9 Sexy Perfumes That Turn Men On


fragrances turn men on

There’s no denying: scent is a powerful thing. It can transport you to a specific moment in time, remind you of a special someone, it can even alter your mood, and it can most definitely get you in the mood. Yes, there are specific scents like vanilla or lavender that are scientifically proven to turn men on, and some have even been used as a cure for impotence. These sexy perfumes include those aforementioned aphrodisiacs and will make you utterly irresistible. You (and your partner) will be thanking us later.

1. Mon Guerlain by Guerlain, $72

scents turn men on Source: Guerlain

Notes: Jasmine, lavender, vanilla, and cherry

Why it’s SO sexy: Inspired by bombshell Angelina Jolie, this fragrance is perfect for date night – Mr. and Mrs. Smith style! The fragrance has notes of jasmine, lavender, and vanilla – all proven aphrodisiacs. In fact, lavender is known as the ‘herb of love,’ and has been used to entice men long before the times of designer fragrances, it would even be rubbed over women’s clothes to radiate the sensual scent.

2. Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum, $75

2-Dior-JadoreSource: Dior

Notes: Ylang-Ylang, orange, damascus rose, and jasmine

Why it’s SO sexy: This is one of the most famous ylang-ylang (FYI, it’s pronounced “ilang-ilang”) fragrances on the shelves. Ylang-ylang is a potent aphrodisiac as it energizes both men and women, so you’ll both be feeling yourself (and maybe each other). It also has notes of rose and jasmine, which give the fragrance a feminine feel.

3. Lancome La Vie Est Belle, $74

scents turn men on Source: Lancome

Notes: Raspberry, pink pepper, iris, vanilla, praline, and sandalwood

Why it’s SO sexy: This fragrance is undeniably sexy. Thanks to the vanilla base note, it has a gourmand feel – it smells so good, you’ll want to eat it. It also has a coffee note that is both energizing and irresistible.

4. KAYALI MUSK | 12, $85

scents turn men on Source: KAYALI

Notes: Musk, lotus flower, freesia, and sheer jasmine

Why it’s SO sexy: We may be biased, but this scent is SO addictive. The rich, warm scent is sensual and evocative. Whenever we wear it, the compliments keep on coming. Perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance literally said, “[This scent makes me] want to have sex.”

5. Le Labo Santal 33, $83

scents turn men on Source: Le Labo

Notes: Cardamom, iris, violet, sandalwood, papyrus, and cedarwood

Why it’s SO sexy: The Le Labo Santal is a favorite among beauty editors and yet it’s a divisive scent – you either love it or hate it. As you’d expect we love the leathery, spicy vibe. It’s strong, powerful, and unpredictable, and what’s sexier than that?

6. Armani Beauty Si Eau De Parfum, $97

scents turn men on Source: Giorgio Armani

Notes: Chypre, blackcurrant nectar, airy florals, musky, and blond wood

Why it’s SO sexy: The Armani Si is another classic scent that’s sweet, fresh, rich, and truly irresistible. It’s feminine and empowering. Plus, it has a woody aroma, which is proven to heighten your sensual chakras.

7. Glossier You, $60

scents turn men on Source: Glossier

Notes: Musk, ambrette, ambrox, green iris root, and pink pepper

Why it’s SO sexy: This scent has sensual creamy notes that transform when they meet the skin. Therefore, this scent changes from person-to-person. Partner with your cutest look and you’ll be irresistible.

8. Tom Ford Black Orchid, $90

scents turn men on Source: Tom Ford

Notes: Black truffle, bergamot, black orchid, black plum, noir gourmand accord, patchouli

Why it’s SO sexy: Known as one of the most decadent, luxurious fragrances of all time, this unisex fragrance is spicy, complicated, and rich. It’s another gourmand fragrance that you’ll want to eat in seconds. Just be mindful, a little goes a long way with this fragrance, spritz once on your neck and on your wrists.

9. Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Parfum Spray, $45

scents turn men on Source: Stella McCartney

Notes: Amber, rose, mandarin, and peony

Why it’s SO sexy: This sensual, intense fragrance is a head-turner. With notes of amber, rose, mandarin, and peony it’s floral yet complex. It also has studies to back up its sex appeal. Rose is believed to make women feel more confident while a recent study, showed that orange scents aroused 20% of men.

What’s your go-to fragrance for date night? Let us know in the comments below.

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