My Fave Glam Look That Makes Me Feel SO Confident


New Rose Quartz Collection

Hey my loves! I’m soo excited to finally be able to share all the details and secrets behind my go-to glam look. I’ve been wearing these products from our NEW Rose Quartz Collection for so long and I’m so happy I can finally tell you guys everrrything. The entire collection is inspired by rose quartz,  a stone that represents UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! I really wanted to share this part of my life with each and every one of you as I’ve felt so empowered and inspired by the energy and healing powers of rose quartz. I call it the love stone because that’s literally what it is, it helps with healing, self-acceptance, and unconditional love!


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I’ve always used makeup as a self-care ritual; I just find the application process fun and rewarding, but also super therapeutic. My makeup is my ME-time! Literally, I do my makeup to stay at home. So whenever I feel like I need a little self-love moment, I reach for our Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette, and it inspires so much creativity. I wanted to share with you guys this look I created for our campaign shoot: the glazed purple eye, glossy lip, and dewy skin are such a stunning combination and make me feel so powerful.

My Fave Look


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Here are all my tips and tricks for achieving this dreamy rose quartz makeup look:

1. Always Prep your Skin

Prepping your skin daily is SO important, but it’s a total gamechanger if you’re slaying a full beat. To create a smooth canvas for makeup application, I always use our WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, $39, as it sweeps away dead skin and leaves you with the most stunning glow. I then focus on hydration. My all-time fave moisturizer is our WISHFUL Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer, $43 – it’s packed with glow-getting and skin-soothing ingredients like peptides, manuka honey, and cica. It’s also the ultimate pre-makeup base as it has this delicious whipped texture that’s super lightweight and created the perfect plump canvas for makeup.

2. Slay a Smokey Wing

Recently I’ve been loving a soft smokey wing and it works perfectly with our Rose Quartz Palette, which is also our first-ever cool, grey-toned palette – I’m obsessed with the shades.

Start by drawing your wing with a liquid eyeliner, like our Huda Beauty Quick ‘N Easy Precision Liner, $19. Wait for the liner to set, then take a grey-toned eyeshadow and a small brush and start layering the eyeshadow along your wing for a sexy, smoked-out vibe. You can also layer other eyeshadow shades on top.

3. Tips to Perfect your Eyeshadow Technique

Bake your lid: If you have oily lids, your eyeshadow is more likely to settle into your creases and look patchy throughout the day. To avoid this, after you’ve applied foundation, dust a light layer of setting powder across your lid. For more makeup tips for oily skin, read this.

Mix eyeshadows: Don’t be afraid to mix and match eyeshadows on your brush to create a more harmonious look that blends together seamlessly. Just make sure you tap off any excess pigment before you apply it to your lid to reduce fallout.

Pat, then blend: To create an even base, use a dense brush and pack the product on by gently pressing the powder onto the lid. Then blend it out using back and forth motions (think windshield wipers).

Blend outwards: To lift and open up the eye, drag the eyeshadow outwards up towards the tail of the brow. This will create a subtle cat-eye effect, even without winged liner. Remember to always blend up for a snatched effect.

4. Contour under Foundation

Recently I’ve been loving a more natural sculpted look, even when I’m going full glam. To achieve a soft yet snatched vibe, I’ve actually started applying my contour underneath my foundation. By simply defining your facial features before you apply foundation, you’ll create a more natural, seamless finish. It also helps prevent any blending mishaps as the foundation will help buff away any harsh lines.

For this technique, it’s essential you use cream or liquid products so they can blend seamlessly with your foundation. Our go-to cream contour is the Huda Beauty Tantour, $30, as the cream-to-powder formula melts into the skin for a natural, sculpted finish. Once I’ve blended out my contour and concealer, I apply a light veil of our Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Foundation, $40. You can also apply blush underneath your foundation but I like to use a dusting of our new GloWish Cheeky Vegan Blush Powder, $21, for a flush of color.

For more makeup tips, check out the eyeliner tips everyone should know.