How To Remove Dark Circles Overnight: Carboxy Works!


Sometimes it seems like dark circles are just determined to flare up when you need them least! While dark circles are mostly hereditary, after late nights, or stressful weeks at work, they get to all of us, and fortunately, there are a few ahhhmazing DIYs I swear by for getting rid of them. But, if dark circles are a permanent issue you struggle with, then without a doubt, Carboxy Therapy is the most effective treatment for getting rid of them. To begin with, it’s a very temporary solution: After my first Carboxy appointment, I noticed mine disappeared almost completely for a week, but with a course of Carboxy treatments, the results can almost entirely remove dark circles for good.

What is Carboxy?

Carboxy Therapy isn’t for the squeamish, but it’s super effective! Using small syringes of carbon dioxide, a doctor will inject the gas into the superficial layer of your eyelids. Your body reacts to what it believes is an oxygen deficiency, causing blood to rush to this area, increasing the blood flow and removing the buildup of blood, thereby diminishing dark circles. Carboxy not only improves the capillary network of the lower lids, but it also increases the dermal collagen layer as well. This method has actually been used since the thirties when French doctors treated patients with blocked arteries and heart problems using carbon dioxide injections.

How Carboxy Works on Dark Circles:

Dark circles are caused by a lack of oxygenation and blood flow that results in stagnant blood, and because the skin is very thin here, it shows easily (technical name: vascular pooling). When carbon dioxide is injected, it diffuses into the skin tissue causing blood vessels to dilate, which allows more blood to rush through this area, bringing with it oxygen and antioxidants. The extra oxygen in the area also flushes away fluid build-up between cells and helps stimulate the skin to produce more collagen.

How Long Does Carboxy Last?

The effect of one Carboxy treatment will last for around a week or two, but with a course of ten treatments over a couple of months, the results can last for up to six months, or even longer. The increased blood flow gradually improves the capillary network so that circulation is enhanced in the long run. Usually, a single treatment every six months after the initial sessions will maintain a luminous under eye area.

The cost per session will depend on the clinic and where in the world you are, but you could expect to pay between $100 and $150 per treatment.

I’ll be honest, the process is uncomfortable, and it does sting, but if dark circles are really affecting you, this treatment is by far the most effective for most people. Not the right treatment for you? My tried and tested DIYs will help to banish stubborn dark circles in a few weeks, check out my tips here.