Review: I Tried The Concealer That Vows To Be ‘Magic!'


magic away concealerConcealer is a magical makeup product; there’s no denying it. A good concealer can brighten and lift the face, conceal marks you want to cover, and it can brighten up under eye circles to make you look more awake. Naturally, when I saw Charlotte Tilbury released a Magic Away Concealer, I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to its name.

I’m a big fan of a lot of Charlotte Tilbury’s complexion products – I loved her Hollywood Flawless Filter complexion booster, which adds a touch of radiance to the skin – so I was intrigued to see if this concealer would be a new favorite. Here’s what I thought of the Magic Away Concealer.

What it is: A full-coverage, illuminating concealer with color correcting pigments in 16 shades to smooth out the skin. The concealer is enriched with glycine, Persian silk tree bark extract, and wild indigo extract to enhance skin luminosity and reduce redness.

magic away concealer

What it does: Designed to soften the appearance of dark circles, areas of redness, blemishes, and dark spots by creating a luminous veil with light-reflecting pigments.

What we liked: I really like this concealer! It brightens the skin and uses just the right pigments to brighten the undereye and conceal pigmentation. Despite the fact this is a very lightweight concealer, it still camouflaged some dark spots and red marks I had. The formula has a beautiful luminosity that helps brighten the skin, and light-reflecting pigments that also help to blur and conceal. I used some of the deeper concealer shades to contour with, and it worked perfectly. Because the formula doesn’t set quickly, it gives you some playtime, and it blends out easily.

I really like the sponge applicator, which makes distributing the product extra easy – it kinda reminds me of the Maybelline Age Rewind applicator, which I also found super helpful for application. However, even though the concealer has a sponge applicator, it still needs to be blended out properly with a makeup sponge or concealer brush. The shade range is diverse and manages to cover both the fair and deep ends of the spectrum, and I think there will be a good shade match for everyone.

magic away concealer

What we didn’t like: I wish that there was a little more product, as you only get 4ml of concealer in this tube and it is a product that you will most likely use a lot of; so you may run out quickly.

My verdict: This is a great concealer for camouflaging and creating a radiant complexion. I have to say, I’m hardcore into our Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer – I formulated it for my needs, which is heavy duty correction – and the Magic Away Concealer didn’t make me want to switch concealers, but I did think it was amazing.

I think this is a concealer that is great for covering small imperfections and brightening under eyes, but if you really have dark circles you want to conceal, then you may want to use a more high-coverage concealer, as I would rate this medium coverage.

Shop it here, $32.