot to take in! However, the brand doesn’t preach overhauling your 10-step beauty routine (hallelujah). You can use the mist along with all your usual beauty products and you should still see results – we did, even though we couldn’t bring ourselves to quit our retinol and vitamin C.

Here’s how it works, what amazing things it can do for your skin, and our results…

How the AO+ Mist Works:

Once upon a time, before modern hygiene practices and cleaning products killed all bacteria, there once lived a happy little bacteria on our skin. This bacteria fended off the bad guys that damage, toxify, and inflame our skin, and created a harmonious kingdom where everything flourished – like all good fairytales, everything lived happily ever after (except the bad bacteria).

In real talk: the good bacteria, aka ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, in the Mother Dirt AO+ Mist feeds off our sweat, in particular, the irritating components that increase your skin’s pH levels. As a result of using the AO+ Mist, the bacteria keeps the skin pH levels within a normal range to create a healthy environment for the skin, along with creating good-for-your-skin by-products that create a calming and soothing effect on the skin. The result is your skin looks and feels better – no matter what your skin type, the bacteria simply promotes balance! The more balanced your skin microbiome is, the better your skin will be.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist live probiotic spray

How to Use the AO+ Mist:

For Better Skin: The AO+ Mist should be used as the very last step in your makeup or skincare routine, like a setting spray. By applying the bacteria as the last step, it’s able to sit on the surface of your skin and work its magic all day long. This is the one part of your routine you don’t want to penetrate your skin, so save it for after you’ve applied SPF or makeup in the morning, then apply at the very end of your nighttime routine.

To Control Odor: The really cool thing about the AO+ Mist is it’s a multitasking product, so you can also use the mist all over your body, as the bacteria helps to balance the skin, thereby preventing odor.

Jasmina Aganovic, President of Mother Dirt explained “Odor in some cases is caused by an imbalance of bacteria; sweat isn’t smelly, it’s how the sweat interacts with certain types of bacteria on the skin. So, if there happen to be more odor-causing bacteria, then it will cause odor. Antiperspirant and deodorant work by either preventing you from sweating or killing bacteria [respectively], and both are disruptive to the natural biology of your body. What the mist does, is introduce a micro-organism to this ecosystem so that it can balance the ecosystem – thereby reducing odor – instead of harming it.”

You can even use the spray on your feet, ideal for summer or keeping in your gym bag!

To use the spray to help control odor, after you’ve showered and dried, spray your underarms, feet, and ‘down-there area’ before getting dressed.

To Improve Dry Skin: The AO+ Mist can even help improve dry skin on your face and body. Although the mist doesn’t add moisture with humectants like a typical moisturizer would, it’s allowing your skin to function in its best way by balancing the ecosystem, allowing it to naturally hydrate the skin more effectively.


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The Results:

We tried the AO+ Mist Live Probiotic Spray for ourselves and while the results after a month weren’t dramatic, they were definitely noticeable, and we were certainly impressed. Our skin typically felt more hydrated and comfortable, and we noticed less redness and irritation, the longer we used it.

But don’t take our word for it, the Mother Dirt clinical studies show that it ‘Improves skin clarity by 35% in 4 weeks,’ and also ‘Improves the look and feel of dry and uneven skin by 35%’ in the same time frame.

The fact that the Founder of Mother Dirt, Chemist David Whitlock, hasn’t showered for 13 years is a testament to the powers of your skin’s natural bacteria. Instead of showering, Whitlock uses this spray, as it breaks down ammonia, which is what makes you smell in the first place. Essentially, by not washing, he has restored his skin’s original condition, and washing would simply destroy his natural skin flora.

Another review of the product also speaks volumes for its efficacy: “I have been using the mist for almost 4 years. I have cut way back on how often I shower and have cut out my use of most products including soaps, deodorant, and lotions. I don’t smell and my skin and hair look and feel healthier. I find that the longer I use these products, the less I need to use, so I imagine I’m building up a healthy biome of good bacteria.” We found tons of similar reviews!

The only slight drawback of the product is that to extend its shelf life it’s best kept in the fridge – the bacteria can live for one month out of the fridge and six months in the fridge. So, if you can remember to mist on your way out in the morning, then it’s fine! It’s also $49, which isn’t cheap, but considering the science behind this, and the fact it lasted us three months (using on face and armpits almost daily), we believe it’s good value for money. P.S. We spotted a 20% discount on your first order when you sign up for their newsletter!

The Mother Dirt Products

Mother Dirt skincare

Mother Dirt also has a line of self-care products, like a moisturizer, shampoo, cleanser, and body wash, which are all designed to be biome-friendly. So, although they don’t contain the same (very fragile) ammonia-oxidizing bacteria as the AO+ Mist, they work harmoniously with your skin so that they don’t unbalance or disrupt your skin’s unique ecosystem, or the delicate moisture barrier.

We’ve been using the Biome-Friendly Face and Body Cleanser, $15, and love how gently yet effectively it cleans our face and body.

The Verdict:

If we weren’t such beauty addicts, we might be tempted to cut back our skincare routine and try a more natural, full-on Mother Dirt biome-friendly regime. But as it stands, our self-care ritual is just too much of a daily indulgence for us to quit. We find the concept of this brand both ground-breaking and fascinating, and we’ll definitely to continue to use the AO+ Mist as the last step in our routine to balance our skin and control body odor.

What do you guys think about this concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below – would you try it?